Saturday - March 17 - We got away from Yuma about 10:30 this morning. Fortunately it was a bit overcast today as the temperature at one point during the trip hit 100 degrees - thank goodness for air conditioning!! We arrived at Benson about 3 and got set up for the night. It looked like it was going to rain when we arrived and was very windy but we got about 6 drops of rain and after a bit it cleared off. There was a lovely sunset tonight so we hope that means a nice day tomorrow.

The couple across the road from us are from Midland so we had a bit of a chat with them. He gave us a couple of good ideas for routes so think we will try them out. I picked up internet a couple of minutes ago and managed to pick up my e-mail, but don’t know if I will be able to get this posted.

Friday - March 16 - Today was another hot one, hopefully we will run into a bit cooler weather when we leave here. We spent the day getting road ready, getting the truck packed up, the trailer organized and doing laundry. We went out this afternoon and returned our internet modem, we sure will miss that. I seem to be logged onto someone’s internet connection here so hopefully I will get this posted, after tonight I will only be able to post my blog when I have a connection. Woops, I spoke too soon, I couldn’t get a connection so will try again, if I can’t get one this will have to wait till whenever.

We went down for our swim about 5 to cool off then came back and got ready to go out for dinner. When we got to Applebees there was an hour wait for a table so we did take out and came home and ate, it was still good and we didn’t have to cook!

Thursday - March 15 - The weather today was the same, at least it is very consistent. Today was a major cleaning day to get ready for the road, John cleaned the outside and I did a thorough job inside, the dust really likes to come in so hopefully I got most of it out today.

This afternoon we went to a RV store and got some light bulbs then on to the market to get gifts for our sons in-laws. We went down for our swim at 4:30 which was wonderful and cooled us down for the evening.

Jim and Sonia came over with a bottle of wine about 6, it was his home made Merlot and was excellent, we really enjoyed it. Needless to say we had a late dinner, John is now doing dishes while I get my blog done. It has cooled down nicely, this afternoon we had the air conditioning running but now it is very pleasant. At least it will be good for sleepingl

Wednesday - March 14 - The weather remains the same, we are just thankful that it cools down so nicely in the evening so that it is good for sleeping. This morning I went and got a pedicure, my feet feel real good now. With the dry heat here it is very hard on the hands and feet.

This afternoon we golfed with Janet & Dave, we didn’t go untill 4:30 so it wasn’t as hot as it would have been earlier in the day. After golf we went to Mr. Liu’s for Chinese buffet which was very good and very reasonable - $8.99 each. Janet & Dave leave for home tomorrow so it was goodbye until December. They are making a few stops on their way home so probably won’t be back to Qualicum Beach until the end of the month.

Tuesday - March 13 - The weather is the same, a real scorcher during the day but thank goodness it cools down at night. Today we turned on the a/c when we came back from golfing to cool down the trailer, it did a good job and we were cool again quite quickly.

It was very hot golfing and interestingly enough the scores reflected it. Usually, there are a couple of 27’s and 28’s for first, second and third place, today there was one 29 which got first, then five 30’s to putt off for second and third place. My partner and I were in the putt off but didn’t win, oh well, we still had fun. We stopped and got groceries on the way home then, when we got back, I laid down for ½ hour. We then we went down for a swim, all in all a nice day even though it was so hot.

Monday - March 12 - Wow, today was a real scorcher, at one point this afternoon the temperature on our thermometer was 103.2, we wanted warm but not this warm! It was another day of just trying to keep cool, John went and got his hair cut and picked up a couple of things at Lowes but other than that we didn’t do much.

We went down for our swim this afternoon and when we came back we had Jim and Sonia over for a drink. They were golfing today, they played 18 holes and said it was quite brutal, I don’t think I could have handled 18 holes in this heat.

Sunday - March 11 - Today was another very hot day, it is hard to get excited about doing anything when it is like this. The rest of North America went on daylight saving time today but Arizona doesn't do daylight saving so we are now 3 hours behind home - it sure makes it hard for calling.

I decided to reformat my Palm, John had said not to try to do it until I had lots of time and boy was he right, it sure took a long time and I still have a few applications to get back in. I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that we won on the draw again yesterday at the market, this time John won $100 off any ATV in stock, needless to say we didn’t claim our prize - sorry guys.

We went down for a swim about 4:45, we find that it is a good time to go as it keeps us cool for the rest of the day. Had quite a chat with a couple from Langley, B.C., they did Newfoundland two years ago so had lots of tips.