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Bonne Bay

Saturday - August 4, 2007

Well, this morning we woke up to sun and it was much warmer than yesterday so we headed out for Woody Point and Trout River, communities that are on the south side of Bonne Bay. Of course, as soon as we got going it clouded over and we had a few sprinkle of rain but nothing much and the scenery was wonderful.

We got a really good view of the Tablelands and it was very interesting – on one side of the road were the Tablelands which are barren rock and on the other side of the road were mountains covered in trees etc. and looking very lush – such a contrast!

All the little villages along the coast are so scenic - we can certainly understand why these people are drawn to the coastal areas. We stopped at the Discovery Centre just outside of Woody Point and also stopped at a café at Woody Point for a coffee and cinnamon bun, as well as making stops for pictures.

When we came back I did some laundry so we are now ready to head to St. Anthony’s in the morning. While at St. Anthony’s we will not have a telephone connection (as a matter of fact people with Rogers don’t have a connection here but my Verizon works fine), the Sirius radio won’t work and of course Bell ExpressVu won’t work, and as far as wi-fi goes I won’t even go there!! I wonder how people can survive there without all these conveniences – probably they are much happier than most of us!!!!

Anchors Aweigh

Friday - August 3, 2007

Well, today was a cold, dreary, damp day, the forecast was for rain but it really only drizzled off and on so we decided to have a quiet day and hope that tomorrow will be better for doing the drive to Woody Point that we want to do, as the main reason is for the scenery and it is kind of hard to enjoy nice scenery in mist and rain.

I spent a fair bit of time getting pictures uploaded to my blog, the internet is now working here in the trailer but the strength fluctuates constantly so it was challenging to say the least trying to do the pictures.

Tonight we had a reservation at the Ocean View Motel for dinner, the fellow who took our reservation had promised a table overlooking the harbour and out to the gulf, so we had a wonderful view. The sun even poked out for a few minutes to give us a tantalizing look at the bay in the sun.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights a group called Anchors Aweigh play at the Ocean View starting at 9:30 and we have been told by so many people how good they are that we decided to catch their Friday night show. They start selling tickets about 8:30 and we were told we should be in line by 8 to get tickets and a decent seat and boy were they right. They play in a room behind the bar and it was packed, as well as the bar area, but we got good seats in the main room. A couple, Mike & Cathy from St. Mary’s, sat with us and we enjoyed their company, they were celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary.

The group was absolutely fabulous and they played from 9:30 to 1:15 with a 15 minute break and the tickets to get in were $10 each, what a deal!! The lead singer and front man was Wayne Parsons, the fellow who had done the commentary on our Bonne Bay boat yesterday, and he is really good, he had the audience laughing, clapping and joining right in. The accordion player, who also was working on the Bonne Bay boat tour, was absolutely hilarious as he had such wonderful facial expressions and did little jigs etc., all in all a really fun evening.

One of the things Wayne did was go around the room and ask where everyone was from, it was interesting how many were there from Ontario plus people from such places as Quebec, Manitoba, Powell River, B. C., Alaska, Kansas, Montana, California, England, and of course there were a lot of locals. It was a really fun evening and we were glad we had decided to go.

We got home about 1:30 and they had a gate across the park entrance so we had to leave the truck out front and walk in, no big deal.

Another View of Gros Morne Mountain

Eagle on Top of Mountain


Gros Morne

Woody Harbour

Woody Point

Woody Point Lighthouse

Woody Point with Tableland in Background

More Bonne Bay

Bonne Bay

Gros Morne Mountain

Thursday - August 2, 2007

Today is my “much younger” brother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Bryan, hope it was a great one and you are enjoying your holiday on Manitoulin and having good weather.

