Saturday –November 25 – This morning was foggy again but it was clear by 10:00 so we weren’t so late getting on the road. As it turns out we weren’t too far out of Houston last night so it didn’t take long to get around the city, we were clear of it by 11. The traffic wasn’t too bad which was good and we arrived at the park in Corpus Christi about 3:30.

We are staying at a park called Colonial Del Rey for a week, the park is located on the mainland just before you cross over to Padre Island so tomorrow we will check out Padre Island. I talked to a fellow from Sudbury when I went for a walk this afternoon and he said the beaches on the island are really nice.

Nothing new, we are looking forward to just taking it easy for the next week and enjoying. Tonight is still in the 60’s, gotta love this weather!!

Friday – November 24 – We were late getting away this morning waiting for the fog to clear up, figures, the day we want to leave it is foggy! It was about 10:30 when we got away but the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day in the high 70’s. Hard to take!

We drove to New Caney which is just north of Houston. The first RV park we stopped at had one spot left, the fellow took John to look at it then they came back and John and I drove around to it – I said to John what about the tree at the back and he hadn’t even noticed it! The fellow at the park said to drive around and if we stayed we could come back and pay, otherwise we could wave on the way out so we waved on the way out! We went about 2 miles down the road and found the other park which is really nice and had an easy pull through so here we are for the night. After this I thought I should call the park we want to go to at Corpus Chrisit and book so did that after we got settled. Being so late getting started we drove until later this afternoon, so by the time we got set up it was pretty well dark. As long as we are off the road when it is still light we don’t care, but we sure don’t like driving after dark.

The traffic was good today, we are taking Highway 59 from Texarkana to Victoria where we turn off to Corpus and if it is as good tomorrow as it was today it will have turned out to be a good route. I asked Rick Bacon at Green Acres about it and he said it was a good route so we took his word for it and tried it, this way we avoid going through Dallas. Hopefully going through Houston on a Saturday won’t be a problem.

Thursday – November 23 – Happy Thanksgiving (or as they say on the radio Happy Turkey Day!). Today was another beautiful, sunny day up in the 70’s – sure do like this weather!

We decided to go to Cracker Barrel for brunch today to celebrate Thanksgiving but didn’t realize they start serving their Thanksgiving dinner so early – we got there about 11 and they were serving the turkey dinner then and the place was a zoo, we had to wait about 40 minutes for a table, but what the heck, we had nothing else to do. I suspect we were the only ones there having breakfast!! I have a small chicken which is now on roasting for dinner so we didn’t want a turkey dinner at noon.

We were surprised to see Wal Mart open so we stopped on our way back and got a few groceries then came back and enjoyed the nice weather. We also got diesel so that we are ready to go in the morning. John cleaned out the back of the truck when we got back and I read, he is now getting us hooked up so that will be one less thing to do in the morning. I have started a Greg Isles book so am looking forward to an evening or reading.
Wednesday – November 22 – Another beautiful warm day, sure do like this sun and warmth. Today was cleaning day, we now sparkle both inside and out. I also packed away my winter clothes and got out the capris, shorts and summer tops.

There is a RV repair place here so after we got set up on Monday we went over to see if they could look at the furnace, the fellow said they were really busy but to check in again yesterday afternoon. We did and they are just too busy to look at it, thankfully it is warm so we only need it in the morning and evening and between the heat pump, catalytic heater and electric heater we have plenty of heat. That is still on our list of things to do sometime but fortunately it is not a big problem now.

We have decided to stay here until Friday, then will head for Corpus Christi, which means doing Houston on Saturday rather than a week day. Looking at the weather forecast it looks pretty good for the next few days, and not as cold at night as it has been.
Tuesday – November 21 – What a gorgeous day it was, up in the high 60’s with a clear blue sunny sky – I love it!!

John went out this morning and got the oil changed on the truck and I did laundry – exciting eh! When he got back he washed the truck, which was badly needed, then this afternoon we back to Arkansas to get some wine and a few other things we missed yesterday. Not a real exciting day but nevertheless we enjoyed it. Tomorrow we plan to lay low as it will be crazy out there with last minute Thanksgiving shopping.
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Monday – November 20 – Today was a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in the sky – finally! It is still cool, but was up to 55 today so it is improving. We had a good drive to Texarcana and are at a really nice park, Shady Pines. It has all cement pads with full hookups and is only $18/night, no tax AND IT HAS INTERNET!!

