Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today was sunny until a bit ago and now it has clouded over, they are calling for rain this afternoon and then the forecast is for 15 days of warmth and sunshine – I sure do like that!

Wednesday night we had a great dinner with Janet & Dave at Texas Roadhouse and the ribs were really good – even better, we had enough left over for Thursday nights’ dinner. Next time we will split a large order of ribs between us as this time I had half a rack and John had a whole one – way too much. Fortunately the restaurant wasn’t really busy so we were able to sit and visit for quite a while after we finished eating. On the way home we stopped at Wal Mart for a bit just to walk around and help wear off dinner and it did feel good just to move around for a bit.

Thursday morning we had to wait for Time Warner to come out and look at our internet connection, the fellow arrived about 10:30 and obviously found something wrong as it works great now. He saw we have Macs so was asking us a lot of questions about them as he and his wife are in the process of having to buy a new laptop, we told him we wouldn’t have anything other than a Mac.

It was about noon when I headed out to do laundry, I find that is usually a good time to go and it turned out to be a really good time this week as there were only a couple of other people there when I got there and when I left there was only one other person in there, don’t know what happened but it was great not having to dodge around a lot of people. John dropped me off and then went to the market to wander around for a while and got back just as I was folding the clothes – great timing. The rest of the day was pretty quiet – reading and watching the Olympics on TV.

Yesterday morning was aquafit again so I got some of my exercise for the day. In the afternoon I went for a walk and stopped to chat with Ben & Diane for a bit, Diane had mentioned the baked potato dinner tonight (Saturday) to John but I wanted to stop and tell her we had been out too much this week already so would pass on it this time.

We went over to Steve & Brenda’s about 4 as we were going to an all you could eat fish fry with them. They had let the guard at the gate know we were coming so we got in with no problem, the only trouble was that we had no idea where their spot was so had a tour of the park before finding them! For a very expensive, elite park we were not impressed with the lot sizes, in fact some of the houses that are being built in there have their patio just about into the side of the house next door – not my idea of nice!!

It turns out dinner was at the Desert Hills golf course (we had no idea where we were going when they asked us to join them) where we have played before and we remember seeing the ad for All You Can Eat Fish & Chips on Friday nights, it was $10 each and very good (but still not as good as the Erie Belle). They had a drink special of iced tea and vodka that I tried and it was really good - and cheaper than John’s beer! All in all it was a good dinner and a nice time with Steve & Brenda. We drove to dinner so when we got back to their place we stopped at the office and they showed us around the pool, clubhouse, etc., very nice but not my cup of tea.

This morning was yard sale day here in the park so John went out and rode his bike around but he didn’t find anything to spend his money on. He was gone a long time so I figured he must have stopped to chat somewhere and he had, with a fellow from Gravenhurst. I can’t get too excited about yard sales as I figure I have enough junk of my own without buying someone else’s, so unless there is something in particular I am looking for I stay away from them. We are going to head out shortly to make a quick trip to Fry’s and Wal Mart in the hopes that later in the afternoon they won’t be too busy – probably dreaming in Technicolor about that!

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to more wonderful days here in Yuma.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, another few days have passed with nothing too exciting happening. On Sunday morning we went to Brownie’s for breakfast and ran into Birdie and Jean, a couple we know from Del Pueblo, so sat with them and had a good visit. They went to Alaska last summer so it was nice to hear about their trip and apparently they lucked out as last summer was the nicest one in Alaska for years.

After breakfast we went to a couple of stores, then Wal Mart, and lastly a visit at the market so we were shopped out. I got a few things that I wanted at the market so was happy to get that done.

On the way home we stopped by Yuma Palms RV Park to see if we could find Steve & Brenda and boy what a place that is. We had to stop at the gate and the guy couldn’t find their name anyplace so finally opened the gate so we could go into the office and check there. I went in and after a lot of horsing around the fellow in the office determined they weren’t home and when I asked if we could drive around the park I was told no, that isn’t allowed. The fellow at the office said that residents are required to register their guests with the guard on the gate before their arrival, no spur of the moment visits to someone at this park! Needless to say, we were not impressed with the park and certainly wouldn’t be looking for a place there! When we got home John sent Steve an e-mail telling him we had tried to see them.

Monday morning I was off to aquafit, it was about 63F when I went down to the pool and then about half way through the clouds came in and the wind shifted direction and it got downright cold – it wasn’t bad in the water but sure was cold when we got out. It was down to 57F by the time I got back home and that’s about where it stayed for the rest of the day. We also got a sprinkling of rain so not the greatest of days but then it is still a lot nicer than home where they got snow.

Monday afternoon we went into the office and talked to Dee about a site for next year and she gave us a listing of the few they have left and three of those still are iffy as the people have until the end of the month to renew. We walked around and picked out a site, hoping that the people wouldn’t come in at the last minute and renew.

I need some bar bells for the aquafit so on Tuesday morning I went over to Cactus Garden RV Park where I was told you could buy them but they are sold out for the year, darn. Yesterday afternoon we headed to Yuma Palms mall to see if I could get them at Sports Authority and they didn’t have them either so I think I am out of luck until next fall. Fortunately, there is an extra set in a locker by the pool so I will just have to get there early to make sure I can get them to use until I can get my own.

While at the mall I checked out Kohls and was disappointed that they didn’t have any good buys there, then we went to Target where I did pick up a couple of things that were a good price. We noticed there was a RV show going on at the mall so stopped and wandered through some trailer, boy there was nothing there I would trade my trailer for. I kept running into a couple of other women and they were moaning about how bad some of the layouts were, we figured the kitchens were designed by men who had never stepped into a kitchen in their lives, let alone made meals in one!!

Today was aquafit again and a much warmer day for it. We were just finishing lunch when Steve & Brenda pulled up but only had a quick visit as Brenda had a doctor’s appointment. They aren’t impressed with Yuma Palms RV Park and won’t be back there next year. They have invited us to a fish fry on Friday night so that should be fun.

Just as Steve & Brenda were leaving Dee (the park manager) came along to tell us the people on the spot we had picked for next year had just come in and renewed, so that was out for us, but there were four other spots available. I jumped on the golf cart with her and John got his bike and we looked at the sites and picked D9 so then I went back to the office and got the paperwork to fill out. Thankfully we have a spot as they are going fast and I imagine most of the parks are filling up quickly.

We are meeting Janet & Dave for dinner at Texas Roadhouse so I had best get myself moving and ready to go.

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to more wonderful days here in Yuma.