Friday – April 21 – Today was another gorgeous day, sunny and warm. We have certainly been lucky with the weather this winter, there have been very few bad days and most of the time it has been really nice. We went to Santa Fe today and what a lovely city it is. We went to the Visitor’s Centre and were able to park there, for free, and tour the historical district by shanks mare.

We saw the oldest house in the U.S. and also the oldest church but my picture of the church didn’t turn out. The chapel of the Sisters of Loretto was absolutely gorgeous and the spiral staircase is fascinating. The Miraculous Staircase, which legend says was constructed or inspired by St. Joseph the Carpenter, was built sometime between 1877 and 1881. It took at least six months to build, and has two 360 degree turns with no visible means of support. (See The railing on the staircase was added in later years.

There were lots of stores and we toured most of them and John didn’t complain today, thank goodness. We were looking for a wedding present for John and Wendy and finally found what we wanted at an affordable price so I am happy. We took the Turquoise Trail, which is a scenic route back
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Thursday – April 20 – Today started off cool but it turned into a beautiful, warm, sunny day. We decided to do Old Town Albuquerque, it was interesting – lots of neat shops and a nice square, but again John was bored. We also did the Albuquerque Museum which was interesting. We stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant and had Nachos Grande, they were very good other than the fact they had refried beans on them – yuck.

We went to Home Depot after and got a new tap for the bathroom and finally, found a good light for me for reading. We have been looking for ages for a light so I am thrilled that we finally found one. Came home and had a light dinner and we are about to watch the last part of Lonesome Dove.
Wednesday – April 19 – This morning John finally got the awning cleaned, he has been wanting to do it since we left Castle Rock park on the Colorado River but this is the first time we have not only had the time but there was no wind so he was happy to have it done. I did some cleaning – why is it that there is always cleaning to do! We went to a large mall with a J C Penney and Sears and I got a couple of pairs of capris and a couple of tops and John was totally bored. Shopping is not his thing!!!

When we came back I did some laundry then we had dinner and a quiet evening. Last night by 10 I had had it but tonight I managed to stay awake until nearly midnight. Think I got caught up on my sleep last night.
Tuesday – April 18 – Today was nice and sunny but cool and windy. There were a couple of times when driving to Albuquerque that we felt a good push, but no problem. We got to High Desert RV Park (which is where we stayed in January) and got the last spot. We were very surprised that is was so busy, but glad to get a spot, we are here now till Sunday.

After we got set up and settled we went across the interstate and checked out the new Camping World Store, bought a couple of little things but nothing exciting. It is part of the American RV dealer so we went through 3 huge motor homes in their showroom – one was priced at $450,000 and I really didn’t like it. It was very dark and depressing looking inside, maybe it would be different outside in the sunlight, but man they do have all the bells and whistles – this one even had a dishwasher! All the counter tops were marble and the kitchen and bathroom fixtures were very fancy, just not my cup of tea, give me my Airstream any day.

We lost an hour today, 2 more to go between here and home but at least we are now back to a 2 hour time difference from home, makes calling family a bit easier. John has just gone out and started the bbq so guess I had better get busy and do my part.
Monday – April 17 – Today was another gorgeous day, but windy. We decided to take a drive down to Show Low and then take the scenic loop back. When we got to Snowflake, which is a pretty little town, we stopped at the Post Office to mail some post cards and I asked the woman if there were any Divell’s in the area. She said she kind of recalled the name but there was no one by that name there now and we even checked the phone book so guess Aunt Irene and her daughter no longer live there and I have no idea where they might be now, or even if Irene is still alive. Oh well, I tried.

It was a pretty drive and we hit the highest elevation so far in Arizona – 9055”. It was very cold and windy up at that elevation and we saw some mountains where there was still snow, we could see where the ski runs were and it looked like a very touristy area, especially during the winter. When we got home it was still windy, but much warmer and now the wind seems to have calmed down.

Tomorrow we leave for Albuquerque.
Sunday – April 16 – Happy Easter all. Today we went to Denny’s for breakfast and Kel, it wasn’t too bad. We found the Seniors menu and ordered an omelette which was very good. We then headed to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, both of which were very fascinating.

The petrified wood is pieces of trees that lived in ancient ecosystems over 200 million years ago. The logs were buried in layers of sediment along a great river system and silica gradually replaced organic material. The rainbow colours found in the wood come from trace minerals such as iron and manganese oxides. There are all sizes of wood and the colours are absolutely beautiful. When you see these pieces of wood lying on the ground they look just like wood logs, but they have all turned to stone! Don’t think they would make good logs for the campfire!

There are many stores selling pieces of petrified wood which have been cut and polished and we have seen large pieces priced in the many thousands of dollars. Oh, if only I were rich I would love to buy a large piece for a coffee table or even a couple for end tables!

The Painted Desert was also very beautiful and again it is hard to get the full beauty and grandeur in pictures. On the way through the park we saw 6 pronghorns so John got some good pictures. He also got a good picture of a large raven sitting on a sign, the raven was really screeching at him as he tried to get close for the picture.
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Painted Desert Posted by Picasa