Driving here we were in fall, the trees were changing colour and were pretty but not as bright as we have seen at home. After getting set up we went to Wal Mart and did a huge grocery shopping, boy were we low on stuff. Came back and John bbq’d hamburgers for dinner – yummy. Our new barbecue works really good, thanks kids for a great Christmas present (I know it isn’t Christmas yet but we do have to eat!).
Sunday – November 19 – Well, another mainly cloudy, cool day, it was about 44 most of the day with a very cold wind, but the sun did come out after we cleared Memphis and it was about 50 when we stopped and not so windy. We are at Hazen, Arkansas which is about 50 miles east of Little Rock. Again, lots of dead deer along the side of the road and a number of trucks passed us with deer in the back – successful hunters heading home! We were also surprised at the number of cotton fields that are just in the process of being picked – we had thought it would have all been picked by now. Lots of bales of cotton were still lying in the fields waiting to be taken to the cotton gin.

We picked up Interstate 40 at Memphis and boy did we pick up traffic, up till then it had been quite quiet and nice but 40 has been nothing but trucks, and lots of them! Interstate 40 runs from Wilmington, NC to Bakersfield, CA which is just east of Los Angeles so I guess it is a main route east to west. We were on it this past winter from Arizona to Oklahoma City and it sure wasn’t as busy as today. Hopefully when we pick up 30 south at Little Rock it won’t be so busy. The Arkansas interstates leave a lot to be desired – they have some good spots but lots of really rough parts.

We are planning on going to Texarcana tomorrow and staying there for a few days. The truck needs an oil change, we need groceries, need to do laundry etc. so are planning on staying there probably till Thursday, which is America’s turkey day. The day before (Wednesday) is a zoo on the roads so we are planning on staying put that day! I just checked on Map Point and it is just over 300 km from here to Texarcana.

We are really enjoying the Sirius satellite radio, it is so nice not to have to be looking for radio stations all the time and it is great to listen to the CBC and get some Canadian news. Still no internet – this is getting frustrating!!!
Saturday – November 18 – The sun was shining when we left the park but didn’t last, then came out for a while around Indianapolis. The traffic was good and we got to Whittington. IL. before we called it quits for the day. We counted at least 6 dead deer along the side of the road today, that was enough to tell us to get off the road before dark!

We got up this morning and the furnace wouldn’t come on – thankfully we have the heat pump, the catalytic heater and the little ceramic heater so are still nice and cozy, but will have to get the furnace looked at when we stop for a few days. The high today was 48, we’re still looking for sun and warmth.

Talked to Nan and Kel today and to my mom and Mike yesterday, I always feel better after talking to the kids and mom. We talked to Mike and Marg tonight – they are in Fort Lauderdale and enjoying it, they have nice warm weather so we are hoping to pick up the same soon. I still haven’t got the camera out, hopefully soon we will get somewhere where it is worth taking pictures. Still no internet – maybe tomorrow.
Friday – November 17 – Well, here we are on the road again. We got away from Can-Am about 10:30; a late start as when John was putting up one of the jacks it broke so we had to wait while they fixed it. We got everything done that we wanted so now we are looking forward to the winter on the road.

The weather was overcast and cold but at least there was no rain. The high on the car thermometer was 40 and it was quite windy so not real warm out. When we were going through Sarnia/Port Huron there was actually some blue sky and the sun was out for a bit, it didn’t last long but at least we got to see what it looks like! Customs was great - where do you live, where are you going, how long – have a nice day!

We are at the Auburn/Fort Wayne North KOA and there is no internet so this won’t be posted until we find a place with internet, hopefully tomorrow night. There was another couple at Can-Am the last 2 nights from Montreal and they are here at the KOA also, they are heading for Arizona/California but will take 40 across through Missouri, Oklahoma whereas we are heading for Texas so will go down to Memphis then west across to Little Rock then south to the Corpus Christie area.