Saturday - July 14, 2007

Saturday – July 14 - We woke up to sun this morning and it stayed sunny until mid afternoon when it clouded over, but it hasn’t rained, so that is a bonus.

I did some laundry this morning then this afternoon we went into town and got some groceries, fuel, found a motel to get internet then drove down by the St. Lawrence and enjoyed the view across the river – actually it was a wonderful view of Montmorency Falls.

We are really impressed with the people here, everyone goes out of their way to try to speak English and we try to use our little bit of French. It was a riot at the grocery store with the check out clerk and I trying to get it straight that I wanted some cash back but we did get it straight. She called over a young fellow who spoke English and he had a lot of questions about where we lived etc. It is interesting here, the cost of fuel is the same at every gas station - $1.14/litre for gas and $1.039/litre for diesel, no bargains to be had anywhere!!

When we got back I went to download some pictures and lo and behold we had internet so I guess they have it working again. Hopefully I will be able to get today’s diary and a couple of pictures posted tonight. After dinner we sat out for quite a while but it finally got too damp so I had to come in and do dishes – what a bummer. They are calling for rain tomorrow so John got us all hooked up and ready to go in the morning so if it is raining it won’t be much to do to get on the road.

Friday - July 13, 2007

Today was funny weather wise, it was sunny when we got up then it rained for a bit before we left the park and rained for about the first half hour then the sun came out and it was mainly sunny all the way to Levis. We got here about 2 and within an hour it was overcast and had started to rain again and is suddenly quite windy.

We got here and found out their internet isn’t working – grrrr, she said they are trying to get it going but have been having a lot of problems with it. Hopefully they will get it going as it appears that there is no one around us with an internet dish.

Tonight we went out and had a pizza for dinner, we haven’t been out for pizza since before Christmas at Casa Grande so decided it was time. It was a very busy restaurant but we only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table and the pizza was very good. We came back and went for a walk around but had to cut it short as it started to rain.

Thursday - July 12, 2007

Today our oldest grandson is 19 – Happy Birthday Kevin! It was a nice day today, sunny with some clouds and not too hot. Taking the lesser highways is certainly slower than the 401 etc. but much nicer and more relaxing. We enjoyed the drive from Marmora and saw lots of places where we have never been before, we are now at Alfred, which is on Hwy.17, about 20 km west of Hawkesville, where we will cross over into Quebec.

We are at Evergreen Camping which is much nicer than last night and cheaper, I really think KOA’s are way over priced! (Have I mentioned that before!). All the trailers here are quite new and very nicely set up, most of the permanent ones have nice add-a-rooms and they are all very well kept. There is no wi-fi here so I won’t be able to post this until tomorrow as I know the park we are going to has internet.

Wednesday, - July 11, 2007

Well, here we are, on the road again! We got away from Green Acres about 9:30 and had good weather, some sun and some cloud but no rain, so we were happy. We called Kel on the way through Port Perry but there was no place to park and meet her for lunch so we kept going and then found a school at the turn from Hwy. 35 to 7A so pulled in there and had lunch.

We decided to stop in Marmora as the KOA advertised pull thrus that we could fit in without having to unhook. We take up the whole site and we really do dislike these old KOA’s, you pay top dollar for so so facilities and sites, but sometimes they are the only place to stop. They didn’t advertise WiFi but I did get hooked on so that is one bonus, I can at least get this posted today. If we didn’t stop here it would be about another 2 hours before we could find another park with long enough sites so decided to call it a day early. We have reservations in Levis for Friday and Saturday nights so we will have a couple of easy days to get there.