Friday – September 8 – Well, the nice weather was short lived, we woke up this morning to cloud and scattered showers. I turned on the computer after I had my shower this morning and had an internet connection so managed to download my e-mail but it wasn’t strong enough to do my blog and then when we got home tonight there was nothing.

It finally cleared up about 11:30 so we decided to head out to St. Anne de Beaupre. It was a nice drive and the traffic wasn’t too bad, also the weather cleared and warmed up so it turned out to be a nice afternoon. St. Anne de Beaupre is absolutely gorgeous and we spent a couple of hours touring the basilica and surroundings. I don’t really remember a lot about it from the last time I was there but that was 50+ years ago!

We then toured around Mont St. Anne which was a gorgeous drive, but very narrow roads, then came back towards Quebec on Rue Royale for a while. The homes were gorgeous, a mixture of old and new and I was amazed at the number of homes which still have lace curtains with pull down shades - I can’t remember when I last saw those in Ontario. The favourite roof in the rural area is tin and there are many beautiful shades, we saw one house which was bright yellow with a bright blue tin roof and brown trim – a bit too colourful! Also, most houses have porches, a lot made of fancy ironwork and in places the porches just about hung over the road. All in all it was a pretty drive. We drove by Montmorency Falls and saw them from the road but it was getting too late to stop when we went by on our way home so will have to go back there again.

We were looking for diesel to feed the truck and at every single gas station the price of gas was $0.984 and diesel varied between $1.059 and 1.099, no bargains to be had here!

After we got back and were ready to barbeque it started to pour, fortunately it is coming from the west and we are facing east so John was okay under the awning and it didn’t last too long – just off and on during the evening. On the way out this morning we stopped and checked the weather and tomorrow is supposed to be rainy but nice on Sunday so we booked a tour of old Quebec for Sunday, now we just have to hope the weather forecast was right!
Thursday – September 7 – Today was a gorgeous, sunny day, it was so nice to see the sun again. We left Recreationland about 9 a.m. and arrived at Camping Transit in Levis about 3 p.m. – we came via the north shore on Highways 50 and 40. The trip was good, the roads weren’t too bad and the couple of bits of construction didn’t slow us down at all. One thing that we noticed was a very visible police presence on the interstates and there were very few cars doing more than 110 km/h – quite nice compared to the 401!

We talked to the couple beside us, who are from Port Perry, and they came on Highway 20 through Montreal and said it was terrible – lots of construction and the road was very bad, so guess we took the better way which was the shortest way from Rockland. That is also what Kel & Tim said about 20 when they came that way going to Maine.

We got set up and relaxed, will start touring tomorrow. The park here is really nice, big sites and clean, beautiful pool etc. but they don’t have WiFi like they advertised. I am not sure if they don’t have it or if it is waiting for a repairman, whatever they have isn’t working at the moment – grrrrr! We will have to find a cafĂ© with internet so we can stay in touch and my blog won’t be published every day as hoped.
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Wednesday – September 6 – Woke up to heavy fog this morning but it was gone by the time we headed into the city. We went back downtown and went along the Sparks Street Mall – what a disappointment – half the stores are closed, as in empty, and we sure didn’t’ see anything that was interesting and warranted a walk through.

We then went over to the Parliament Buildings and took a tour as we hadn’t done that on Friday, just the Peace Tower. It was interesting and we had a really good guide so found it very worthwhile. The library is absolutely stunning, it is the only part of the original parliament buildings as the rest burnt down in a fire in 1917. The library has been restored to how it originally was and is most impressive. The interior of the parliament buildings has some wonderful architecture and some very beautiful ceilings. In the Senate Chamber there are some paintings of the First World War from the Lord Beaverbrook collection which were beautiful.

Our impression of Ottawa being tourist friendly certainly didn’t change today. I asked a fellow at the Parliament Buildings about a washroom and the directions I got took me nowhere but to a lot of bushes, today I wasn’t in the mood to use them!! It was the same fellow whose sign for tours pointed to a restricted entrance and when John pointed this out to him there was a bit of a snicker and he moved the sign, a bit, to sort of point in the right direction – real helpful!!

