We Have Arrived!

We arrived in Yuma yesterday afternoon around 2 pm.  The drive from Flagstaff to Yuma was good but the most traffic we hit this trip was on the 101 around Phoenix,  and even that wasn't too bad.

When we got here John wanted to do a regeneration cycle on the water softener, about a two hour process, so while that was going we went to Time Warner to get the Internet modem, then picked up some groceries.  When we got back we started unpacking, I got about two thirds done and called it quits.  We did a Walmart pizza for dinner and then called it an early evening.

Today we finished the unpacking and John spent most of the day cleaning up outside while I cleaned inside and did laundry.  We are getting there but there is still more to do.

Yesterday when we arrived Bob & Sharon came out to welcome us back, then today we chatted with our next door neighbours Ann & David.  I also had a nice phone chat with Diane, so we are slowly touching base with friends and neighbours.

Tomorrow is more cleaning and grocery shopping as yesterday I only got enough groceries to do us til tomorrow.  I also need to go to the Yuma market in the next day or two to pick up a few things.

It is so nice to be back and the weather is wonderful, what a pleasure to sit outside and have a before  dinner drink, even though it's dark!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Monday, Nov 18/13

Well, another day's drive done, and hopefully tomorrow won't be a really long drive to Yuma.  We have been surprised at how good the roads have been and today was another day of fairly light traffic.  Albuquerque was a breeze and Flagstaff was a bit busy but not too bad.

When we left the hotel at 7:30 this morning the temperature was 2C (34F), quite chilly.  It was mainly cloudy today so no sun problems until late afternoon when the sky cleared.  The high temperature today was 15C (69F), much cooler than yesterday, but pleasant for driving.

We stopped at Camping World in Albuquerque and  got a new GPS, it's a Good Sam one and specializes in travelling with a RV.  I was entertained all afternoon playing with it and think I'm really going to like it.  It also has free map updates for it's lifetime so that is a bonus.

We are at the Drury Inn in Flagstaff, it is supposed to go down to 24F tonight so the bag with freezeables  got brought into the hotel tonight.  Tomorrow we should hit some nice warm temperatures.

There probably won't be an entry tomorrow night as we probably won't get the Internet until Wednesday.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Sunday, Nov. 17/13

Today was another long day on the road and we are now in Amarillo TX.  The traffic was very light and Tulsa and Oklahoma cities were a breeze.  There were a fair number of construction zones but no problem as there was no work happening today.

The weather today was wonderful, a sunny day with temperatures in the 20-22C (70-74F) range, sure can't complain about that.  We were thinking that a couple of weeks ago it would have been a pretty drive with all the leaves changing colour.  So far the drive has been pretty boring as it has been flat land for three days, but tomorrow will be more scenic when we get into New Mexico.

We stopped at a MacD's for lunch and were saddened to hear about the tornados through Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.  Thankfully we had cleared that area yesterday but our hearts go out to those affected.

We had an e-mail earlier this month listing US businesses that give Senior's discounts but you have to ask for the discount. MacDonald's has a seniors small coffee, the regular rate is $1.00 so in Indiana the senior's rate was $0.55, in Missouri it was $0.52, in  Oklahoma it was $0.35 and in Texas $0.25, a great deal but funny that each place is a different price.  The small is probably equal to a Tim's medium in size and MacD's coffee is really good, we actually prefer it to Tim's.

We are hoping to get to Flagstaff AZ tomorrow, a long drive  but we do gain an hour when we get into New Mexico.  I am quite tired tonight so will hit the hay early as I want to be up by six so we can be on the road by 7:30.  Yes, me up at 6 am, sure won't be happening once we get to Yuma!!

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Saturday, Nov 16/13

Our second driving day is done and we are now at the  Drury Inn in Joplin, MO.

When we left Indy this morning it was 9C (48F) and very damp feeling.  It was over cast until well west of St. Louis and we hit a bit of rain about 100 miles east of Springfield, then the sun came out and it was lovely.  The high today was 19C (68F), sure do love seeing temperatures like that!  The traffic was good and there were no construction hang ups today.

John forgot to put a razor in his travel case so we stopped at a Walmart to get razors and I got a new atlas, the one we had was falling apart so it was time to replace it.  A couple of fuel stops, a lunch stop and stops at rest areas were our only other stops.  Diesel in Indiana and Illinois is very pricey so we stopped in Illinois and got 10 gallons to get us into Missouri, we paid $3.859/gal. there, then filled up in Missouri at $3.499, now that is one heck of a difference!

There was a sunset tonight but certainly not as spectacular as last night.  I took a few pictures with my phone today so will see if I can post them into my blog.

