Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It’s been a few days since I posted my blog but there has been nothing to write about. The weather has been so-so, Monday was really windy, we were going to go to Orange Beach and Brookings but decided not to bother. We went out to Paradise Point and watched the waves for a bit – the truck sat there and shook from the wind the whole time we were there. We did drive as far south as Humbug Mountain, it was a windy drive but the waves were fun to watch. We didn’t go to Cape Blanco as we figured we wouldn’t even be able to get out of the truck with the wind and you almost have to get out to get a good view.

Tuesday was a wet day so a quiet one at the Hacking home on wheels.

Today was a nice day, mostly sunny for a change so we decided to go to Coos Bay to do some shopping. I don’t know how we can spend all day there but we seem to manage to do that without too much problem. We were hoping to get the H1N1 shot there as I had found on the internet that they were available at the Safeway pharmacies. Well, the first store we went to wasn’t doing them but said the other store was so we went there and they said we would have to wait over an hour but suggested we could go to their clinic. Off we went, but couldn’t find the clinic, so at that point gave up and did our shopping instead, so no shot yet. It was about 6 when we got back so a quiet evening is in store.

And so ends another three great gifts of days here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow, and hope it is sunny as forecast.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It’s been a couple of days again since I posted my blog, you can always tell when times are quiet and unexciting and there isn’t anything to write about. Not that it has changed that much today!

The weather has been mainly cloudy with a few showers here and there thrown in for good luck, I do wish the sun would peek out so we don’t forget what it looks like!

Yesterday I did laundry and other than that we had a quiet day and didn’t go any place. Last night when we went to bed we could hear the waves crashing in, always calming for sleeping.

Today we went out to Cape Blanco and boy was it windy out there, it wasn’t real windy here when we left so we were totally surprised by the wind there. It was so bad we had a hard time trying to hold the camera still to take pictures so we didn’t stand out there for too long. I thought John was going to have his new hat that I gave him for Christmas blow away but he put it on backwards which kept it on his head!

Pictures from Cape Blanco

We went from there to Paradise Beach and what a difference, it was a bit windy but not too bad and the waves were pretty calm. We watched some pelicans flying just over the tops of the waves looking for dinner - they were fun to watch.

Paradise Beach

These Cottages at Paradise Beach Have A Nice View

From there we drove south on Highway 101 as far as Humbug Mountain but again the waves were pretty calm so not great for taking pictures. They are calling for tremendous winds tomorrow so maybe it will be better for pictures.

We stopped at Ray’s market for a couple of groceries then walked around the park a couple of times when we got back.

I have talked to the kids, my sister and a couple of friends this weekend and they are all complaining about the cold back home so even though we are having damp weather here it isn’t cold so we won’t complain too hard. I noticed a high of 15C (60F) on the truck thermometer today so that isn’t too hard to take.

Our friends G & G left Kitchener on Tuesday to pick up their trailer in Alabama on their way to Texas and they have sent a couple of e-mails saying how cold the weather is down there, it certainly is a strange winter all over.

My friend Alison teased me today by saying they had been to the Erie Belle last weekend for fish and chips and have been to Swiss Chalet a few times – okay, she made my mouth water for some of my favourites.

I have another book going on my Kindle so tonight will be a quiet reading evening unless we get surprised and there is something half decent on TV.

And so ends another two great gifts of days here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow, no matter what the weather.