The Ceilidh Trail

Today was a funny day, the coolest day we have had since leaving home, it was mainly cloudy with a few sunny breaks and the odd shower thrown in. The high was only about 18C, my first day wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

I had an e-mail from Nancy Robinson that they had checked into a campground near Baddeck so we stopped to see them for a few minutes on our way to tour the Ceilidh Trail and made arrangements to pick them up tomorrow morning to do the Cabot Trail.

We took the Cabot Trail over to Margaree Harbour then headed south on the Ceilidh Trail, a nice drive but the road was pretty rough in spots. We drove into MacLeod’s Campground at Dunvegan where we stayed almost 40 years ago, still a pretty view out over the ocean, and Margaree Island, but not worth $41.40/night for a 15 amp hook-up with no sewers. We drove down as far as Mabou where we had lunch, then came home, a nice drive.

Margaree Harbour and Lighthouse

Margaree Island

Mabou Harbour Lighthouse

We can’t get the wi-fi at the trailer so are at the clubhouse where it is working fine, just a pain not to be able to do it at home.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Prince Edward Island to Cape Breton

Today was a travel day from Prince Edward Island to Cape Breton. The weather was sunny and in the mid 20’s but we needed jackets on while on the ferry as there was a cool breeze.

We really enjoyed our stay at Bayside RV and would like to come back again, hopefully we can do a return trip some time.

We got to the ferry at Wood Islands about 40 minutes before sailing time and had no problem getting on the 11:15 am ferry.

Lighthouses and Marina at Wood Islands

The crossing took about 75 minute and the ferry we were on was a smaller version of the Chi-Chimaun, we passed a ferry going to PEI and it was more the type of ferry we remember from many years ago.

Lighthouse at Caribou

The trip from Caribou to Cape Breton was good but there was certainly more traffic today than we have seen since leaving Quebec, guess this is a busier part of the east coast.

We are at Glenview Campground at Whycocomagh and will be here until Monday and tomorrow is hopefully the Cabot Trail.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Some Early Morning Excitement

Well, we sure had a bit of excitement early this morning. I got up about 4:45 to go the bathroom and as usual didn’t turn on any lights but happened to look in the sink and it looked like there was something in there but between being dark and me not having my glasses on I wasn’t sure so turned on the light to look – YIKES a large mouse was staring back at me – JOHHHHN!! John came in and now what do we do, he decided to get some paper towels and see if he could grab it, of course that didn’t work and the darn thing hightailed it in the direction of the livingroom (at least not into the bedroom!!). So, outside John went to get a mousetrap out of the storage bin, it is one of the essentials we always have on board, and got it set and back to bed we went, but not to sleep for me. About half an hour later the trap went off and the little devil was history – thank goodness, now I could go back to sleep. I keep thinking thank goodness I didn’t just put my hand into the sink to see what was there, can you imagine how awful that would have been.

This morning I went and did laundry and while I was doing that John cleaned and checked all the drawers for mouse droppings and washed everything wherever he found some, there wasn’t a lot so I don’t think the little devil had been around for long, but there were some. The trap is still set in case he had a friend or relative in here with him!

This afternoon we took a last run into Charlottetown, then New Glasgow where we checked out the Preserve Co. then North Rustico where we filled the barbecue tank and I bought a sweatshirt.

When we got back John got us hooked up so we will be ready to go in the morning, we are aiming to catch the 11:15 am ferry to Caribou NS. I just had an e-mail from my friend Nancy and it looks like there is a good chance we will be able to get together on Friday as they are hoping to take the overnight ferry Thursday night from Argentia NF to Sydney, that would be fun to get together.
We had a bit of rain overnight and this morning but by mid afternoon the sun was shining and the weather forecast for the next 3-4 days is sun with temperatures in the mid 20’s – sure can’t beat that.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Another Nice PEI Day

Today is our grandson Brent’s 20th birthday, happy birthday Brent!

We enjoyed another nice day with the temperature in the mid 20’s, sure like that a lot better than the heat and humidity they are having back home. When I talked to Brent he said it had been about 40C today – brutal!!

