Friday – December 1 – Today was sunny but much cooler, it didn’t get much above 60 but was nice in the sun. I did some laundry and John did some odd jobs. We have been getting quite fed up with the dinette table being unsteady so today John nailed it down so that is rock solid. I did laundry and a few other things, but mainly it was a quiet day. John went out and got propane and diesel so we are set to go tomorrow.

Thursday – November 30 – Wow, what a difference an hour makes – at 9:15 this morning it was sunny and 78 and by 10:00 it was totally overcast, extremely windy and 43 degrees!!! Sure don’t like this change, but on the other hand in looking at the weather channel they have snow in Dallas/Fort Worth so guess we should be thankful we don’t have that. Tonight it is to go down below freezing so guess we will pull the hose for the night. We were sure glad we did the National Seashore yesterday as we wouldn’t be doing it today.

We didn’t do a lot today, did some cleaning, reading, went to the Post Office and got some stamps, then Wal Mart and HEB for a couple of groceries. Tonight we went to Catfish Charlie’s for dinner - it was good, we had the combo with shrimp, catfish and oysters as well as a bowl of seafood gumbo.

Wednesday – November 29 – I was awakened this morning at 4:28 a.m., the people beside us were leaving and it was their diesel pusher firing up that woke me up. Then when they put it in reverse it made a lot of weird, loud, squealing noises – needless to say I WAS NOT IMPRESSED!!!

Today was another nice day and we enjoyed it as there is supposed to be a cold front come through tonight and be the end of the nice weather for a bit. We went out to the National Seashore today and went to the Visitor’s Centre, then went for a long walk along the beach. The water was still rough, we sure didn’t want to try it out for a swim but it was plenty warm for walking along the edge. We saw a lot of dead Portuguese Men of War washed up, that was enough to tell me that I really didn’t want swim there anyways!

The woman at the Visitor’s Centre was saying that the sea turtles here are Kemp’s Ridley, and here, at Padre National Seashore, when the mother lays her eggs they immediately gather them up and send them to a fish hatchery till they hatch. They then have a hatchling release, the turtles go into the ocean then they hope that they come back to lay their eggs. She said they lay their eggs around Easter, and it doesn’t matter when Easter is, that is when they lay their eggs. In 2004 there were 42 nests, 3,759 eggs and 3,298 hatchlings released. She also said that they have found that when the eggs are incubated, if they keep the heat up there are more female hatchlings than males. All in all, it was very interesting.

After that we went back to a couple of malls and I finally found a duvet cover and a couple of cushions, then returned a throw I had bought yesterday.

Tonight a couple from Perth came in beside us, we will have to ask them if they know the Millers.

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Tuesday – November 28 – Another hot, sunny day. We didn’t do much this morning then this afternoon we decided to do some shopping.

I am trying to find a new duvet cover, you wouldn’t think it would be a big problem but I am having trouble finding much of a selection to choose from. I did find one I kind of liked but John didn’t like it so I decided to keep looking. We did manage to get a new battery for the cell phone, that was the major purchase of the day. Real exciting!!

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Monday – November 27 – Happy Birthday to my sister Pat. Hope you had a good day!

I also enjoyed getting a nice long e-mail from Art, my brother in Australia.

Today was another nice day here, warm but cloudy most of the day. I spent a large part of the morning on the phone with Bell Canada – man do those people ever know how to pi—off a customer. The first person I talked to wouldn’t talk to me without my account number, I explained I was in a RV park in Corpus Christi, on a pay phone, but she wouldn’t give me the time of day (I wasn't about to waste my cell phone minutes trying to talk to them when I can call for free from a pay phone). Back to the trailer to get the account number then start over, this time the girl could care less about an account number!!! I still am not sure I have everything straightened out with them, time will tell. One thing we do know, we will do anything in our power to never have to deal with Bell Canada again!!

We decided to head out and see what Padre Island is all about – we drove over to the island then drove to Port Aransas and looped around back to Corpus Christi.

A blogger friend, Sandra and her husband Gordon are staying at Mustang State Park on the island, so we stopped by but they were out. It turns out we were in the same park in Lindsay in August but didn’t know it until after we left, don’t know if we are ever destined to actually meet.

When we got back to Corpus Christi we took Shoreline Drive and wow, were there some beautiful homes along there. We stopped at H.E.B. (a grocery store) and Wal Mart on the way back and by the time we got back the day was gone. It was still nice enough to sit out and enjoy a beer before starting dinner.

Sunday – November 26 – Today was another lovely day, hot and sunny. We decided to spend the day relaxing so I did some laundry and tidied up a bit then read. John finally got out his summer shirts and shorts and packed away his long sleeved shirts and warmer pants, sorted out some files etc. - not a real exciting day but it was nice just to take it easy.

We had the left over chicken from Thanksgiving so it was even an easy dinner, can’t ask for much more for a day.

There is a small trailer behind us with a small shed and the fellow has an easy chair, a colour TV and lots of junk in the shed. He seems to spend a lot of time out there watching TV, guess there is always a way to get away on your own even while living in an RV!