We arrived in Joplin around 5 pm so had time to clean up before going down for kick back.  Tonight's menu was the usual snacks and salad, then chilli, hot dogs, mac and cheese and baked potatoes.  We sat between a couple from Iowa heading for Texas and a couple heading home to St. Louis, so had nice conversations with all of them. Now it is time to relax for the evening.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Check Out Our European River Cruise

Last June/July John and I did a 14 day River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. We also spent three days in Prague prior to the cruise and four days in Paris, after the cruise, a dream trip come true. I did a blog using Word Press and if you are interested in checking out this fabulous trip go to:



Trip to Yuma - November 15,2013

Friday, November 15/13

Well, we are on the road again, but without the trailer, we do miss it but the driving is a bit easier, and quicker, without it.

We got off to a late start this morning as John had to take the truck into the garage before we left. Yesterday while loading all our stuff into the truck he noticed a wet spot underneath, not nice! He immediately took it to the garage where he gets repairs done and they were busy but told him if he was there at 7:30 this morning they would take a look at it. Needless to say he was there at 7:30 and fortunately all that was wrong was a hose clamp somewhere had come loose and fluids were slowly leaking out. An easy fix, whew!

By the time he got back and we loaded the few remaining things it was after 9:30 before we got away. The weather was good and the traffic wasn't bad. When we got to the Bluewater Bridge it looked like it might be slow but it wasn't too bad at all, the slowest was waiting to pay the toll, the US Customs guy was nice, seems he knows the area and asked if we went to San Luis, Mexico to shop so we told him the go to place was Algadones.

Alice, our GPS, behaved very badly today, all the way from London to Sarnia she tried to reroute us to the 401, then at Sarnia, just at the bridge, she finally got with the program then once out of Port Huron she again tried to reroute us to Detroit. She played games like that all the way here, fortunately I knew how we wanted to go so just ignored her. Think it is time to replace her.

The sunset tonight was absolutely spectacular, it's been a long time since we've seen such a nice one. Unfortunately the pictures are on my camera so I can't include any.

The drive was great till about 15 miles before we picked up the 425 around Indianapolis, then we hit construction and it took us about 45 minutes to go those 15 miles, ho hum!. We got to the Drury Inn 15 minutes before kick back ended so checked in then dashed off to get dinner and drinks.

When we checked in they didn't have any rooms at the coupon rate of $79.99 left but with the Seniors discount we got a room for $84.00, so we were okay with that. When we finally got to our room after eating we walked in and it reeked of smoke, so off to reception I went and asked for a smoke free room. The gal on reception said all rooms are supposed to be smoke free so she moved us to another room and said she would be giving us a $20 discount for the inconvenience. How's that for service!!

It's Blue Bloods tonight so we will watch that then I know I will be ready to crash.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Many More Fun Days

I guess it’s time for another catch up but I am having trouble trying to remember what all we did.

A week ago yesterday we went to the Quechin Casino for brunch with Ginny and Gil, we had the special of the day that was very good and only $4.99, you sure can’t beat that price. After that we went to the indoor market and spent a while there, then a stop at Walmart then came back here and Ginny made fajitas for dinner.

Tuesday Ginny & Gil had to go to Mexico so we went with them, then came back and Ginny and I browsed Kirkland’s while the guys went to the sports store, after which we went to the Olive Garden for lunch – sure do like their soup and salad special. After that we went out to the Kofa Wildlife Centre and spent some time at the visitor’s centre then drove around for a bit.

Wednesday we had friends, who we met in this park but they are now in another park, over for a visit. There were four of them and we had a great visit and really enjoyed it.

Thursday we did a farm tour near El Centro at the University of California Desert Research Extension Center. The tour started at 9:30 a.m. with coffee and popcorn and then Nancy, one of their many volunteers, gave a brief talk on what we would be doing for the day and about the Research Centre. We were then divided into two groups and our group got on hay wagons for a tour of the farm – very interesting. We stopped a few times and our hostess for this tour told us about the crops, harvesting, what research they were doing etc. At one point we stopped and those who wanted to could try siphoning water out of the irrigation system manually. When we got on the wagon we were given a bottle of water and a huge orange bag and the tour ended at a large crop area where we could pick as much as we wanted to take home. There was romaine and iceberg lettuce, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, daicon radishes, plus more that I can’t remember.

When we came back from the wagon tour they served lunch, salad with any kind of toppings that you could image, the plates were huge and it was delicious. During lunch we were entertained by Nancy and her husband playing the mandolin and singing, and a lot of the songs they had written themselves.

After lunch our group went into a large hall where Nancy made a presentation on the research centre and the top 10 crops in California, with the number one crop being cattle. It was an interesting presentation and we also learned what some of the crops they are growing here in Yuma are, there is one that is quite a deep red and we couldn’t figure out what it was, it turns out it is Spring Mix. There were videos showing how some of the crops are picked and packed right in the fields, wow what an interesting presentation.

We then returned to the main area where we were treated to ice cream, served in mugs that turn different colours from the cold of the ice cream, (we got to keep the mugs), and a variety of toppings for our ice cream. There were lots of door prizes given out but unfortunately we didn’t win one, and that was the end of the tour.

Pictures from the Farm Tour

We then went into El Centro to Walmart as the California wine is cheaper there than here in Yuma. It was about 7 when we got back to Yuma so we went to DaBoyz for pizza, a good end to a great day.

