Saturday – January 20 – Today was a nice sunny day and warm so we really enjoyed it. We went to the Quartzsite RV show today with Janet & Dave, sure were a lot of people there and an enormous tent with all kinds of booths, as well as the usual vendors. When we got there Beaudry RV had their huge tent and were again serving free lunch – hot dogs, potato salad, beans, all kinds of drinks and to die for cookies. We of course had lunch to give us sustenance to shop all afternoon!

It was fun wandering around but on the whole we find the prices at the Yuma market cheaper than at Quartzsite. I did buy a denim Capri set and a really nice, fancy short sleeved top but that was it. We tried to find 3i Communications but couldn’t find their booth, which was disappointing. It was after 6 when we got back so we stopped here so Janet & Dave could get their truck then we all went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. All in all it was a good day but I am beat from all the walking and standing.

Friday – January 19 – Today was partly cloudy, and cool when the sun wasn’t out. It was a quiet day, I did laundry this morning then this afternoon we went to the market for a bit. Other than that it was a day for reading and relaxing.

Thursday – January 18 – Today was another nice day but still kind of cool. We picked Janet & Dave up about 9 and went to Mexico. It was a couple of hours to get our glasses, then it ended up that one of the lenses on my sun glasses broke so now it’s back next week to get them. I also think that one lens on the glasses I got today isn’t right so will have to have that checked next week also.

The line coming back wasn’t as bad as last week then all of a sudden they announced that people with passports were to go to another door – sure made it quick for us when they did that! We went back to Janet & Dave’s for a late lunch and got home shortly after 5. We stopped on the way home and I got an appointment for 6:15 to get my hair cut so went back and got that done – one less thing to worry about doing tomorrow.

I had an e-mail this morning from a couple we know from Can-Am who were leaving Donna Texas on Monday and heading for Arizona. They got to Boerne, which is about 40 miles east of San Antonio, and are storm stayed there with 20 degree temperatures and two days of freezing rain. They have now decided to head back to the Rio Grande area of Texas and pass on Arizona for this year. We are disappointed that we won’t be seeing them but I can’t blame them, the weather in Texas has been really bad this year but I guess the Rio Grande area isn’t as bad as further north. Hopefully the normal Arizona weather will return soon!

Wednesday – January 17 – Today was a beaut day, it was sunny and got up to about 70 and the wind has calmed down again. Hopefully the trend continues! I didn’t go for exercises though as at 9:00 it was still only 39, just couldn’t bring myself to get into my bathing suit and head for the pool when it was that cold, but with any luck Friday will be warmer.

John went and got the work done on the truck this morning and I fiddled, faddled around – did a bit of cleaning but not much. He got back about noon so after lunch I went over to get a couple of things for dinner and stopped to see if I could get my hair cut – boy were they busy, I will have to try again. We asked Bob and Denise, the couple we met at Green Acre, down for a drink this afternoon so had a good visit with them. It turns out they were in Casa Grande at the same time as us, we were just at different parks. They are leaving here on Friday and going to Quartzsite for a week or so, they are meeting up with friends and going to boon dock there. We haven’t tried the boon docking yet, don’t know how anxious I am to do it as it would mean having to go without my daily shower and I know John would be grimacing every time I turned on a tap – is it worth it?

Tuesday – January 16 – Today was another cool day but not as cool and windy as yesterday – hopefully the weather is improving!! When we were heading out this morning to go golfing John turned to go around the block and there was a Winnebago motor home in the overflow area and as we went by I noticed it had Ontario licence plates so we went around the block for another look and it turns out it is the couple who were beside us at Green Acre in Waterloo. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes and will stop tomorrow and have a visit as it was after 6 when we got back today.

The golf was fun and after that we did some shopping so it made for a long day. On the way back John stopped at the Dodge dealer and made an appointment for 9 a.m. tomorrow to have the 24,000 km service done. I think I will pass on that trip and stay home and if I am really ambitious will get some cleaning done, but somehow, it isn’t top priority if I can possibly find something else to do. We stopped at Albertson’s on the other side of town and as we were getting out of the truck a couple went by and asked where we were from – it turns out they are from Seaforth - small world. A lot of Ontario people we meet are from northern Ontario – a fellow today at the golf course was from Thunder Bay but we find there are few southern Ontario people here.

Monday – January 15 – Today was the same weather – cool and windy. I had e-mails from our girls and my sister and it sounds like our weather here wasn’t so bad after all – the schools and universities in K/W were closed, my sister teaches in Paris and didn’t make it to school today and my daughter said their school in Port Perry was open but the buses didn’t run so things were pretty quiet. My other daughter said I had to be kidding if I thought she wouldn’t have to go to work! As long as she made it there and back safely that is the main thing.

We went golfing and it was a very LONG course, even with carts it took us almost 5 hours to play 18 holes as there was a lot of travelling between holes. As soon as the sun started to go down it got very cool and with the wind we were downright chilled by the time we got done. We came back here and had a good dinner and a nice evening, John helped Dave get an anti virus program on his computer and Janet and I did the usual – chin wagged!!

We are just watching the news and the overnight low is to be between 26 and 33, far too cold to suit us but again we could be home where it is a lot colder. Hopefully it won’t be too cold for golfing tomorrow – at least it is only 9 holes – I don’t think I could do more than that after today.

Sunday – January 14 – Today was another cool day. I talked to the kids today, as well as a couple of friends and yesterday I talked to my mom and sister so I am all caught up on what’s happening.

I did a load of laundry then we went out for a bit, that was the excitement for today. I think we are getting too settled in here!