Thursday - July 3, 2008

I didn't realize how long it has been since I put something on my blog - don't know where the time goes but also there isn't much to write about when you aren't on the road seeing and doing different things most days.

Here is a picture of our house in Beeton, we moved away 23 years ago and sold it for about $75,000 (we bought it for $43,000 in 1975) and it is now for sale again and I couldn't find the listing on the internet but I know from other listings I saw it would be listed for $300,000+, crazy!!!

My brother wanted me to post a picture of our new chairs so here they are!

The weather here has been very cool, I don't know if or when summer will arrive although surprisingly Lake Huron is very warm and there have been lots of people in swimming for the last month - go figure. We have been fortunate and haven't had a lot of rain but it sure would be nice if it would warm up and seem like summer.

Last Saturday our son, daughter-in-law and another couple came up for the weekend and fortunately the sun came out in the afternoon and it turned into a beautiful day. The guys were lucky and got a tee time on Saturday afternoon so the girls and I went into town and wandered the stores for a bit, I had seen a store selling gellato (Italian ice cream that is to die for) so we stopped and had a dish that was absolutely yummy!! On the way home we stopped and walked down to the beach and the water was really warm, unfortunately the girls hadn't brought their bathing suits or we would have come back and changed and gone for a swim.

They left on Sunday then on Monday my sister and niece came for a couple of days so we had a good visit. We didn't do anything too exciting but on Tuesday night (Canada Day) my sister treated us to dinner at the Erie Belle then we went down and sat on the beach afterwards to wait for the fireworks. They set them off of the pier and out over the water and they were awesome. Guess who forgot their camera so no pictures!

Yesterday we went to a little town about 10 miles from here where a Mennonite family has a house full of anything and everything imagineable, plus they sell fruits and veggies so I thought my sister would get a kick out of looking around the place so it was a good time to go and pick up some veggies and give her a chance to browse through the house. Another friend went with us and I had an acupuncture appointment so they checked out the stores while I was having that then we went to Tim's for coffee and Sobey's for a couple of groceries.

John has been busy around here, our property is low so our parking spot was a mud hole and we couldn't park here in the spring or we would get stuck so he has built up the parking spot and it is now nice and dry as you can see.

I went for a walk a while ago and took a few pictures, here is a picture looking down the road towards our place, but we are around the bend

John has started a railing around the deck and the first priority was to do the piece across the back so he could put up a piece of plexiglass for a wind break for the barbecue. We get a lot of wind out of the south and it makes it very hard to barbecue at times but now with the railing and a wind break it is much better. He has just come back from purchasing the lumber to build the rest of the railing, guess that will keep him out of trouble for a while!!

We bought this banner at the market in Yuma and everyone stops and comments on it. I suspect I will have people wanting me to bring them one back next year.