Friday - February 2 - Today was another gorgeous day, this morning I went down for pool exercises and got a good workout. This afternoon we went grocery shopping and that was about it for the day - a quiet day.

Thursday - February 1 - The weather is consistent - sunny and warm. Last week John golfed with a fellow from Oregon and in the course of the conversation it came up that his father-in-law had fought at Vimy Ridge and his wife is trying to find out more about Vimy and her father.

They came over this afternoon and John had done some searching on the web and found some information on her father - i.e. his papers when he signed up etc., so he had a CD for her with some information on it. She also had some information on other relatives who had been at Vimy so John managed to find some info on them also for her. He and Mary spent some time on the computer with John showing her where to find further information and George and I chatted. It was an interesting afternoon and very pleasant. John also cleaned up her computer for her and downloaded an anti-virus program so I think they went away happy.

George & Mary are renting a house from a couple who have an RV in the park, they have never RV’d before but seemed quite impressed with the Airstream and said it is the first RV they have seen that they think they could live in for any length of time. Obviously they have good taste!!

Wednesday - January 31 - The weather was nice today but the wind was a bit cool, still we can’t complain and Dave said he heard it is supposed to be in the 80’s next week.

I talked to my mom this morning and the retirement home where she lives has put everyone in quarantine because of the flu epidemic. I hope she doesn’t get the flu and that the quarantine doesn’t last too long as it wouldn’t be fun having to stay in the room all the time with no one able to visit or being able to go out.

Today we went to Cocopah Casino with Janet & Dave. Wednesdays are 55+ days and you get a coupon book with various coupons. We used the coupon to buy $10 in quarters and then got $5 in tokens. That was my spending money for the afternoon and I managed to amuse myself for a couple of hours on it but didn’t win anything. John put 25 cents in a machine and won about $10 so used that for spending money. Janet put 25 cents in a machine and won $45 and Dave was like me and enjoyed spending his money without winning anything! They had a buffet until 5 p.m. and one of the coupons was for $3 off the buffet so we ate for $4.75 each and it was very good. We also used the coupon for a 50 cent draft beer, so all in all it was a fun afternoon.

We checked out another golf course on the way home but the club house was closed so Dave is going to check it out. The couple behind us said this course has a special in the morning with 9 holes and breakfast or 9 and dine in the afternoon. It is a municipal course and looked quite nice so will see if we can get a tee time.

On the way home we stopped at Wal Mart briefly and that was it for today.

Tuesday - January 30 - We woke up to cloud - it was completely overcast. We went off for golf wearing wind breakers and then the sun came out and it was lovely and warm - sure do like their version of rain and cold!

Enjoyed the golf and played better than last week. This afternoon we had the couple behind us over for a drink around 4 - had a nice visit. That was it for the day, nothing else exciting.

Monday - January 29 – Another beautiful day, I wish this weather would last year round wherever we are – nice and warm but not too hot and no humidity!! I went down for water aerobics this morning and had a good workout which I really enjoyed. When I came back I tidied up after my shower and then we had lunch – real exciting.

This afternoon we went out for a bit and then after we got back I did a load of laundry – by then the day was gone – sure don’t know where the time goes but it does seem to fly by. It is supposed to be cloudy with showers the next two days, we will see. Sure hope we can get the golfing in tomorrow morning!

Sunday – January 28 – Today was warm but mainly overcast. I did some cleaning and got as much ready for dinner as possible before we went golfing and John cleaned the truck, now we have a clean trailer and truck.

We played the par 3 this afternoon with Janet & Dave and I had a good game for a change, then we came back here for dinner. All in all it was a nice day. I talked to Kel this morning but Nan wasn’t home and I didn’t get a chance to call her back so hopefully tomorrow night we will connect as it is too late to call her now.