Friday we did happy hour here with Gail and Don, Gil and Ginny and Sharon and Bob, time to introduce our friends to each other.

Saturday we went to the Palms RV Resort, they had a Harley Show and open house with $5 burgers and free beer. There was a huge crowd there and they had two bands playing, unfortunately the music was so loud it was hard to talk as both John and I have a very difficult time hearing people when there is loud music. We went with Ginny and Gil and met another couple there that they know from Washago, Ontario. There were a lot people dancing by the pool and one couple fell in – oh, oh not fun. There were a lot of gorgeous bikes on display, it was fun looking at them and seeing all the different ones.

Yuma Palms Afternoon

Yesterday morning John took Ginny and Gil over to the Fry’s plaza to catch a bus for their three day trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. They asked John and I if we want to go but we did the same trip about six years ago so passed this time. John and I went out in the afternoon and did a bit of shopping and then last night we enjoyed the finale of Downtown Abbey, what a bummer it is that we now have to wait until next January for season 4.

Today is a quiet, get caught up day and I am enjoying it. We are looking forward to our friends from B.C. arriving next Sunday and my sister’s visit in March. The time is just flying by and unfortunately it will be time to head home before we know it!

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to more great days ahead.

Catching Up

I guess it’s time for another update. I can’t believe we’ve been here for over a month already – where does the time go! I’m sure glad we aren’t in Ontario today with the snowstorm they are getting, Nancy, Kelly & Pat have all sent me pictures and it looks pretty but not where I want to be!

Last Thursday we went to Castle Dome and the old mining town and even though we have already been there three or four times before we still enjoyed it and they have a lot of new displays since we were last there. We packed a lunch so ate lunch when we got there then toured the town. Carol and I lucked out when we were in the hotel as the upstairs is not open to the public but Allen, the owner, was there and invited us to see the upstairs. There were two lovely bedrooms and a balcony with an absolutely beautiful view of Castle Dome, what luck to see it. In another new building we met one of the hosts and he was very interesting to talk to and told us some of the history of the town. We came home and then Bryan and Carol treated us to dinner at Red Lobster – yummy.

McPhaul Bridge


Castle Dome Village

On Friday our friends Ginny and Gil arrived and are staying here in the park for the month of February. It’s funny as it was through Carol that we met Ginny and Gil as Carol and Ginny worked together at the K/W Public Health. Friday night we had G & G down for dinner and had a great evening chatting, we were going to play Mexican Train but were so busy talking that we never got around to a game.

Friday morning we went out shopping for a washer and ended up buying one at Sears with delivery for Monday afternoon, not what I really wanted to buy but the old one was done in and being about 14 years old and the most basic of models it wasn’t worth trying to get it fixed. John got up and had headed to the Laundromat about 7 on Friday morning to get the washing done then brought it home to dry.

Saturday morning when I got up Carol said the Keurig coffee maker wouldn’t turn on, what’s with all these electrical problems! Long story short we had to get another one as we had been having a few problems with the Keurig prior to that. So Saturday we went coffee maker shopping and Bryan wanted to shop for a camera so we ended up with a new Keurig and Bryan got his camera. Saturday night was burger night at the park so the six of us went for burgers then back to G & G’s for the evening – another evening of laughs and lies!!

Sunday we took Bryan & Carol to Martinez Lake and the KOFA Wildlife Reserve, another nice day of touring. While at the KOFA Visitor Centre John saw a really nice walking stick that he bought for $25. It was made in Waco Texas and is a Brazos walking stick with a gold Hame top. When he came home he checked it out on the internet and it lists for $72, so did he get a deal. He has had a few fellows stop him and ask him where he got it and they all said he got a heck of a deal.

Monday morning we had Bryan and Carol to the airport at 10:30 am for their flight home. We had a good time with them and enjoyed their visit. We came home and did some cleaning etc. while waiting for the new washing machine to be delivered. Wow, am I glad to have it and be able to do laundry again.

Tuesday we went to Mexico with G & G, John and I wanted to get new glasses and I had to get blood work done, so we got that looked after first thing as we had to wait 2 hours for the lab report and 3 hours for the glasses. We wandered around for a while then stopped for a Margarita and nachos. John passed on the Margarita as he was driving but Ginny, Gil and I enjoyed ours. After picking up our new glasses and lab report we headed back to Yuma and went to the Olive Garden for a late lunch/early dinner.

Wednesday was a quiet day, we went to Walmart to get groceries and did more laundry but that was about our excitement for the day.

Yesterday we went to the market with G & G and had fun wandering around and I really enjoyed spending the time shopping with a girl friend for a change. We went to the spaghetti dinner last night then came back here and finally got our game of Mexican Train in.

Today is another quiet day, just catching up on stuff. The weather continues to be beautiful but it is a bit cooler today, only in the high 60’s and supposed to stay in that range until about next Wednesday. With the sun it feels warm so we aren’t complaining!

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to more great days ahead.