Today was nice and sunny but there was still a cool wind. This afternoon we went to the Arizona market then to Fry’s to get groceries – a real exciting day. I don’t know where the time goes but it does seem to fly by even though we don’t sound like we are real busy.

Yesterday we picked up a modem and now have internet through a dedicated radio signal rather than the typical wi-fi thing. We are really pleased with it and now don’t have to worry about whether or not we can get logged on to the system in the park or anything else that might be available. We had to pay $50 for the modem this year, and have to return it when we leave, but when we come back next year we don’t have to pay again for the modem, just go in and sign up. It’s funny, some parks have real good wi-fi and even better a lot of them are free, but here in Arizona it seems that there are no free ones and anything the parks here offer are expensive, slow, and sometimes non-existent which is truly frustrating. We are going to take it to Cocopah tomorrow when we go to Janet & Dave’s for dinner to see if it works there, the fellow said it had an 18 mile range so we will see. Dave & Janet signed up for the internet at their park and can never get on it so aren’t too happy.

Friday – January 5 – Happy Birthday Carl, hope it was a good one.

Janet & Dave picked us up about 10 this morning to go to Quartzsite. The weather was fine when we left but the wind picked up and by the time we got there it was VERY windy and quite cool. A lot of the vendors had closed because of the wind so it wasn’t as good a day there as we had hoped. We found that if we were in the wrong spot facing the wrong way we would get a face full of dirt – not nice! We will go back again in a few weeks but will make sure it is a calm day when we go. The wind was really blowing around in the desert on the way back, it almost looked like it was foggy, but fortunately there was no blowing dirt across the road so the driving was good.

I had put a pot roast in the slow cooker before we left so it was an easy meal. Janet and Dave left about 8:30 as Dave has a dentist appointment tomorrow morning in Algadones so it will be an early start for them. We decided not to go with them tomorrow but will go over some time in the next week or so as I want to check out the price of new glasses.

Thursday – January 4 – Today was a nice quiet day. We went out shopping for a bit this afternoon and I did a load of laundry – real exciting. We looked into an internet hookup for while we are here and hopefully we can get it going within the next couple of days because anything that we’ve tried here so far is real hit and miss which is totally frustrating.

John got my humming bird feeder hung so now hopefully we can enjoy the humming birds.

Wednesday – January 3 – Today was another nice day. This morning I went down for water aerobics at 9:30, it was only 56 degrees when I went down but the water is nice and warm and after a bit of exercising it felt hot! Betty put us through a good work out which felt good.

This afternoon John and I played a game of golf. We went to a nice par 3 course, which is all we wanted to do for the first time out in ages, and it was okay, my putting ruined my score but I did par one hole so that was encouraging. At the park here they have a mix every Tuesday at this par 3 course so I think we will sign up for next week, might as well jump right in as if we wait for our game to improve we will probably never play! After all the exercise I should sleep well tonight!

Tuesday – January 2 – Today was a nice day but windy again. We did some cleaning and laundry and went out shopping for a bit. We had to get a couple of cement blocks to put under the rear jacks as it really drops off at the back of the trailer. John had been using the leveling blocks until we could get the cement blocks.

Janet & Dave came for dinner and we had a nice evening. They got held up coming over here as there was a motor home on fire on the highway. They showed a picture of it on the news last night and it looked like an old motor home, never the less, it would be heartbreaking to lose your RV like that.

I can’t get an internet connection tonight, hopefully I will be able to get this posted tomorrow.

Monday – January 1 – Well, here it is 2007 – Happy New Year everyone! Today was another nice day, we headed over to Cocopah about 4 and had a great dinner and evening with Janet & Dave. They arrived today and said they would never travel over the holiday season again, apparently the traffic all through California was wicked, lots of accidents and traffic jams.

We went to Red Lobster and had a good dinner, then back to their place for tea and Christmas cake. That was it for our first day of 2007.

Sunday - December 31 – Today was another beautiful sunny day. This morning John cleaned some windows, now we can see out again, and I got organized inside.

This afternoon we went to the Arizona market which is a huge place, we had lunch there then wandered around for a couple of hours. I got a new sweatshirt and the type of dishcloths I wanted – last of the big time spenders! Oh yes, we got another cactus garden as we do enjoy the cacti and Franneca, I promise not to drop this one on you to look after!

After the market we went out to Cocopah to see if Janet & Dave had arrived but they haven’t come in early so guess they won’t arrive until tomorrow. On the way home we stopped at Fry’s for a couple of groceries, now it is time to think about dinner.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!! We are going to have shrimp and champagne to bring in the New Year.