We had a text this morning from our son, who owns a bar in Kitchener, telling us his application for a patio was approved by the Committee of Adjustment – great news. It will be next year before he gets it open but it will be good for business.

Today we went into Charlottetown to stock up on groceries before heading out Thursday morning. We enjoyed a lobster sandwich for lunch – yummy, then we went to the bank, Superstore & Sobey’s, nothing exciting. We stopped at a pottery place on the way back but the prices were way too much so no purchases there.

Not a very exciting day, but nice. I didn’t take any pictures so will post some pictures of Bayside RV Campground.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Central Coastal Drive

Today was mostly overcast with some sunny breaks and a high in the low 20’s.

We headed out to do the Central Coastal Drive along the Northumberland Strait, a very pretty drive and some great views of the Strait, certainly more ocean views than the Coastal Drive along the Gulf side. The island is very scenic between the ocean views and lots of pretty rolling farmland and some gorgeous homes.

View of Charlottetown from Rocky Point

Blockhouse Lighthouse

Neat Artwork

Along the Water

Leards Range Rear Lighthouse at Victoria

When we got back we went in and paid for two more nights here, now we are looking forward to a quiet evening. I called the park on Cape Breton that we had hoped to stay at but at $41.40/night for 15 amp service and no sewer hook up we passed and booked another park at $31.40/night with 30 amp service, full hook ups and wi-fi. It has a good rating in Trailer Life and the owner sounded nice when I called so hopefully it will be a nice place.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow

Another Nice Day

Today was another gorgeous sunny day with temperatures in the mid 20’s, perfect as far as I’m concerned.

John left about 11 this morning to go to Home Depot to get a file that he needed to do the doors, little did he know the stores don’t open until noon on Sundays so a trip to MacDonald’s for a coffee and muffin filled in the time. He came back and pretty well finished the doors then we headed out a little after 3 for a bit of a tour and to buy some lobster for dinner.

We drove the loop around Cymbria, a pretty drive with nice views of Rustico Bay, then we did the next loop that took us to Anglo Rustico, home of the oldest settlement on the island. We saw St. Augustine Church, the oldest church on PEI, the old Farmer’s Bank that is now a museum and some of the old out buildings.

From there we went to North Rustico where we got a couple of cooked lobsters for dinner at $8.50/lb, great deal. Then it was off to Rustico Harbour where we saw the Rustico Harbour lighthouse and took pictures of the pier and an interesting looking old dilapidated building.

We came home and really enjoyed our lobster dinner, think we will have to do that one more time before we leave the island.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

A Cloudy Day

Today was overcast and cooler, the sun would pop out for a few minutes then disappear and we had a couple of showers but nothing much in the way of rain.

This morning we just puttered around then this afternoon we took the Central Coastal Drive into Charlottetown, part of the drive goes through a National Park so it cost us $6.80 for that part of the drive. We stopped part way through the park and walked the beach for a bit so we could get a picture of the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse. Just as we were walking back up to the truck a bride, groom and photographer were heading down by the water for pictures and it was starting to rain a bit so hopefully they didn’t get too wet. We drove a bit further along and it wasn’t raining so got out to go walk along the beach but by the time we got to the beach it was raining again, so much for walking the beach.

Covehead Lighthouse & Beach

We stopped at Home Depot and got some Plexiglas so John can make storm doors for the trailer. We had them in the ’05 trailer and really liked them as you can leave the door open when it is raining or a bit cool.

When we got back John started on the doors and I went up to the office to use the wi-fi. It is good there so I got caught up on my blog and pictures until yesterday. I was chatting with
Leonard, one of the owners, off and on while working on the computer and said how busy they are for the weekend, turns out tonight is bingo night in the park, they have it once a month and it is so popular they always have a busy weekend. Bingo was from 7 – 9 and the park was totally quiet and we didn’t see a single soul during that time so I guess it is a big deal here.

There is a drag race strip beside the park and Saturday night is race night but surprisingly we heard very little of it which pleasantly surprised us.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.