Saturday – January 13 – Today was way too COLD – even though it was sunny the high was only 50!! I did some cleaning then this afternoon we went out shopping for a bit – a truly exciting day! I want to try making Margaritas but to me they seem like a hot weather drink – hopefully it will warm up enough to try them in the next few days!

Friday – January 12 – Wow, what a lazy day. It was cool and windy when we woke up so I didn’t go for exercises, then didn’t like myself afterwards! This morning I ordered some cheques and booked a golf game at Coyote Wash in Welton for Monday and this afternoon I did a load of washing, that was it for being productive for the day.

John picked up a couple of Trailer Life Magazines at the Laundromat so we read them and just vegged, not an exciting day at all! There is a new Law & Order on in a bit so we will watch that.

Thursday – January 11 – Today was another beautiful day and a good day to go to Mexico. Talk about a busy place, they sure do have a lot of people going over every day. We had to wait 2 hours in line to get back, actually John and Dave stood in line and Janet and I joined a lot of other people sitting on the curb waiting till they got even with us then we got in line with them. I got my Kahlua for $8.50 for a litre – can’t go wrong at that price. I also bought a 375 ml bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila for $2 and a bottle of Margarita Mix so will try making Margaritas. Janet, Dave and I all bought glasses so we go back next Wednesday or Thursday to pick them up.

We came back and went to Applebees for dinner then had a cup of tea back at Janet & Dave’s before coming home. It has been a long day, I am sure I will sleep well tonight!

The weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse and get colder over night along with wind, somehow I don’t think tomorrow will be a pool day!

Wednesday – January 10 – Today has been overcast and cooler. I really debated about going for water aerobics as it was only about 50 at 9:15 but decided I didn’t want to look like a wuss so I got up my nerve and went. I thought it would be a much smaller group this morning because of the weather – WRONG – there were 25 of us there, guess everyone decided not to look wussy. The water is really nice and warm so it is actually quite nice, it is just the thought of it when it is so cool.

This afternoon I went over to the plaza and got my pedis cured – a much needed job done as I haven’t had them done since Waterloo! After that I went to the grocery store to check out this week’s specials and pick up a few things. A case of water was $2.99 so I got one and will have to get another one before next Monday, eggs were $1/dozen and butter was $2/lb. Sure can’t find those prices at home!! I also got a dozen Buds for $7.99, don’t know how great a deal that was but I think a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade which I bought for $5.99 was a good deal. Anyways, that has been my excitement for the day, we are still waiting for our cleaner for the trailer to come – it will probably come tomorrow when we aren’t here!

We hear there was snow in Ontario today, sorry we are missing it, and the weather in the west is unspeakable, sure am glad that we are fortunate enough to be here and enjoying this nice weather. Even though I appear to complain about it when it is cool, I still realize that it is better than at home and am thankful that we can enjoy it.

Tuesday – January 9 – Today was another nice day weather wise and a great day for golfing. There were 30 golfers today and the way they do it is you draw a card and then play with the person who has the other card of the same colour & number. I drew the 2 of diamonds so my partner was Bill who drew the 2 of hearts and we played with the two women who drew the black twos. It was a lot of fun and cheap - $10 each for 9 holes!

In my foursome 3 of us were Canadians and in John’s they were all Canadians. John’s partner was from Fonthill, but most of the other Canadians are from B.C., Alberta or Saskatchewan. For them to come down here is about the same distance as for us to go to Florida but you don’t see a lot from Ontario here as it is so far. We came back and I got the laundry done and the couple behind us, who had told us about the golf, asked us over for a drink. All in all, it has been a nice day.

Monday – January 8 – Another nice day and while I was at water aerobics this morning the people next door came over and apologized for parking in our spot.

There were 23 at water aerobics this morning so a full pool – Betty gave us a good workout and I always feel better after doing them. This afternoon we went out shopping for a bit – nothing too exciting.

Sunday – January 7 – Today was the same weather as yesterday, nice but a cool wind. We met Janet and Dave at the market this afternoon and spent a couple of hours wandering around there, then went back to their place for dinner. We had salmon, chicken, sweet potatoes, salad and veggie – yummy, also lemon pie for desert.

We have been lucky in that there has been no one on our curb side since we got here, but when we got back tonight we found we now have a neighbour and he had parked his truck in our spot. Fortunately it wasn’t late so John went and asked him to move his truck and he was quite indignant as he wanted to park on our side and argued that that was his parking spot. I imagine he will be off to the office first thing in the morning to complain and they can explain to him that you always park your vehicle on the curb side, which only makes sense, but maybe this guy hasn’t done too much camping! Even worse, he is Canadian (but from Manitoba so maybe they don’t park the same way there!).