Saturday – January 27 – We are still enjoying nice weather, sure hope it stays this way. Today was rather quiet, I did some laundry (no waiting today, thank goodness) then we went out for a bit this afternoon. We bought a memory foam for the mattress so it will be interesting to see how that works. Our mattress isn’t too bad but I thought the memory foam should make it just that much more comfortable, sure hope so.

I talked to a few people today, as the weekend is the cheap time to call with our phone plan, but I didn’t talk to Nan & Kel so that is for tomorrow.

Friday – January 26 – The weather is consistent – gorgeous! We left about 10 this morning to drive up to Quartzsite and it was a real busy spot again. We wandered around and checked out a lot of places but in the end I bought a pair of earrings and John bought a socket and extension – real exciting!!

We got back just before 6 and stopped at Fry’s to get some groceries and as usual it was a zoo, but when we went to check out it wasn’t as busy so we managed to get out without having to wait in a long line. They are building a new Wal Mart just down the road so I imagine Fry’s will be a different story next year as I am sure Wal Mart will slow them down a lot.

When we got back I was wiped so laid down for a ½ hour then we got supper ready. We had a late lunch and weren’t real hungry when we got back so a late dinner worked out well. I think it will be off to bed shortly. I have been having problems with my wi-fi going out all the time so John e-mailed the fellow we bought the computer from and he suggested a fix so John did it tonight and it seems to be working okay again – here’s hoping.

Thursday – January 25 – Another beautiful day, I love it that it isn’t even cool until after 8 p.m. or so, up until the last couple of days as soon as the sun started to go down the jackets came out.

John spent the morning polishing the trailer then we headed out shortly after noon to go over to Cocopah and go golfing with Janet & Dave. I definitely didn’t have a good day, should have stayed home and played tiddly winks! We went back to Janet & Dave’s for dinner and the evening which was very enjoyable. I am beat and my bed is looking very good.

Wednesday – January 24 – The weather is consistent, love it. We left about 9 to go to Mexico and get my glasses, they were ready so we were in and out of the store in no time and in line to come back to the States at 10:10 and it was still 45 minutes to get back. I was going to buy a bottle of Kahlua but they don’t sell liquor in Mexico until 11:00 a.m. and we sure weren’t going to hang around waiting for that and watch the line to come back get longer!

This afternoon I went down to do one load of laundry – 3 hours later it was done, what an effort in frustration!! I should have just forgot about it but that would have been too easy, so instead I sat it out. Oh well, I am retired, what else do I have to do!

Tuesday – January 23 – Okay, this weather can stay – it is just beautiful, sunny and warm. Today was golf and as usual it was a lot of fun. There were 46 today and wouldn’t you know it, I drew an Ace and John a Jack so I was the first team off and he was the last – lots of sitting and waiting on both ends! They had 2 teams with 5 to make up the 2 extras rather than doing one with just 2.

We stopped and got propane on the way home and other than that didn’t do too much. We went for a walk around the park late in the afternoon but that was it for the day.

Monday – January 22 – Today was another nice day but still windy and when it was time to go to the pool for exercises it was only about 46F so I didn’t go – wussy again! We decided to leave Mexico until Wednesday so went and got groceries this afternoon as this is the only day until Saturday we don’t have anything happening.

Other than getting the groceries it has been a quiet day and nothing exciting happening. I have started another book – I read 3 last week so I have to either slow down or I will be out looking for more books soon. I haven’t checked out the library here yet but hopefully they will have a good selection.

Sunday – January 21 – Well, today was reality day – I had to accept the fact that the good fairy, Molly Maid or whatever wasn’t going to appear and that I was going to have to do the cleaning myself – bummer!!!! So, guess what I did today – cleaning. John did the bathroom for which I am eternally grateful.

Other than that it was not an exciting day. I threw the entrance way mat outside this morning when I was cleaning then realized tonight I hadn’t brought it in, we had to do a hunt and search for it as it was quite windy today, John finally found it behind the tires!! Other than the fact we have a clean house it was a quiet day. I read another book – that’s 3 books this week, I think that is a record for me. We haven’t decided what we are going to do for sure tomorrow, but I think perhaps we will go back to Mexico and see if my sun glasses are ready.