Friday - February 8, 2008

Maybe the weather is on the up swing, today was another warm, sunny day. This morning we didn’t do much, the usual coffee and checking the news, blogs etc. on the computer.

This afternoon John went for a tour of the Marine Corp. Air Station (MCAS) and he said what they saw was interesting but they only saw the fire and rescue part of the base. Apparently there is a complete tour of the base on March 18th so if we are still here then we will try to go. I decided that the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy the pool so went and had a couple of good swims with some reading in between, a nice way to spend a couple of hours! I was chatting with a fellow from Wainwright, Sask. in the pool and we were saying how glad we were to be here and how bad we felt for those stuck in the snow and cold at home. On the way home I checked the laundry and it was empty so came back, changed, gathered up the laundry and headed off to do it so that is another job done for a few days.

By the time I got done with the laundry it was time to think about dinner, we decided to do burgers so John did a couple on the barbecue – yummy.

Fire Truck



Rescue Helicopter

Tonight is a bit of reading and TV, we just watched Air Farce and the Rick Mercer Report – always a couple of good laughs with these programs.

And so ends another wonderful day in our life or retirement and we look forward to another great day tomorrow

Thursday - February 7, 2008

Today was another beautiful day, sunny and warm – I sure feel sorry for all the people in Ontario suffering with all the snow, our daughter said it POURED snow all day yesterday. It is sad to see all the devastation in Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama etc. from the tornadoes, our hearts go out to all the people who lost their families, homes, etc., it is incomprehensible to see all the damage on the news.

This morning I worked on updating the pictures from my blog into my diary of our 2006 fall trip, that is another one done with three more trips to update, I will then have a complete copy of my blog on my computer.

This afternoon we golfed at a new, for us, golf course with Janet and Dave, it was a nice enough course and the price was right - $11 for 9 holes. The par 3 we play is $9 for 9 holes during the week and $7 on the weekends, yes, the weekends are cheaper than during the week. I am still struggling with my game, hopefully it will come together again some time soon. After golf we went to the Texas Roadhouse for ribs – yummy.

The weather seems to be finally changing, it was still in the 60’s when we got home around 7:30, usually it is in the low 50’s by then so here’s hoping this stays. It is also nice to see it getting dark later and later each day as I really do hate the short days of from mid November to mid January.

As usual another wonderful day in our life of retirement and we are looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Oh yes, we are thinking of all you back home dealing with the snow and cold – tee, hee.

Wednesday - February 6, 2008

Last night was very cold, the fans were running in the orchards overnight and it was 38F when we got up this morning, but it warmed up beautifully during the day and turned into an absolutely gorgeous day.

Looking at the news and papers it looked like a terrible day at home, I had an e-mail from sister this morning and she had a snow day today so I figured it would be a good chance to talk to her, so called and we had a good chat. I also had an e-mail from our daughter Kel who had a kind of snow day, the school wasn’t closed but the buses were cancelled so it was a pretty quiet day at school and she said she got lots done. Fortunately she doesn’t have far to go so the drive was okay. Sure don’t miss all that snow and freezing rain and we did our share of driving in it during our working days!

I went for a long walk around the park today, then this afternoon I went out shopping for a bit. I was just going to go out and get some cards but seeing how I was by myself I took the opportunity to check out a couple of clothing stores. I got a nice blouse at 60% off at one store and then went to Beall’s where I saw a few things I would have liked to try on but they were painting the change rooms so I gave up and left, maybe I will get back on Friday afternoon while John is touring the MCAS base.

When I came back John was busy polishing the aluminum propane tank again, it will be blinding in the sun soon!! This afternoon the GPS that he bought off E-Bay arrived so he spent some time getting it set up and seems to be pleased with it, this one is for bike riding etc. and also would be good for geocaching, which I would like to try sometime.

Our friend Margie had surgery on her shoulder yesterday so we just called to see how she was doing, she has been quite sick from the anaesthetic so is not feeling great but hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow and improves each day. We wish you a speedy recovery Margie.

It is time to get dinner ready and then a quiet evening of reading and a bit of TV is planned. And so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Tuesday -February 5, 2008

Today was supposed to be warmer but the forecasters were wrong, it was windy and quite cool with a high in the low 60’s which felt colder with the wind.

We went golfing and I had to put my jacket on after the first hole, that is a first for this year but the wind was just too cool to be only in a short sleeved top. My game was pretty bad, I did make a couple of really good putts and on the last hole I redeemed myself by having a birdie so I ended up happier than I had been. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I just can’t seem to get a decent hit, hopefully this will change soon as I am getting quite frustrated!

We stopped at Wal Mart on the way home as John wanted to get a belt and then came back and hunkered down, it was too cool to sit outside even though the sun was on the patio.

We just saw on the news that a tornado has hit the Memphis area, how sad and such destruction, I am glad we aren’t in that area. So, even though the weather was on the cool side it was still a great day in our life of retirement and it sure beats the weather in most of Canada and other parts of the states.

Monday -February 4, 2008

Well, the wind picked up again during the night but fortunately it had died down by this morning and we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning, which continued all day with a high in the mid 60’s.

I did the cleaning today plus cleaned out the kitchen drawers and reorganized them, always something to do, it’s amazing how much junk can be collected! Every time I clean I try to do something extra so today was the drawers as well as cleaning the curtain tracks – it is amazing how much dust and dirt they can collect in a short period of time!!

Other than a bike ride for John and a walk for me it was a quiet but nonetheless a nice day. John got my computer backed up on the hard drive then I set up some of my banking spots etc. so if we lose use of our computers everything is on the external hard drive – I find this all so amazing but am glad to have it.

And so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we are looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

John gave me some of his pictures from the zoo today so I will post them with this.

And Here's One for Kelly & Margie

Ant Eater with Young "Un On Her Back

Red River Hog and His Friend

A Handsome Fella

Baby Panda

Mother & Baby

Kind of a Cute Statute

A Pretty Cat

Sunday -February 3, 2008

Today was another lazy, uneventful day. The wind it was a blowin and the sun it wasn’t shining so it seemed like a good indoor day. I called and cancelled our golf t-time as we figured with the direction the wind was coming from the golf course would be getting lots of dust from the desert and it doesn’t interest us to golf in the dust!

I spent the afternoon mapping a couple of routes home (we want to have a couple of alternatives) and a route for a summer trip we are planning, it takes time to do as I try to find RV parks and determine the driving distance from one place to the next and of course a lot of the parks will be in areas where we want to spend some time. Anyways, I have fun doing it but it is not cast in stone, just an idea for places to stay and things to see.

John found an external hard drive on the internet which was on sale at Best Buy so after ordering it, and being advised it was in stock here, he went and picked it up – the store price was $209 and the internet sale was $99, guess it always pays to check the internet first. He went and picked it up and then came back and got it set up while he watched the Super Bowl. Now we can back up both of our computers and if something should happen to them we can still use the hard drive as a computer as he has loaded Leopard onto it. My computer still has to be backed up so guess that will be this evening’s or tomorrow’s project.

The wind has finally died down a bit and it is clear out so hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day again, today I went out to the truck to get the Road Atlas and Trailer Life Directory for my project and that was my extent of being outside, totally unusual for here.

And so ends another great day in our life of retirement and we are looking forward to another nice day tomorrow.