Catching Up

It’s been a while since I have done a blog so I guess it’s about time to catch up.

I came down with a rotten cold a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty well all in my chest so lots of coughing and just feeling blah. It is now pretty well gone and I am feeling much better but John now has it so he is feeling miserable. We were going to go to the club house last night for burgers but thought it would be better not to go with his cough so we passed and stayed home and did our own burgers.

We have had a few happy hours the last couple of weeks, both here and at friends, and last Wednesday we went to Gail and Don’s to learn how to play Mexican Train, a very fun game! Diane and Ben were also there so it was a fun evening with everyone and learning a new game.

I went to the Ladies Luncheon a couple of weeks ago and it was great to see so many friends again and get caught up. We also went to the Soup, Salad and dessert dinner and it was very good with a choice of turkey noodle soup or ham and bean, both delicious! Gail and Don came back after for a drink and we had a lot of laughs, another fun evening.

John has done a few jobs that he thought would be easy to do but have turned into major undertakings. He put a new toilet in my bathroom as the old one was leaking around the base, that wasn’t too bad a job to do. Then he decided to put a single handle faucet in the ensuite bathroom and put the taps he took out of there into the other bathroom as they were better. What he thought would be an easy job turned into a major undertaking and took a lot longer than anticipated, with a few trips out to get bits and pieces, but it is done and I really like my new tap! Now I would like a new light over the kitchen table – wonder what kind of job that will be!!

We have been to the market a couple of times, to the mall a few times and many trips to Walmart – I feel like I should have shares in the place! A trip to Mexico for new glasses is on the agenda for this week.

My brother and SIL are arriving on Saturday for a visit so we are looking forward to showing them around Yuma and area and I think they are planning on renting a car and going to San Diego for a couple of days so we are hoping they will have a great holiday.

I had blood work done on Monday and was happy that all was well and I was able to start another round of chemo pills, sure hope they keep working and I continue to feel so good.

We are looking forward to our friends Ginny and Gil arriving on the first of February for a month and are looking forward to seeing Janet and Dave when they arrive, hopefully some time in February. We are also looking forward to a visit from my sister in March and friends from Casa Grande for a day or two, lots to keep us busy and out of trouble!

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to more great days ahead.