I had lots of e-mails today, thanks everyone for writing it is always good to hear from you. This morning we went up to check our e-mail do my blog etc. and the e-mail was working great but it took me over ½ an hour to upload two pictures – very frustrating to say the least!! I will try it again tonight and see what happens.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, it was sunny and all the fog and mist had dissipated so we got to see the sights we have been missing the last few days – such awesome scenery. Today we had a clear view of Gros Morne Mountain and the Tablelands, which are totally stunning. We took a boat tour of Bonne Bay this afternoon and it was really great and the fellow doing the commentary was very good and quite funny. From the boat the views of the mountains were spectacular, we saw two bald eagles sitting on top of the mountains staking out their claims and a baby flying overhead. We saw two whales, probably both Minke’s, one on the way out of the harbour and the other one on the way in – quite lucky to see them. We were sitting with people from Waterloo who are originally from Newfoundland, lovely people and it was fun talking to them.

So far we have avoided Chantal, we are just watching the news and it sure played havoc nearer St. John’s but I think they are calling for rain here tomorrow – darn!!! It’s hard to believe that they had such terrible weather on the other side of the island when it has been so nice here. The ferry from Argentia has been cancelled because the road to it was washed out and the back up at Port au Basque and Sydney is incredible as they are rerouting people who were supposed to cross at Argentia. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about this and hopefully there will be no glitches when we are scheduled to cross back over from Argentia.

I just got some pictures from yesterday uploaded, now to work on today’s pictures.

Remains of S. S. Ethie

Interesting Rock Formation

Lobster Head Cove Lighthouse

Another View of Western Brook Pond

Pissing Mare Falls

Rock Formation the Boat Crew Called "The Tin Man"

Blue Denim Falls

Western Brook Pond

Moose Crossing Western Brook Pond

Wednesday, - August 1, 2007

Wow, the summer is half over – hope everyone is enjoying it. I talked to Mike last night and he said it is very hot in Kitchener, so I guess we won’t complain as it is just pleasant temperature wise here. I woke up this morning to see sun shining – we were really excited.

We left about 10 and went and picked up our tickets for the Western Brook Pond Tour and headed up. Western Brook is a land locked fjord surrounded by mountains and has an average depth of 155 meters and the water is very clear and pristine - definitely one of Western Newfoundland’s treasures. There are 2 tour boats and the smaller one was brought in by snowmobile on a flatbed over the frozen bog in the winter, the other was flown in by helicopter in four separate pieces then put together at their boathouse.

It is a 3 km walk into get the boat (so it is 3 km back after the boat tour) so we gave ourselves lots of time to walk in. The trail was good, fairly easy walking and there was lots of interesting information about the bogs, the wildflowers etc. on the way. When we got to the dock we bought a hot dog and by the time we had eaten it the two tour boats had come back so it was time to line up. We were lucky and got to sit up top, only one boat had the top deck so we were glad we had gotten there early. Just as the boat was pulling away from the dock there were a number of moose crossing at the narrows and John managed to get a good picture of them. Although it was misty on the tops of the mountains basically the view was beautiful and we really enjoyed it. We couldn’t believe the number of waterfalls we saw - the names of the two of the large ones were Blue Denim and Pissing Mare. We also saw the result of a large rock slide which occurred in 1994, apparently there was a tour boat there when it happened – that would be quite exciting!! On the way back the wind had picked up and it was quite cold as the boat was heading directly into the wind, but shortly before docking the sun came out and the sky cleared.

On the way home we stopped to see what was left of the S. S. Ethie, a coastal steamer that ran aground during a vicious storm in December 1919. All 92 passengers and crew were saved and one baby was sent ashore in a mailbag. There is still a lot of debris laying on the beach and part of the boiler is in the water, it is very rocky and rough there, it would have been a terrifying experience!!

We also stopped at Lobster Cove Lighthouse on the way back and toured through there. You need a National Park pass to go in the lighthouse and seeing how we had to buy a pass to do the boat tour we thought we might as well use it for something else.

The couple next door have just invited us over for a drink so I will close this off real fast.

Norris Point in Bonne Bay

Tuesday - July 31, 2007

It rained ALL NIGHT last night and we woke up to rain and fog this morning so called and canceled the boat trip and rebooked for tomorrow in the hopes the weather will be better.

