Friday - January 11, 2008

Gotta love this weather, as far as I’m concerned it’s perfect, the temperature isn’t too hot but it is pleasantly warm.

This morning was water aerobics and vacuuming, real exciting. This afternoon we did a bit of shopping - the Bargain Barn, Wal Mart and Fry’s, again we didn’t buy too much but the larder is full. Not an exciting day but pleasant none the less.

Tonight we are watching a bit of TV but I think I will be ready for bed early, tomorrow promises to be a busy day.

Sorry this isn’t very exciting but some days are just quiet and uneventful, but still another wonderful day in our life of retirement.

Thursday - January 10, 2008

Wow, what a gorgeous day, the temperature was in the low 70’s so just perfect as far as I’m concerned.

This afternoon we went over to Jim & Sonia’s at Desert Paradise Park for a visit and had a good time. Ida, who we were beside the first year we were there, came over for a drink and a visit, she is 78 and a going concern! It was actually quite hot sitting in the sun but I won’t complain as we have been waiting for it to be like this.

On the way home we stopped at Lowe’s and picked up our new Bunn coffee maker so when we got back I got it unpacked and ready to use tomorrow morning, we want to make sure it works okay then will pack it away until we get home.

By the time I was finished with that it was time to change our clothes and head out for our Old Yuma walking tour. Tonight the weather was still really nice so jeans, a sweatshirt and vest were very comfortable for clothing. The tour was interesting and we learned a lot about Yuma, it was the first city west of the Mississippi to be designated a Heritage City and there are only about 8 cities in all of the US with that designation – quite surprising until she explained. Yuma was the link to the west during the gold rush with a rope ferry across the Colorado River and then was settled a few years later by those returning from the gold rush. For years anyone in Oregon, for instance, wanting to drive to Chicago had to come down through Yuma to get there as the east west highway went through Yuma and here was the only bridge crossing the Colorado. This was in the years when there were no roads across the rockies. The tour was interesting but we found the woman doing the tour rather disjointed in her presentation, she would start telling us about something then get sidetracked and sometimes go on just a bit too long. I think this is something new for her so hopefully she will get her presentation down a bit more pat as there is a lot of interesting history. There are apparently a number of haunted homes and old buildings in the old section but we didn’t see anything resembling a ghost on our tour.

On the way home we stopped at Applebee’s for a light snack, now it is time for a cuppa Sleepy Time Tea then off to bed, and so ends another wonderful day in our life of retirement.

Wednesday - January 9, 2008

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, we could handle this type of weather every day, and never complain. This morning I went down for the water aerobics and it is getting busier, there is not enough room for every body to do the exercises which require holding onto the side of the pool so some people were in the middle doing them, I have a balance problem so not having the side of the pool to hold onto could present some pretty interesting problems for me!

This afternoon I sat out and read for a while then went for another lymph drainage massage that left me feeling wonderful. I was really pleased with the results of the last massage so thought another one would only make my arm better, so here’s hoping!

This afternoon we got a neighbour, we have not had anone on our curbside since we got here so knew sooner or later we would get someone there and today was the day. I haven’t had a chance to do more than say hello as I didn’t want to bother them when they were setting up, maybe tomorrow we will get a chance to chat.

Wow, another day is gone and we haven’t done an awful lot – guess this is what retirement is all about. Can’t wait for another great day tomorrow.

Tuesday -January 8, 2008

Today was another nice day but the wind was out of the north so it was a bit cool, but who’s complaining!! Not me!

We had our golf scramble today and as usual had a good time with some good shots, some bad shots and even a couple of really bad shots as well as a couple of really good shots!! I guess that is what it is all about.

On the way home we stopped for propane then when we got back John washed the truck – which was badly needed. By the time he got done I was ready to do laundry, so that is another dirty job done.

I was reading another blog this morning where she said about defrosting the fridge and I just said to John thankfully that is one job we don’t have to contend with. We have an apartment sized fridge in our RV which runs on electric only but with our solar system this is not a problem. On the 14 hour boat crossing from Newfoundland this past September we put the fridge on Vacation Mode and when we landed and got into the RV park in Nova Scotia everything was still frozen in the freezer and cold in the fridge, what more could we ask for! We have to give a big hand to Andy at Can-Am RV for trying out new things and proving they work. So far the only problem we have encountered is the bracket suspending the cheese compartment broke so we now have the compartment sitting on the shelf rather than suspended – big deal!!

Well, tis the end to another nice day here in the south. We are just watching the news and although it is warm in Canada now they are calling for more really cold weather so we are happy to be enjoying the weather here and not having to put up with the freeze, warm at home.

Monday -January 7, 2008

Sometime during the night, probably around 4 a.m, the wind picked up and it actually rained for a couple of minutes. The curbside awning did a fair bit of moving around but not enough for me to wake up John to go out and put it up. He was up about 1:30 with an upset stomach and took a gravol so when it got windy etc. he was out like a light. Meanwhile I woke up at 1:30 when he got up and was still awake at 4, somehow that isn’t fair.

This morning was overcast and cool and I didn’t get up too early because of not sleeping well so didn’t go for exercises. I did some cleaning this morning then this afternoon we decided to go out for a bit. We haven’t been to Mervyn’s so decided to check it out, it is another store like Sears, J. C. Penney etc. has everything from soup to nuts. I didn’t get anything but John finally found a new pair of pants so he was happy. We also stopped at Albertson’s and Wal Mart as well as checking to see if our new coffee maker was in at Lowe’s – not until Thursday.

The sky was really pretty when we were out today, beautiful shades of blue but there was no place to stop and get a good picture – grrrr!’’

Today we got our first electric bill - $25.20 for 40 days at $0.18/kw hr. and there was no tax, gotta love it!

And so ends another day in the sunny south, tonight is relaxing with a book and TV.

Sunday - January 6, 2008

Today was mostly sunny and the temperature was in the high 60’s so it was quite pleasant.

We went golfing this afternoon and again it was fairly busy but not as slow as last week. After golf we decided to go to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner as someone had told Dave it was good, bad move on our part. John, Dave and I had ribs and they were okay but Texas Roadhouse is better and our rice was barely warm. Dave and I ordered cesear salad as one of our sides and they were out – at 6 p.m.!! Janet sent her chicken back as she said it tasted off and her veggies were cold. We heard people all around us complaining about cold food and slow service and yes our service was slow but we didn’t complain as we have no trouble talking while we wait and as I said, hey we’re retired – what’s the hurry! Anyways, it’s another restaurant we won’t bother going back to.

Now I have a question for all you RV’ers out there. In this little house on wheels we are having a difference of opinion on how to manage the hot water, I say turn it on in the morning and leave it on until bedtime, that way it only has to totally heat up once. John thinks it should go on in the morning and then as soon as showers and dishes are over he turns it off, then it goes on at dinnertime in time to do dishes then off again. On days like today when we are out for dinner so are not home to warm it up to do dinner dishes, washing up before going to bed can be a chilly experience!! I’m not sure that one method is more efficient than the other (and that is what this is all about) so wonder if anyone can tell me if one way is more efficient. Any replies I get I will post on my blog so others can see what the different opinions on this are, in case someone else is interested.

Enough for today, we are looking forward to another great day tomorrow.