Saturday - March 10 - Today was another scorcher, thank goodness there is no humidity! Today was the annual toilet races at the park, it was fun to watch but I sure felt sorry for those partaking as it was really hot.

After the races we went to the market, didn’t get anything exciting but enjoyed walking around. We ran into Janet & Dave there so had a visit with them. We came back and sat outside and read, and that was it for our day today. We talked to the girls and my mom this morning and our friends in Florida tonight, so it was nice to get caught on all the happenings.

Friday - March 9 - Today was another hot one, sure doesn’t make a person feel too ambitious. I did a bit of cleaning and laundry, then we sat out under the awning and read. We went down for a swim about 4:30, the pool was very busy, everyone had the same idea, a late swim to cool off for the evening. Had a few chats with different people, now it is time to think about dinner. Sure don’t know where the days go, but they fly by!

Thursday - March 8 - Today was a hot one, in the high 80’s.

We now have a change in plans, we were planning on leaving Yuma on Saturday to go to Big Bend National Park so I was checking their web site this morning and lo and behold, if this isn’t one of their busiest times because of March break. When you don’t have kids in school this is something you just don’t think about! I called a couple of the campgrounds and they are booked solid, so guess we won’t be going there this year. We have decided to stay here for another week, until the 17th, then we will head down to the Rio Grande area without at stop over at Big Bend.

This afternoon we went out and got groceries, paid our internet bill, etc. then when we came back I went down for a swim which felt really good. When I got back from my swim Jim and Sonia invited us over for a drink so we had a nice visit with them, but ended up having a late dinner. John had bought a Trailer Life magazine when we were out so I read that after dinner instead of doing my blog. Oh well.

Wednesday - March 7 - Today was pretty overcast but very warm. This morning I started to get the trailer in travel mode, I got all my knick knacks put away and sorted out some cupboards. John washed the truck so hopefully it won’t get too dusty before Saturday.

This afternoon we golfed with Janet & Dave then went to Famous Dave’s for dinner, which was very good - John had ribs and I had barbecue chicken, we will definitely go back there next winter. This was our last visit with Janet & Dave so it was sad to say goodbye but the good lord be willing we will meet here again for next winter.

Tuesday - March 6 - Wow, the weather is sure warming up here, in the 80’s during the day and even the nights aren’t as cold - usually in the 50’s. It is still good for sleeping though, not too hot and there sure isn’t any humidity.

Today was our last Tuesday golf and we had a good time. My team tied for 3rd, but unfortunately we lost in the putt off, still it is more for the fun that we go. We got home about 2:45, I laid down for a bit as I hadn’t slept well last night then went down to the pool and had a good long swim, it felt great! John had a little nap also when we got back from golfing, all this heat is tiring!

Monday - March 5 - Today was very warm, up in the 80’s. This morning I made dentist appointments for John and I, an appointment for my two year check up on my hip and asked my surgeon’s office to make an appointment for my mammogram. Sure is a busy few weeks when we get back! We then did a major clean so it was around 1 before we were finished.

About 2:30 I went down to the pool, had a couple of swims and sat in the hot tub for a bit. I was going to read but ended up chatting to various people instead, and so the time goes. I talked to a fellow from Calgary who is originally from Goderich and whose brother lives in Kitchener - small world.

We were reading the Record and Sun and looking at the CBC News and saw what the weather at home is like - we sure are glad we are down here. I have never heard of highways and streets around the CN Tower and downtown Toronto buildings being closed due to ice chunks flying off the rooves. There was also a 70 car pileup on the 400 around the Alliston exit - sure do miss all that stuff!! Thanks Kel for reminding us what we are missing.

Sunday - March 4 - Today was another nice day but about noon we had one huge gust of wind, we haven’t ever had anything like that before, it lasted just a few seconds but the trailer sure shook!

This afternoon we went to see Queen and really enjoyed it, a good movie. After the show we went over to Janet & Dave’s then out for dinner, Dave didn’t want to see Queen so they didn’t go to the show with us. We went to Bubba’s for dinner, it is supposed to have good ribs but we were disappointed in them, not nearly as good as the ones we had at the Texas Roadhouse. Guess the only way to figure this out is to go for yourself as we have heard a few people say how good their ribs are, guess those people haven’t been to the Texas Roadhouse!

On the way home the moon was beautiful, a full moon in between a couple of clouds, very pretty.