Monday - September 17, 2007

Today was another nice sunny day. We had a good drive, hit some construction along Highway 7 which slowed us down for a bit but mostly it was good driving, by Mount Albert we figured we could be back to Kincardine by about 6 so decided to go for it, we just didn’t want to pay top $ for another so-so campsite!

We are back, parked and have the wi-fi and Bell ExpressVu up and running so that was enough for tonight. There is lots of cleaning etc. to do so the next couple of days will be busy. I also desperately need a haircut and a pedicure so will try to get those arranged first thing tomorrow morning.

We had a wonderful trip and would highly recommend visiting Newfoundland to anyone who is thinking about it – it is a beautiful province and so very interesting. All in all we traveled 13,760 km– a lot of driving but oh such beautiful sights! John just told me that 8,080 of those kilometers were with the trailer on board so we did almost 5,700 km just touring around!

This will be the end of my diary until we head for Arizona in mid November.

Sunday - September 16, 2007

Today was nice and sunny but cool, we won’t complain as at least we saw sun all day. Today was a long driving day – Levis to Carleton Place with a detour where we got lost at Hawkesbury! Boy, after all the traveling we have done we find Eastern Ontario to be the worst place for directions and signage – we really do dislike traveling in this part of Ontario!! There is a definite lack of signage and we get really irritated when it is all in French – we have no problem with French signage but do think that seeing how this is Ontario there should also be English signage!!!! As for it being the nation’s capital it is pretty embarrassing to see what little signage we have for tourists directing them to all the sights here –we get the feeling that they would rather the tourists go away.

Tonight we are at Tranquil Acres, just outside of Carleton Place and although it is an okay campground the prices are outrageous - $34/night for a so-so spot. We had much nicer spots in Newfoundland and the Gaspe for a lot less, I really do wonder what our neighbours to the south think when they come to places like this with the prices they charge. I know today was a long day and I am getting grouchy – guess it is carrying through to my diary tonight so I will close now before I get real miserable.