Thursday - April 19 - Today was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day. There is a golf course here so this afternoon we went over to play a game, it was $10 for 9 holes if you walked so that is what we opted for - big mistake as the holes are very LONNNNG. I was totally wiped by the time we were done, if we play again it will definitely be with a cart!

We got back about 5 and I had a rest for about 20 minutes then was ready to go again. Nothing else new or exciting today.

Wednesday - April 18 - We woke up to cloud this morning and they were calling for rain so we decided to drive up to Columbus, GA and then back to Phenix City, AL and do a return home that way. It was a nice day, we met lots of logging trucks on our way to Columbus, so logging must be a big business in this area.

Columbus is quite a large city and very busy. We found an information centre with a very helpful young lady who gave us lots of tips should we want to head through Georgia to Virginia. We then stopped at a Wal Mart and picked up a couple of groceries, then back through Phenix City to Eufaula. We came back into town and found a place with wi-fi so I got yesterday’s diary uploaded to my blog and downloaded our e-mail - enjoyed your e-mail Nan and also your newsy one Jacky. I will reply when we have internet again. The sun came out late this afternoon and it was lovely, so much for the rain. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice as we want to get in a golf game.

I think John’s efforts in sealing up the trailer worked as there is no sign of any more mice - thank goodness!!

Tuesday - April 17 - Today was another beautiful day, sunny and in the 70’s.

Last night, just as I was ready to go to bed, I saw a VERY LARGE mouse head down the hallway floor, that ended my being tired and I didn’t really want to go to bed but did eventually. We went on a hunt and search for mouse traps (we knew we had bought a couple of them in Waterloo) and John finally found them and set up a couple. Fortunately, our new found friend liked peanut butter and he was in the trap this morning, although I had nightmares all night about it running around the trailer!!

I puttzed around this morning and John went out and checked under the trailer to see where our friend could have gotten in, then we went out this afternoon in search of a Laundromat, diesel fuel, some foam to seal up the underside of the trailer and somewhere to download our e-mail and post my blog. We were successful on all our missions, but for fuel we crossed over into Georgia where diesel was $0.10/gallon cheaper than here in Alabama. When we got back John used the foam where he thought that maybe we had some space for friends to get in so hopefully we have solved the problem.

Monday - April 16 - Today was a nice sunny day and it reached a high of 70, so quite pleasant. We had a good trip to Eufaula, the roads were good and the traffic was light.

We are at Lakepoint State Park which is a really nice park, it is quiet and quite peaceful. The sites are large with lots of space between your neighbour and there are full hookups. The only downsides are that there is no wi-fi and no cable TV so we aren’t getting a lot of TV channels and can’t access any of the news on the internet. Bummer11 We will have to go into town tomorrow and see what we can access.

Sunday - April 15 - Today was sunny off and on but very windy all day and only got up to about 63. John worked on tax returns and I read, then this afternoon we went out and stocked up on some groceries. We came home and put them away, then went out about 6:30 for dinner, we went to Mikee’s Seafood and it was very good.

We have found Gulf Shores much busier than when we were last here and just not as nice as we remembered, we have enjoyed our stay but won’t be rushing back any time soon.

Saturday - April 14 - Today was sunny off and on but warm. We did some cleaning then sat outside and read for quite a while. Later we started printing all the T3s etc. so John can do our tax returns.

We were under a severe storm warning starting, then tornado warnings - not nice. We had the weather channel on watching where the storm was, and it hit us about 8 with torrential rains, very strong winds and thunder and lightning. Fortunately it only lasted about 20 minutes and then was over with no damage, thank goodness. We came home this way to avoid all the tornadoes in the mid west, hmmm! The weather this year has certainly been unusual everywhere, look at home and how it is still cold there and they are still calling for snow. A tornado hit a Dallas suburb yesterday, what a mess. The Dallas area certainly seems to get its share of bad weather and tornadoes.