Saturday - February 17 - Another nice warm day. George came over about 10 a.m. for another computer 101 lesson (or maybe it is now lesson 103) so after chatting for a bit I went outside to read and make phone calls while John helped George. I talked to Mom and Nan, other than that I bombed out on trying to call my sister and know that tomorrow is the day to call Kel, Mike and M&M. I read for quite a while but managed to get something in my eye which bothered me for the rest of the day.

John and I golfed this afternoon and we were paired up with a couple from California. It turns out that she will be 79 in a couple of weeks, they have been married for 60+ years and she only started golfing when she was 70. She also had a knee replacement last June, sure gives a person a different outlook on life when meeting a couple like that. She told jokes all the way around and I thoroughly enjoyed her and he was a very nice person also.

We stopped at Fry’s on the way home to pick up a couple of groceries and that was it for our day - John barbecued chicken breasts for dinner which were delicious.

Friday - February 16 - What a gorgeous day for our Colorado River dinner cruise, the temperature was in the 80’s so it was a great day but there was a nice breeze so that helped keep it comfortable.

The cruise was wonderful and the sunset was gorgeous. The dinner was excellent, chicken, roast beef, potatoes, rice, gravy, beans, caesar salad, coleslaw, and fruit salad, then apple cobbler for dessert - yummy!! There were two planets that were so bright and clear after sunset, guess because it is out in the desert there is no ambient light, therefore, the sky is very clear. As we said what could be better than in the middle of winter to be on the middle of a lake in the middle of the desert enjoying a cruise and dinner.

Dave and Janet came back for a bit when we got home, all in all a great day.

Thursday - February 15 - Today was another nice day, sunny and warm. The Dodge dealer called about 10 this morning to say our truck was ready so John went off and picked it up and it seems to run real nice now. Once he got back I went down and did some laundry and one of the women there lent me some clothes pins so I could hang out my sheets. I know I have a package in the trailer somewhere but darned if I can find them and today was a perfect day for hanging out clothes to dry.

After we finished the laundry we went out to a sporting goods store which Dave said had a big sale on but we didn’t find any good deals. My golf cart is falling apart so we thought if they had a good deal on them I would get a new one, I saw one I liked but we will keep looking. After we left there John wanted to go to Best Buy so I said I would go to a shoe store down the way, I ended up getting a new pair of sandals and running shoes so the trip out wasn’t for naught. I keep telling John he shouldn’t let me loose in a shoe store, I always come out with something new.

We came back and I got the clothes off the line and by then it was time to start thinking about dinner. Where do the days go!!

Wednesday - February 14 - Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day. Today was like yesterday, nice but with a bit of a cool wind although the temperature was in the mid 70’s. We hadn’t heard from the Dodge dealer about the truck by 2 so decided to take a run out and have a look at another RV Park for next year then stop and see if the truck was ready.

The park is really nice but about the only way to get in there is to sign up for 5 months next year so I think that is what we will do. All the parks start taking applications for next year on the 21st so we picked one up yesterday and John will take it over next Wednesday morning. That is the day Janet and I have tickets for a fashion show and lunch here at the park so John can just run the application over first thing and get it done.

We really like this park where we are but find the spots very tight, the park was built before trailers had slides and now that the slides are so huge it makes the sites very tight. Also, although the trains don’t really bother us that much it would be nice not to have to listen to them all the time.

After we left the park we stopped at the Dodge dealer and the truck wasn’t done, will not be ready until tomorrow so we went to Wal Mart and Fry’s then home.

We got our hydro bill today, we used 68 kilowatts in 25 days so the solar panels are really paying off, as the bill was only $13.79. Gotta like that.

Tuesday - February 13 - Today was nice but there was a cool wind, we got to the golf course and it was quite cool. Our jackets were in the truck, so I figured it was going to be a cool game, but Vivian had an extra jacket which she lent me, I needed it for the first 4 holes then it was warmer so I took it off, but was thankful for it for the first few holes.

We called about the truck when we were through golfing but they had no answer yet, then called back and said it was the governors so wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow. After golf we didn’t do anything, came back and read and relaxed. Hopefully we will get the truck back tomorrow as we want to go and watch the paratroopers on Thursday.

My sister called me tonight and it sounds like her arm is just the lymphodema, so I am extremely thankful that everything seems okay, I have been quite worried for the last few days and I can just imagine how she must have been feeling.

Monday - February 12 - Today was beautiful, but a bit cooler than yesterday. I went for pool exercises this morning then came back and did the weekly cleaning - still haven’t found that little fairy to come in do it for me!

This afternoon we took the truck in and picked up our rental car. The truck is running rough when it is cold and thankfully we have a service agreement that covers a rental car so we thought we had better get it looked at while we are here. We stopped at a couple of stores, drove through a couple of other parks and worked our way home for about 6, don’t know where the time goes when you are having fun!

Sunday - February 11 - This morning was overcast and it looked like the forecast for showers might be right, but by noon it had cleared off and was beautiful - in the high 70’s again. We golfed with Janet & Dave, we didn’t tee off until almost 4:30 so we just managed to get done before it got dark. We came back here and had a drink then went to Texas Roadhouse for ribs, what a yummy dinner.

Tonight there is a cool wind but it’s not cool enough to need the heater on, the forecast for the next week is warm and mostly sunny, so we won’t argue with that.

Saturday - February 10 - Today was a quiet day. The last few days it has been nice and sunny in the morning then overcast in the afternoon, but it is still quite warm so nice. This morning I booked the Colorado River dinner cruise for next Friday, we went last year and it was really a nice trip so we thought we would do it again. Dave and Janet were going to look after booking a golf game at different course so I said I would book the river cruise. I also made a few of my weekend calls to family.

John went out for a bit looking for a couple of things he wants to get (he was unsuccessful) and I wasn’t particularly interested in the places he wanted to go to so I stayed home and vacuumed then sat outside and read most of the afternoon. As I said, a quiet day.