This afternoon we gave up waiting for it to clear up and went to the Visitor Centre which was very interesting, then on to Norris Point and toured the aquarium there. The aquarium is a teaching/learning centre so not a real aquarium but a young fellow gave guided tours and it was very interesting. Fortunately the weather had cleared up a bit when we came out of the Visitor Centre and we actually had sun at Norris Point! When we came out of the aquarium we walked down the dock and there was a whale out in the channel, we watched it for quite a while as it was performing beautifully.

We then drove up to Neddie’s Harbour, very quaint, then back to Rocky Harbour. By then the sun was out at Neddie’s Harbour but it was quite foggy back at Rocky Harbour – sure hope tomorrow is a nicer day.

When we got back we stopped at a couple of places to try to get on the internet, but to no avail, but the woman at the office here said it was working up at the laundry room earlier so I will take my computer up and see what is happening.

A small motorhome came in beside us while we were making dinner so talked to them for a bit after dinner – they are from Welsley and know Lee Ann – small world.

As you can see the internet works up at the picnic shelter!

Monday - July 30, 2007

Another dreary, drizzly day so we decided to take a day and veg out. I walked up to check out the Laundromat this morning and decided to do a couple of loads, so got that done. The internet isn’t working here and the owner was messing around with it when I was at the Laundromat but there is still no internet tonight so guess he didn’t get it working – annoying both for him and his clients!

About mid afternoon we decided to go out for a bit and guess what – as soon as we drove out of the park it started to rain! We drove to the lighthouse but didn’t bother walking up in the rain, hopefully we will have a nice day when we can check it out. We saw a café with a wi-fi sign so thought we would get a coffee and use the computer but the wi-fi was up in the gallery so we didn’t bother, I bought a postcard and that was it. We then stopped and got stamps at the post office and on the way back found a motel that advertised wi-fi and lo and behold, I got connected. I managed to get my blog updated and check my e-mail so that will do for a couple of days.

The people beside us are from Maggie Valley, N.C., which is a very pretty place near Asheville, – we were there in the fall of 2005. They are traveling with another couple and dinner was next door tonight, outside, and when the one couple sat down on the picnic table the seat broke off at one end and they went crashing down. Fortunately they weren’t hurt and managed to laugh about it, they sure made a loud crash when they went down, but they put a bucket under the bench to prop it back up and carried on! We are hoping for sunny weather tomorrow so we can do the boat tour.

Sunday - July 29, 2007

Well, the nice weather didn’t last, it was overcast when we woke up but at least the rain held off until we got on the road so John didn’t get wet hooking up. It rained a fair bit between Stephenville and Corner Brook, but then it stopped.

We were slowed down for about 25 km by a bicycle race, there was only one lane on the Trans Canada open, the other was closed off for the cyclists. I have to give them a lot of credit, it appeared that there were over 300 of them (going by the numbers they were wearing) and the ones going our way were going uphill most of the time, and I mean UPHILL. I was exhausted just watching them!!! At the end of the turnaround point there were a lot of joggers so we don’t know if there was jogging as part of the race as we had also seen cyclists going the other way from us. Cycling seems to be quite popular here but the hills would be terrible.

Old Train in Corner Brook

Lobster Dorries

View at Lark Harbour

Saturday - July 28, 2007

Today was another beautiful day and the temperature in the truck hit 28 for quite a while. Thankfully there was a nice breeze so it didn’t feel as hot as it was.

We had a couple come in beside us today from Fort McMurray, they are relocating to a little town here where he grew up and are building a new home. She seems to be a bit unsure of the move but he seems quite keen. She said she is still not able to think about going to a dance and dancing with other women!!

Today we drove to Corner Brook and what a marvelous view of Corner Brook there is coming into it from the west on the Trans Canada Highway - we toured both sides of Bay of Islands, which is the bay going into Corner Brook.

