Saturday - February 24 - Happy 16th Jeff, hope you had a good day. The temperature overnight went down to 43, that is the lowest for February but it warmed up nicely today and was another sunny day. I talked to mom, the girls and my sister today so got caught up on all the new (there wasn’t a lot).

We had a quiet day, did some laundry and that was about it for the day. John put my new golf cart together so I am looking forward to trying it out next Thursday. We are going on a 2 night 3 day bus trip to Puerto Penasco tomorrow so we spent a bit of time getting ready - clothes etc. Had to do a hunt and search for John’s bathing suit but it was finally located! We still have to pack the cooler, will probably do that in the morning.

I will not be doing the blog until we get back so until Wednesday, goodbye.

Friday - February 23 - Well, the weather forecast was right, today was windy and cool. We went out this afternoon and there was lots of blowing dust, you couldn’t even see the mountains. We were glad we weren’t out on the highway today!

We had a quiet day, we went out for a bit this afternoon - I got a new golf cart and that was about it. I am looking for a pair of golf sandals, but so far I haven’t found any that feel like they would be comfortable. With the weather forecast we decided that it would be easier not to barbecue tonight so we used up the frozen spaghetti sauce, it was a good dinner. Not an exciting day, but an enjoyable one.

Thursday - February 22 - Today was another beautiful, sunny day but all that is supposed to change tomorrow so we enjoyed it today.

We went to the market then met Janet and Dave at the golf course, we had a deal for dine and nine, but the restaurant closes at 6 and our t-time was 4 so we had lunch instead of dinner. There were 3 choices and I had a salad with ham, chicken, eggs, cheese etc. which was delicious and an iced tea. The golf course was really nice, but quite long so we got our exercise for the day. After golf we went to Applebee’s for dinner, so had a nice day and a good visit with Janet and Dave. It was quite cool and windy by the time we got home so maybe the forecast is right and tomorrow will be cool and windy.

Wednesday - February 21 - Today was another beautiful, sunny day. Janet and I went to the lunch and fashion show today and it was fun, lunch was warm chicken pasta salad and a roll and they had a beautiful peach cake for desert. The lunch was served by men, which was quite different. The fashion show was put on by a local clothing store and they had some nice outfits, all in all very enjoyable.

John went out this morning and booked a spot at another park for next winter as today was the first day to book for next year. We really like the park we are in but the sites are too narrow, the park we booked for next year is newer with much larger sites, 2 swimming pools, hot tubs, etc and the people there seem to be younger than at this park, so it should be interesting. Another couple from this park have also booked for there next winter so we will know at least one other couple there. Janet and Dave also want to look at the park, I don’t know if they will try to book there for next winter or go back to the park where they are this year.

Later this afternoon we went to Wal Mart then drove through the new park and looked at the site John picked, it looks nice so hopefully we will like it. The other nice thing about the new park is that it is owned by a couple whereas most of the parks here are owned by large corporations, so hopefully it will be more like Green Acres at home.

Tuesday - February 20 - Well the warm weather did come back, today was a gorgeous day. We had a great time golfing, my partner and I tied for 3rd place but we lost in the putt off. I told George that the problem was that the fellow he putted off against had just finished his game and was still hot whereas we were the first out so had sat waiting so George just wasn’t as warmed up as he was.

After golfing we stopped at the grocery store then on home and it was after 3. John washed the truck which badly needed it after Sunday’s outing to the ghost town, and I did some laundry - real exciting. We are now working on dinner so I thought I would try to get this done and posted before we eat. Tonight is a Huether dinner - chicken wings, garlic bread and cesear salad.

Monday - February 19 - This morning was lovely, sunny and warm so we took the blanket off the bed. This afternoon it clouded over and got quite cool and tonight we have the heater on, don’t know if we will have to put the blanket back on before we go to bed - figures, the weather has been so nice we finally decided it was time to take the blanket off!

This morning was cleaning etc. then this afternoon we went to get hair cuts. I ended up at a place where one girl was doing her apprenticeship, so after humming and hawing I finally decided I would give her a chance and she did a wonderful job, I don’t think I have had such a good cut since Kincardine. After that we went to Beall’s and I got a top and John got 3 new golf shirts. By then it was supper time - don’t know where the days go.

Hopefully the warm weather will be back for tomorrow.

A Couple of the Restored Buildings
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This Car Has Seen Better Days!
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Hotel & Sheriff's Office
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Lots of Cholla Cacti
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Castle Dome
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Sunday - February 18 - It was cloudy first thing this morning but the sun came out about around 9:30 and it was a sunny, hot day.

We decided to do the Castle Dome Mines Museum today. The museum is 10 miles off Hwy. 95, the first 2 miles are paved and the rest is gravel road in various states of drivability, at times it wasn’t too bad and at other times our teeth were rattling!! It was also extremely dusty so the truck is now an absolute mess, guess what John will be doing tomorrow.

The first mining venture in the area started in 1862 and silver was mined here until 1979 when the priced of silver dropped. This area has the largest silver deposit in the U.S. and was very lucrative, at one time there were over 30 mines in the area. The town has been recreated with the Sheriff’s office and jail, the mercantile store, dentist office, church, dress shop, hotel, assay office etc. etc. There were a lot of interesting stories in the various buildings so it was a very interesting day. Also there was quite a large display of levis, some of which dated back to the 1870’s.

I won a free ice cream golfing a couple of weeks ago so we went down for the weekly ice cream social at 5:30 and what a huge dish they give you. After ice cream they had entertainment and we stayed for a bit then headed home, it had been a long day and we were weary.