Sunday - October 19, 2008

It has been a while since I've blogged but we have had a busy time with lots going on. My brother and Ian arrived from Australia, via 4 days in Los Angeles, and we had a great visit and a very busy week. We picked them up on Sept. 30th at Pearson Airport in Toronto and went to Kitchener where my sister-in-law Carol had prepared a wonderful turkey dinner for us, my sister Pat and niece Serita, as well as our son and daughter-in-law were also there for dinner so we had a great family reunion.

On Wednesday we brought them up to Kincardine and of course the weather was cool and wet, much to their disgust as they feel the cold - oh well, can't change the weather! On the way up we stopped at a farm market outside of Kitchener and Ian was amazed by all the pumpkins, he also wanted to buy apple jelly as when he was a kid he read books that talked about peanut butter and apple jelly sandwiches so he wanted a jar to take home and try a sandwich (he says they are soooooo gooooood!).

On Thursday we took them up to Lions Head in the Bruce Peninsula as my brother had never been there and we think the Peninsula is a beautiful place. The weather was wet and cold but fortunately by the time we got to Lions Head the sun came out and it was beautiful. From there we went back to Bryan & Carol's cottage at Sauble Beach and Carol had cooked another wonderful dinner for us.

Lions Head Bluff

On the Friday Carol & Bryan met us in Kincardine and we all headed to Sarnia for the interment of mom and dad's ashes. It was a beautiful day and we left early enough that we could give Art and Ian a bit of a tour around Sarnia before we had to be at the cemetery. Everyone enjoyed the tour and Bryan and Carol learned a lot about our family's life in Sarnia (there is 18 years between Art and Bryan and Bryan was quite young when my parents moved from Sarnia to Welland). On the Saturday we had a memorial service for Mom in Brantford and then my sister had all the family back to her house, including cousins who were at the service. We had a wonderful family get together and it is always fun to see cousins we haven't seen in a long time.

On Sunday Pat, Serita and Bryan went to Niagara Falls with us as that was the one place Ian wanted to go. Our first destination was Niagara on the Lake but it was a total zoo so we just did a drive through. We stopped at all the major attractions between Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls then when we got to the falls Bryan, Art, Ian and John went on the Maid of the Mist as none of them had done it before. I didn't want to do it as I was afraid of slipping and doing something to my hip so Pat and Serita stayed with me just enjoying the falls as they have been on the Maid of the Mist many times. The guys really enjoyed it and probably got lots of good pictures.

Looking Back Towards Niagara on the Lake

Looking Across the Niagara River

Floral Clock

Whirlpool & Cable Car

Maid of the Mist

Falls and a Beautiful Rainbow

American Falls

After the falls we stopped at the Botanical Gardens but didn't have a lot of time there as they were just getting ready to close but as usual we did enjoy the gardens and beautiful flowers. Here are a couple of pictures I took in there:

On the Monday we did nothing but enjoyed the lovely weather then Tuesday it was time to take them to the airport for their longggggg flight home. We had a great visit and it is always so hard to say goodbye as we don't know when we will see them again.

Now it is time to start getting ready to close up the cottage and move back into the Airstream, so that was our chore for the next week. On Thanksgiving weekend our daughter Kel, her husband Tim and granddaughter Cara came on Saturday for the weekend but they had their tent trailer so weren't staying with us. Kel helped me move all the canned goods etc. up to the trailer as I am not able yet to lift heavy stuff or bend over to get into bottom cupboards so I sure appreciated her help as it was one less thing for John to have to do.

On Saturday night I cooked dinner and friends of ours, Mike & Margie, were also at the park for the weekend so we invited them for dinner so there were 7 of us. On Sunday Kel and Tim cooked dinner and invited Mike & Margie for dinner again and John's brother and sister-in-law stopped by about 5 so we asked them to stay for dinner so there was 9 of us Sunday night, thank goodness for the "cottage". It was a fun weekend and we really enjoyed it.

On Monday John moved the Airstream onto a site in the park and we moved in so we could turn off the furnace in the cottage and get it cooled down and ready for winterizing. We did one last load of laundry in our washing machine in the cottage and got it hung out and dried - now I am back to laundromats - sure will miss my washer and clothes line!!

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Green Acres, Kincardine and moved to Green Acres in Waterloo where we will stay until Nov. 12th at which time we are planning on heading south. We have come to Waterloo for the last couple of years so I could spend some time with my mom before heading south, so it is sad not to be able to go and visit her now but there is lots to do here so we won't be bored. Guess next year we will have to rethink our fall plans.

I will try to do one more post between now and heading south, just hope the weather doesn't get too cold between now and then.