Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow, it’s really has been a long time since I’ve blogged but I guess we haven’t been doing anything too terribly exciting.

We really enjoyed my sister’s visit in March and managed to do a lot of touring, we took her to California to see the sand dunes and the Salton Sea, did a trip to Algadones, Mexico for some shopping, went to the Ghost Town in the middle of nowhere, the old Yuma prison etc. The time flew by while Pat was visiting so hopefully next year she will come for a couple of weeks.

The day before Pat arrived we lost the water pump on the truck so we had to rent a car for a couple of days while we went to Phoenix to pick her up then arranged to get the pump replaced, always something to keep life excting!

The weather has been really nice and two weeks ago today Yuma set a new record high temperature of 101F – a little too hot for my liking but fortunately it cooled back down to more reasonable temperatures.

We had the trailer in storage for four months, since we moved into the new house, so Monday was the day to pick it up and get ready for our trip home. We parked the trailer in front of the house on Monday and spent the day loading up the things to take home – always a fun time! Somehow I managed to do my back in again so am now living on Ibuprofen to keep moving, not fun and if it isn’t better in the next couple of days I will try to find a massage therapist to see if I can get some relief. John had arranged for the Mexicans to wash the trailer on Tuesday afternoon so we moved it onto a site in the RV end of the park until we left yesterday morning. There were still a few things to move but the main thrust from Tuesday afternoon was to summer-ize the house and that was finally done yesterday morning, now we will be waiting with fingers crossed until we get back in the fall to see if everything was done okay.

Tuesday night our friends Sharon & Bob had a nice little get together for us and invited some of the neighbours and friends, a great time was had by all and Sharon had enough snackies that we didn’t have to go home & make dinner – how good was that! Wednesday night we went out for dinner with Sharon, Bob, Carolyn (yes, another Carolyn!) & Gary, we went to a place for fish & chips but believe me they came nowhere the fish & chips at the Erie Belle, but the company was fun.

We have arranged with David, next door, to keep an eye on our place while we are gone and keep our cedar trees watered – can you believe it, we have the only cedar trees in the park in Yuma but are surrounded by them in Kincardine. Sharon inherited my plants so it will be interesting to see if they survive the summer there. David is also going to build a small wall in front of the house to keep the gravel off the road and build a path of paving stones from the front to the back patio, should look nice.

We finally pulled out of Yuma about 11:30 Thursday morning and had a good, boring drive to Benson AZ where we stayed at one of our favourite parks – Cochise Terrace. The one drawback to Cochise Terrace is that they don’t have free wi-fi but they say they will have it by the fall – time will tell. It was a windy day and when we got to Benson the wind was still howling so not a night for John to grill so we had a pasta dinner and an early evening.

Today was a gorgeous day and the wind had died down so we had a great drive to Almagordo, NM. We stopped in Wilcox AZ for fuel and there was a 34’ Airstream parked in the plaza but we didn’t see the people who owned it, then we caught up with it in a rest area in New Mexico. John talked to the fellow (another John) and it turns out they are from London ON and bought their trailer from Can-Am and were heading for Almagordo. To make a long story short they are parked beside us tonight and in talking to them we realized that they had been at Country View Motel & RV park last spring when we were there and John had met them just as they were leaving – talk about a small world!

Tomorrow we plan on spending the night in Fort Stockton TX and have dinner at the Roadrunner CafĂ© in the RV Park – they have an excellent rib dinner for $7.95, hard to beat that. Last year when we were there the wi-fi was the pits so don’t know what it will be like now. From there we are planning on going to Hill Country Texas for a week, then head for home. I will try to be better at keeping this updated while we are on the road and take some pictures to go with it.

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to more good days to come.