We did the north side first and it was lovely, we drove to the end of the road at Cox Cove, but like yesterday there were no pull overs to enjoy the view. We did manage to stop at McIver’s and see the little off-shore island with the Arctic Terns, but again getting pictures was very difficult. We also got a good view of Blow Me Down Mountains across the bay and could see the snow on the side of the mountain – yukk!

We then drove the south shore to the end at Lark Harbour (this and York Harbour which we drove through were named after Capt. James Cook’s ships) and we toured Blow Me Down Provincial Park. The sites there are quite tight, there is no way we would be able to get in there, plus there are no amenities and other than one comfort station the toilets are pit, not exactly my cup of tea anymore! We couldn’t see the snow on the side of the mountain from this side so were glad we had been able to see it from the north shore.

We stopped at Dominion (same as our Zehrs) at Corner Brook and picked up a few groceries before heading back. All in all it was a nice day with very picturesque views but we both agreed that we enjoyed Port au Port better, we think it is more folksy looking.

As you have probably guessed we are again without internet, I did manage to pick it up in Corner Brook and checked my e-mail but didn’t stay long enough to post my blog as we had meat which we wanted to get home into the freezer. We are supposed to have it at Gros Morne so here’s hoping.

Interesting Rock Formation

Boats on Shore

Hidden Waterfalls

Guess all the Boats are Out

Port au Port Shoreline

Friday - July 27, 2007

Today was a lovely day, sunny and quite warm but there was a nice breeze so it made it very pleasant. We drove the Port au Port Peninsula today and what a beautiful drive and scenery. We crossed the Gravels, which is the isthmus connecting the peninsula with the mainland. We stopped at Our Lady of Mercy Church at Port au Port, it is the largest wooden structure in Newfoundland and a beautiful church. The Waterloo Region Police Choir is singing in this church next Tuesday night, too bad we won’t be here.

We drove along the Gulf of St. Lawrence through picturesque fishing villages with funny names, we stopped at Sheaves Cove to see the hidden waterfalls and traveled through places like Cape St. George, Mainland, Red Island, Black Duck Brook and Picadilly. The scenery was incredible, unfortunately there are no good places to stop so we got very few pictures. This area is very French and they are trying to maintain their heritage and language. We stopped at Picadilly and had an ice cream cone and there was a beach there with people in swimming – the first time we have seen anyone in the water. Mind you this was on the St. George Bay side and not on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

When we got back to Gravels we took the road up to Point au Mal and Fox Island River, another scenic drive.

Some of the things we have noticed so far:
- the houses are very nice and there are some really beautiful homes out in the middle of nowhere
- most of the houses do not have garages, especially the older ones, garages are mainly seen on the newer homes
- there are beautiful wildflowers everywhere
- a lot of the shoreline we have seen so far reminds us of the Bruce Peninsula with the cliffs and rocky beaches
- there are very few scenic outlooks – very disappointing and the roads are narrow and without shoulders so it is hard to just pull over and stop
- although it is prime tourist season so far it has been quiet and without a lot of traffic, at one place we stopped today we talked to a couple from Brampton and they said they had noticed the same thing
- most of the cemeteries we have seen have been built on hills overlooking water
- we can’t believe the number of children running around on ATV’s – it seems like every house has an ATV
- I have never seen so many clothes hung out and blowing in the breeze

We are thoroughly enjoying the trip and the scenery is incredible.

Thursday - July 26, 2007

We woke up to an overcast sky this morning but fortunately John was able to get us hooked up and on the road before it started to rain. We drove, in the rain, to Stephenville which was about 135 km and checked into Zenzville RV Park, this is a real family type park so very busy and all the full hook ups are taken by seasonals, so we have water and electric.

After we got settled we drove into Stephenville and toured around a bit then stopped at the Wal Mart to pick up a couple of things. The U.S. set up an air force base in Stephenville from about the 1940’s to the 60’s so it has army type housing everywhere. We drove by a real pretty golf course right along the bay, it was raining but there were a lot of diehards golfing! Stephenville apparently has a very good theatre but we will wait till Gros Morne to do a show as we’ve heard they have a good one there.