Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where does the time go, it just flies by and it’s hard to imagine that in a couple of weeks we will be on the road heading home!

Thursday I did laundry and John did some running around while I was doing that then we went over to Del Pueblo to see if we could touch base with Irma & John as they hadn’t been home the last time we were there. This time they were gone so we were disappointed that we hadn’t got to see them. We stopped at Brenda and Steve’s for a minute just to firm up our dinner date for Saturday then came home and had a quiet rest of the day.

Friday morning John had an appointment for 7:30 at the Dodge dealer to get the new differential cover put on so he was out of here bright and early and didn’t get back until noon, what a fun way to spend the morning. He also had asked them to rotate the tires and when they went to check the pressure they determined that the valve caps were seized to the valve stems, not something we had ever imagined happening. Apparently they were aluminum valve caps and the salt from the ocean caused the aluminum to react with the brass valve stem and corrode – not good!! Now what do we do as the Dodge guys had no clue.

Meanwhile I had a rotten day not feeling well, probably spent 75% of the day in bed sleeping and the rest laying on the couch reading – a real write off of a day for me. Poor John even had to figure out what he wanted for dinner and make it as just the thought of food made me feel worse.

Saturday I felt much better so was thankful for that. John went out to try to figure what to do about the tires and went to Big O Tires where they said they could fix it so he arranged to be back on Monday morning to have them done.

Saturday night we met Steve & Brenda at Texas Roadhouse for dinner and had a great dinner and visit then they came back here for a while – a nice evening.

Today we went out for a bit and looked around at park model homes to see what there is and at what cost. We want to stay at this park so looking at ones for sale in other parks isn’t an option and we aren’t even sure we will buy one but it is always fun to look around.

Ben and Diane had invited us for dinner tonight, they were doing a turkey dinner for about 16 people but cancelled it this morning until tomorrow because of the wind. As it turned out the wind died down in the afternoon but with that many people you have to do it outside and the wind could make it quite uncomfortable so I don’t blame them for postponing. So instead we are having steak and shrimp so we will fare just fine.

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to more wonderful days here in Yuma.