Saturday – September 16 – This morning was completely overcast and cloudy so again we decided not to try Mt. Washington. Instead we went to The Flume at Franconia State Park and really enjoyed it and bonus – the sun came out and the sky cleared off when we got there. It is a 2 mile walk to tour the whole area with lots of ups and downs and lots of stairs so good exercise.

The Flume Gorge is a natural gorge extending 800’ at the base of Mt. Liberty. The walls rise to a height of 70 – 90’ and vary in width from 12 – 20’. There is a boardwalk through the gorge and it was very pretty with lots of little waterfalls and water tumbling over the rocks. We also walked across the Sentinel Pine Bridge which is a covered bridge sitting on a giant pine whose trunk bridges the river. From the bridge you can see the Pool, which is 40’ deep and 150’ wide and is surrounded by cliffs 130’ high.

After that we drove back to Littleton and then on home, all in all a very nice day, The tops of the mountains were still shrouded when we came back but we are hoping that the weather forecast for tomorrow is right – hot and sunny. At least it has been warm the last few days even though overcast.
Friday – September 15 – Today was a so-so day, overcast in the morning then cloudy/sunny in the afternoon – not the day to do Mt. Washington. We drove a loop through the White Mountain National Park and stopped in North Conway for lunch and toured some shops but most everything was very expensive.

The countryside is beautiful and the trees are starting to turn so it is quite pretty. We spent most of the day touring and really enjoyed it.

Thanks to all who called and sent e-mails wishing me a happy birthday, it was good to hear from all of you. We had a nice lunch in North Conway but didn’t feel like going out for dinner and there isn’t much around here for restaurants, you have to drive a fair ways. We are saving ourselves for a good seafood dinner in Connecticut.
Thursday – September 14 – Well, the weather forecast was right for today, a cloudy, overcast day with occasional drizzle but no real rain

We left Levis and took Interstate 20 for a bit then took a secondary road to pick up Interstate 55 just north of Sherbrooke. It was a nice drive and pretty scenery. We got to Twin Mountain Motor Court and RV Park about 3:30 and it is quite a nice park with fairly level sites. The WiFi is pretty sporadic but I did manage to download my e-mail but am having problems after dinner trying to log on. Maybe if I wait a while I will have luck after everyone goes to bed.

Tomorrow is supposed to be overcast but nice for Saturday and Sunday, sure hope so as we want to do Mt. Washington but it has to be a nice day to make it worthwhile.
Wednesday – September 13 – Today was another nice sunny day. I did some laundry and cleaning this morning and John washed the truck (now we can be assured that it will rain as forecast!). We went for a bit of a drive, fueled up for tomorrow, then came back and John got us hooked up to leave in the morning (just in case it is raining in the morning) and I got as much road ready inside as I could.

We have been listening since early this afternoon to CBC about the shootings at Dawson College today in Montreal – it is really distressing to think that there are people out there who could do something like this. At this point we aren’t sure how many have been fatally wounded but it sounds like at least one – very sad and how traumatic for those there at the time!! You have to wonder what would possess people to do something like that.

We have really enjoyed Quebec and it is on our list for a return visit.
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Streets of Old Town Quebec Posted by Picasa
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Tuesday – September 12 – Today was another beautiful sunny day and warmer than yesterday so was a perfect day to go back over to Quebec. When we went into the office to get the ferry passes there was a couple from Maine there getting passes and it ended up we gave them a ride to the ferry as they have a Class C with no towed so it would have been expensive for them to go in and park (if there were even any large parking spots left).

We went to Nortre Dame Cathedral then to the American/French Museum (thanks Pat for mentioning it). We really enjoyed the museum and spent a long time there, then went back down to the lower old town and had a late lunch. We got the 4:00 ferry back, went to the grocery store then on home.

So far we are enjoying our trip and are having a wonderful time and are finding this is a good time to travel as it isn’t too busy. The park here is working on their WiFi, we thought we would be connected today but it is still not working so hopefully tomorrow. Tonight I could download e-mail but not send, but that is a start – enjoyed your e-mail Kel and glad Derrick is getting such glowing remarks from his teachers.
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Monday – September 11 – Today was a beautiful sunny day but cool, the temperature never got over 18 but as long as the sun is shining we don’t mind the cool.

We decided to drive north on the south shore and what a beautiful drive along the St. Lawrence River with the river on one side and rolling farm land on the other side. The trees are starting to change so there was also some pretty colours. We went through numerous quaint little towns with big beautiful churches in the middle of town and you could see the spires a couple of miles away. There were some beautiful homes but not the big splashy ones like outside of Ottawa, and again a lot of them had the tin rooves and almost all the houses have porches. We made many stops and really enjoyed the day and scenery.

We stopped in Montmagny for lunch and I again had French Onion Soup (so did John) – might as well enjoy it while we are here! We have found all the people very good and helpful and almost all of them are bilingual so have not run into any language problems. The fellow we had for our waiter at lunch today was fairly good in English and we tried some French so had no problem and I think he appreciated us trying to use some French. Yesterday John had Poutinne for lunch – it doesn’t appeal to me but he enjoyed it, but today a couple of men beside us had Poutinne and it looked better there than what John had yesterday.

We came back to Levis and visited the motel with internet and again I managed to get my e-mail and post my blog. They are working on the internet here, could we be so lucky as to have it by tomorrow? Once I get it in the trailer I will post some pictures but it takes too long when I am sitting in a motel parking lot!
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Sunday – September 10 – Today we woke up to bright sunshine but it was cold, only about 6. We left about 9 and it was up to 10 by then so we hoped it would warm up even more during the day, which it did a bit but never got really warm and by early afternoon there were lots of clouds again. At least there was no rain.

We got the 10 o’clock ferry over to Quebec and picked up a shuttle bus which took us to where our tour began. It was a good tour and we saw the highlights and learned a lot of history of Quebec. After the tour we went back to Chateau Frontenanc and wandered around and through it, then went back to the old city along the waterfront and walked around and stopped at an outdoor bistro for lunch, wandered through a couple of shops – very expensive and toured an old home which showed the furniture etc. of the 1700’s.

When we got back I did laundry, another one of those tasks which have to be done. It was $1.00 to wash and $0.25 for 5 minutes to dry and it took time to dry but was still a good deal.
Saturday – September 9 – Well, what a MISERABLE day this was. It started raining during the night and never let up till around 2:30 this afternoon – a good reading day.

We went out about 3 to see if we could find someplace with internet access, the woman at the office had given me an address for an internet café and when we found it what a dump! The windows were covered over and it was full of men and boys playing computer games, we went in and then back out real fast!! Here we were expecting a café like we found on Hatteras where we could have a coffee and use our computer, this one was sure not the place for that! We finally found a motel with WiFi and pulled in behind the office and spent a bit of time downloading the e-mail and doing my blog for the last 2 days. Heaven knows when I will get it done again!

We picked up a few groceries then came back and made dinner – tonight was an inside one, I made Roman Holiday and we have enough left over for another night. This evening will be another reading evening as with only two TV channels there probably isn’t a lot to watch. Just hope that tomorrow is nice for our tour of the old city.