Saturday, May 8, 2010

I don’t know how many times I have been going to catch up and then start on something else and never get back to doing the catch-up – oh, such a busy life!

We spent three days in Sarnia after crossing the border and the time just flew by, sure don’t know where it goes. On the Wednesday night John’s brother and sister-in-law invited us for dinner so we had a great visit and a yummy dinner of grilled ribs that Doug did.

Looking Across the St. Clair River to Port Huron, MI

The Bluewater Bridge Between Sarnia, ON & Port Huron, MI

On Thursday we took the trailer to Can-Am in London, our Airstream dealer and had them do quotes on some work we want to have done. We arrived early on Thursday afternoon and got away again about 11 on Friday morning. We ran into a friend from Bobcaygeon who had his trailer in for some work so on Thursday night the three of us went to Swiss Chalet for dinner – sure beats cooking!

Friday was a gorgeous day so we got the trailer parked in a pull through site and started unloading it and getting stuff transferred to the cottage. Thankfully we got a lot done as Saturday and Sunday were not nice days, some rain and cooler.

Friends of ours took delivery of a new 5th wheel and truck in the last month so they arrived on Saturday to try RVing for the first time. They didn’t have great weather for their first time out but they did seem to enjoy it so we hope they have many happy miles and days of RVing. On Saturday night six of us went to the Erie Belle for dinner and then we came back to our place for a visit, a very nice evening and it was so nice to finally have GOOD fish and chips again!

A Wind Surfer in Kincardine

This week has been busy, Tuesday we were in Kitcener/Waterloo for the day and wouldn’t you know it, it was the nicest day this week!! Darn, as I am having trouble finding enough nice weather to get laundry done, I have a washing machine but hang the clothes out to dry. We stopped at our son’s and had a nice visit with him and our daughter-in-law and we are looking forward to seeing them again on Sunday.

Today is wicked – very RAINY, COLD and WINDY, sure hope it clears off later but I think it is to be cold and wet for a couple of days yet, not nice.

Tomorrow we are going to our daughter Nan’s for dinner and all of our children and most of the grandchildren will be there so we are looking forward to seeing them all again as it has been a long time. Our grand daughter is going to Leadership camp this weekend so she won’t be there, hopefully we will see her sometime soon.

We will stay overnight at Nan’s and then on Monday go to Kitchener from her place as we have a doctor’s appointment in the morning then are meeting friends for lunch.

I will sign off and this will be the end our winter journal. We really enjoyed our seven months of travel and were fortunate to see a lot of new territory and meet a lot of new friends as well as renew friendships with folks we haven’t seen in a while. We traveled 24,275 km (15,075 miles) and 13,170 of those kilometers (8,195 miles) were pulling the trailer, and we stayed in 34 different RV parks. Now we have the summer to plan our trip to Arizona next fall!