We went from the Parliament Bldgs. to the Byward Market and picked up some more veggies, etc. We had a Beavertail at the market, it’s the first time we’ve had one, good but sweet! On the way home we stopped at a grocery store and got the rest of the stuff we needed so now we are stocked up for a few days. Also fed the truck then came back and John got us hooked up so we are ready to go in the morning. I did a load of laundry – laundry was a great deal, $1.75 to wash and dry one load.

The weather has been so, so this week, not a lot of rain but very overcast so we have our fingers crossed that it will improve when we get to Quebec City.
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Tuesday – September 5 – We woke up this morning to fog and cloud but it did clear up and wasn’t too bad driving into the city.

We went to the War Museum and spent about 6 hours there, very interesting and it sure leaves you with lots to think about. I said to John I just couldn’t imagine saying goodbye to him or Mike as they went off to war, it must have been very hard on those left at home and unimagineably hard on this who went off to war. I find it interesting that they talk about the causalities of the war but there is no mention of those who returned but could never led a normal life again after what they went through – and I imagine there were thousands of those poor souls. Anyways, all in all it is very well done and interesting.

We had left the War Museum till today thinking it would be much quieter than on the weekend but we were surprised at how quiet it was. The parking garage was practically empty and we certainly didn’t encounter a lot of people while going through. Great way to tour it!

We are finding Ottawa A NOT tourist friendly city – especially for the Nation’s Capital! Signage for major attractions – i.e. the War Museum and Museum of Civilization is non existent and parking is a nightmare. At the War Museum (which is a new building) we could not have gotten into the underground parking if the mirrors on our truck didn’t fold in, that is how narrow the entrance is. Guess whoever planned it has never heard of larger trucks required for towing trailers (not that our Dodge 2500 is that large)!! (We wondered if they borrowed the Region of Waterloo Planners!).

We came back and went into Rockland and got some groceries, then came home and relaxed for a bit before a late dinner.
Monday – September 4 – Today was a dreary day but at least it didn’t rain and was a bit warmer than yesterday.
I did laundry this morning and the rest of the day has been relaxing and quiet – a good reading day. We figured it would be a good to stay off the roads as they will probably be busy today so a good day to relax. With the dreary weather I felt some comfort food would be in order so put some spaghetti sauce on in the slow cooker and it was really good. I would have liked to do that yesterday but don’t like to leave for the whole day and have the slow cooker on as it is one that I bought last winter and it seems to cook quite a bit faster than the one I have at home so I like to be around to check on it.

My Verizon phone isn’t working the greatest here but I have managed to talked to my mother, the kids and our friends Mike and Marg so can’t complain. John said when we were eating dinner tonight that this will be the first time we have stayed on in the trailer after Labour Day, other than weekends. At first I thought I might have stayed last year then remembered that I was having radiation all through September so this is a first for us.

Now we are hoping the weather will clear up a bit and will be nice for the next couple of days and on into when we go to Quebec City on Thursday.
Sunday – September 3 – Today we did the Museum of Civilization. When we got there the parking lot was full but we found a lot about a block away which was $3 for the day. A good price but you had to have the right change, which we didn’t – we had 2 toonies and no loonies. I found someone who could give me change then went to stand in line to get the ticket and just as I got to the machine a woman came along and gave me her ticket as they were leaving. I offered her the $3 but she wouldn’t take it, very nice of her.

We found out why she was leaving when we got into the museum, it took us about 45 minutes to buy our tickets! I thought great, this will be a zoo but much to our surprise it wasn’t too crowded touring the museum. We bought tickets for the 6 p.m. showing of Kilimanjaro so it was almost 8 p.m. when we got home. We enjoyed the museum and especially the Canada – 1000 years display and the totem poles are wonderful.

There was a reception on the first floor after the museum closed so they were setting up all afternoon. I think perhaps it was a wedding reception but whatever it was set up for at least 300 guests. We saw some gals who looked like they were bridesmaids so that is why I am guessing a wedding. There was a huge stage set up that looked like it was for a live band – a very impressive affair whatever it was! There were also little tables set up throughout the museum with trays of glasses so don’t know if that was part of the first floor reception or a separate one.

I didn’t take any pictures today as we didn’t take our cameras, most museums don’t let you take pictures but guess this one does as there were lots of people with cameras. Oh well, live and learn.