Saturday – December 30 – Today was gorgeous, a clear blue sky and it got up to about 70. We arrived in Yuma about 2:30 and were not happy with the site they had given us, it was against a wooden fence with the road and railroad right behind. The site was very short, we would have been against the fence at the back and practically on the road at the front – not good! We made noises about leaving so the woman said they had just had a cancellation but the spot was supposed to be kept for people staying 3 months, but she gave it to us and we are very happy with it.

The people behind us are from Calgary and beside us are from Ohio and they seem very friendly, the woman from Ohio has lymphodema also, she noticed my sleeve right away but says her arm isn’t too bad, I will have to talk to her more about it but at the time we were talking we were also getting parked so not good for a long discussion.

We are hoping Janet and Dave will arrive tomorrow and we can spend New Year’s Eve together, if not then hopefully we can do New Years day dinner. Today was our family dinner at my brother’s and we are sorry we are missing it, I am sure the meal would be wonderful and hopefully everyone enjoyed it.

Friday – December 29 – Today was a quiet day. John went out this morning and got propane then this afternoon we went out and bought a humming bird feeder in the hopes of attracting some humming birds while we are in Yuma. I got all the Christmas decorations put away today and we are now road ready again.

The weather today was cool and partly over cast, we hope it warms up in Yuma.

Thursday – December 28 – I woke up a couple of times during the night to hear rain on the trailer and it rained until about 10 this morning, then the sun came out a bit around noon, but it has been a cool day.

We talked to Janet & Dave last night and they had cleared the mountains in California so hopefully will be in Yuma by the end of the week, we’re looking forward to seeing them again. Janet said the weather has been awful, rain, rain, and more rain.

This afternoon we went into town for a bit, went to Office Max and checked out this week’s specials at Fry’s. They have a good sale on pork loin roasts and ribs, but they hadn’t come in yet so I couldn’t get any. They will have the same sale in Yuma so can get them there.

I have started reading Texas by James Michener, it is 1300+ pages so that should keep me out of trouble, if I can get into it.

Wednesday – December 27 – Today was coolish and overcast, not like the nice sunny days we were so enjoying. Today was a good e-mail day, lots of e-mail which I love. I did some laundry and cleaning then this afternoon we decided to go and get a few groceries.

We stopped by the park where Shirley & Harry Jacobi (a couple from Green Acres Kincardine) are and Harry had just gone out but Shirley was there so we had a very nice visit. She was surprised to see us as she hadn’t realized we were in the area and Harry came back just as we were ready to leave so had a short visit with him also. It was quite funny as Harry’s daughter Jennifer called while we were there and as I know her Shirley handed me the phone. Jennifer was quite surprised when she heard who it was but we had a nice chat.

After our visit we went and got groceries then came home and guess what, just after we got back it started to rain. The barbecuer got lucky as it wasn’t really raining hard when he was out cooking dinner, but as he said, wouldn’t you know it. It seems to be raining off and on, but somebody said tomorrow is supposed to be quite cool – how special.

Tuesday – December 26 – Today was another beautiful warm sunny day. We were listening to the CBC this morning and found out something new – there is no Boxing Day in the U.S., it is only celebrated in some of the Commonwealth countries. I knew that Christmas in the States is not the occasion it is at home, the big holiday here is Thanksgiving, but hadn’t realized that they didn’t celebrate Boxing Day. Guess we won’t have to worry about the throngs of post Christmas shoppers looking for the sales here like we would at home.

Today we got a storm door for the trailer – when we were at Cape Hatteras in October 2005 a couple of other trailers had plexiglass cut to fit over their screens, effectively giving them a way of leaving the screen door open but keeping out the wind. We thought it was a great idea but just never got around to doing anything about it till today. At Lowes we found the plexiglass and they even cut it to size so now we can open the door and still keep out the cool breeze – wonderful!

Tonight we had leftover turkey etc. for dinner then enjoyed the Highwaymen DVD Nan and family gave us for Christmas. All in all it was another nice day.

Monday – December 25 – And again, a Merry Christmas everyone, hope it was a wonderful day for all. We enjoyed talking to all our family and again thanks all for the Christmas presents, the barbecue we have been enjoying since we left in November and all the candy will surely add some inches to the waistline! We missed everyone but were glad we got to talk to all of you.

Today was a gorgeous day, a clear blue sky and in the low 70’s – perfect weather as far as I am concerned. We didn’t do anything too exciting, sat out and enjoyed the sun this afternoon and read. I picked up a few good books at the library here so am trying to get them finished before we leave. All the parks we have been in have libraries so it isn’t hard to find a good book to read. John wrapped up his copy of Texas by James Michener for me for Christmas so I will have to tackle that before we return to Texas in a couple of months. We are waiting for the turkey to finish then will enjoy our Christmas feast. Again hope everyone had a wonderful day and a great Christmas dinner. Miss you all but it was good talking to you.

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Sunday – December 24 – Merry Christmas, it was good talking to everyone today and getting caught up. Today was a warm, sunny day – perfect. We went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast and were pleasantly surprised that it was only about a 10 minute wait. After breakfast we stopped at Home Depot, Beall’s and Ace Hardware – real exciting. The stores here weren’t too busy considering tomorrow is Christmas, I expect all the shopping gets done the weekend after Thanksgiving when they have all the sales! We checked out the municipal golf course which looks nice but was quite busy, we will try to get a tee time sometime next week.

We keep taking different routes around Casa Grande and can’t believe the number of new subdivisions being built, it would appear that this place is going to double in population in the next couple of years. I would guess that perhaps a lot of people are coming from the Phoenix or Tucson area as the homes are large family type homes, not small retirement type homes. Most of them have signs saying they start from $200,000 so not cheap either. It is funny, most of the new subdivisions have people standing in front waving signs to the new development, like that would make you go in and check it out!

A lot of people in the park put out candles in paper bags today so tonight we went for a walk to see the lights and it was very pretty. Some people have really decorated their trailers as well as the trees etc. John took some pictures so hopefully they will turn out and I can post a couple. The white bags were much brighter than the brown ones, but all in all it was very pretty.