Wednesday - May 2 - We woke up to sun this morning which was nice but it was quite cool, only in the mid 40’s, but by this afternoon it got up to the mid 50’s. We got away from London about noon and arrived in Kincardine shortly before 2 so had lots of time to get situated on our site and start sorting things out. The trailer needs a super good cleaning so that will be first thing on my agenda for tomorrow.

It’s nice to be back and we are looking forward to getting settled in. This will be the end of my blog until we go on the road again, which will hopefully be mid July when we head for Newfoundland.

We traveled a total of 20,145 km from the time we left on November 17th till we arrived back here today, a lot of kilometers but we sure saw a lot of wonderful places and things and had an absolutely great time.

Tuesday - May 1 - We had a good visit with Doug & Fran last night, it has been about a year since we have seen them so lots of catching up to do.

We woke up to a bit of rain this morning, but fortunately not a lot and then it cleared off by the time we were ready to leave. We stopped and fueled up - diesel was $2.759 so not too bad a price then stopped at the duty free as there were a couple of Estee Lauder things I wanted to pick up. We crossed the bridge and we were the only car there, so drove right up and after a few questions we were told we had been randomly picked for an inspection - great! There were a few more questions then we had to pull over and one customs gal went through the inside of the truck with a fine tooth comb and a fellow checked the trailer. John was able to go in with him and John said he checked the bedroom, under the bed and one cupboard in the hallway (John said he got dive bombed by a box of Kleenex when he opened the cupboard door!) and that was it, They were all very nice and friendly and we were out of there within about 10 minutes.

We got to London about 11:30 hoping to see Andy but he was busy when we got there but after a while Steve said they could look at the furnace and step if we could wait another hour. To make a long story short we got our furnace and step fixed and decided that by then it was almost 5 so we might as well stay here for the night. We finally got to talk to Andy at about 7:00 p.m., after they had closed and everyone had gone he came out to the trailer and we had a good chat. We had a lot of questions about the solar system, the back-up camera, etc which we wanted to ask him so it was worth the wait as he gave us some good hints and answered a lot of our questions.

When they said they could do the furnace and step John got us unhitched then we went to Tim’s for lunch, it has been a long time since we were there and it was good. By the time we got through with Andy it was 8 so we decided to go to Swiss Chalet for dinner, so now I am happy - I have had my Timmy’s and Swiss Chalet. Sure do wish they had them in the southern states!

After our chat with Andy there are a couple of things they are going to check out in the morning so we hope to be out of here by noon at the latest and get up to Kincardine and get set up.

Monday - April 30 - Well, we made it to Port Huron about 3, a good drive and another nice day. We started out looking for fuel this morning and ouch, it was $2.989 in northern Indiana. Lesson learned, fill up when it is cheap as it was still $2.659 until after Indianapolis where it jumped about $0.30/gallon. We just got enough to get us here and it is $2.759 here so will fill up on the way out tomorrow morning.

The weather was in the mid 60’s all the way until about 10 miles from here, all of a sudden it was 55, welcome back!! I think the blanket will go on the bed tonight!

I thought I would get this done and posted as by the time Doug & Fran leave and we clean up I probably won’t feel like it as it will be too late.

Sunday - April 29 - We are now where we began our journey, the KOA at Auburn, Indiana - we were here our first night out on November 17th. They now say they have wi-fi but we can’t log on, go figure! The young fellow checking people didn’t seem particularly friendly or helpful so I think it would be a waste of time to go over and tell him the wi-fi isn’t working, I guess I will just have to wait till tomorrow night.

Have we lucked out for driving weather, today was another beautiful, sunny day in the high 70’s. We bought diesel fuel in Horse Cave, KY at $2.659/Gal which was about $0.30/Gal cheaper than unleaded, gotta love it!

We had a lot of traffic from Cave City through Louisville, but once we got into Indiana it calmed down a bit, thankfully. We have gone from late spring in Kentucky to early spring here, the trees are just starting to bud and the blossoms are just coming out on the trees. The weather is still warm so I am not complaining as I think it is another night without having to put the electric blanket back on! Tomorrow we are heading for the KOA at Port Huron and John’s brother and sister-in-law are coming for dinner - it has been a year since we have seen them so we are looking forward to the visit.