Wednesday – December 6 – We headed back into San Antonio again this morning, the weather was a bit overcast but warm, by mid day the sun was out and it was quite warm and nice.

We got the trolley tour and took it to the Market, then got off and wandered around for a while. We had lunch there which was very good but the stores were a disappointment – either very pricey or just junk – T-shirts, hats etc. The Yuma market is far better!!! We then went back and did a long walk along the river walk, it is very pretty and was quite quiet and peaceful. We were really glad that we had done the night cruise with the lights as it was much prettier than the daytime one would have been. We wanted to get out of San Antonio before the traffic got really bad so headed out about 3:30, as it was we hit a real slow down for about 3 miles but it turned out there was an accident on the frontage road and every one was stopping to gawk as as soon as we got past there it was normal again.

The roads here in large Texas cities are interesting – there is the main highway with controlled access then there are frontage roads on either side which are one way roads (I-35 is a north/south highway so the frontage roads are northbound on the east side and southbound on the west side of the interstate). This means that you have to know where you are going on the frontage roads (shopping, gas, restaurants etc.) or you will have to go to the next intersection, do a U-turn and come back. It’s really not bad as long as you know which side of the highway you want to be on!

Tuesday – December 5 – Today was a nice day and reasonably warm, not hot mind you but warm. We headed into San Antonio this morning, boy what a large busy city!

We parked at the River Centre Mall then found the Visitor’s Centre and got tickets for a trolley tour, we got the one where we could get off and on at any spot all day, plus it is good for a second day. We got off at the Mission San Jose which is the nicest of the 5 missions and has been restored more than the others. There was a film at the Visitor’s Centre at the mission which was quite interesting then we walked around the mission. We got back on the trolley and did the rest of the tour without getting off, now we know where we will get off and visit tomorrow. After that we had lunch then went to the Alamo which is right across the street from the Visitor’s Centre. We then went to the Imax Theatre at the River Centre and saw Alamo, the Price of Freedom.

By this time it was dark and that was when we wanted to do the River tour. It is a half hour tour and was absolutely beautiful with all the Christmas lights. The guide said it takes 2 months to put up the lights, and they are up from the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s day, then it takes 3 months to take them down. Wow!! It was a beautiful tour and the lights are just stunning.

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the U.S., which we hadn’t realized, and man is it big and lots of traffic. We are glad we are staying outside of the city.

Still no internet so I can’t download my blog or pictures tonight, there is a Rest Area a few miles down the highway towards San Antonio so tomorrow I will take my computer and we can’t stop there and use the wi-fi.

Monday – December 4 – The duvet was nice and warm last night so that was good. It was in the low 30’s when we got up, I thought it was supposed to be warm down here!! I don’t care if it isn’t really hot, but warm would be nice.

John used his new ladder to get the roof of the trailer clean, he said it was totally black so he was happy to get that done. We went out shopping for a bit but nothing really exciting today.

Sunday – December 3 – Still no internet, am I ticked!! Today was cold and cloudy, John couldn’t get out and try out his new ladder to wash the trailer so you know it was cold when he doesn’t do that.

We did some cleaning and puttered around then went out this afternoon and bought a new duvet – sure hope it is warm as John wasn’t sure if it would be warm enough and I don’t want to hear that it isn’t. Not too exciting a day but we did enjoy talking to all the kids.

Saturday – December 2 – Today was overcast and cool, the high on the truck thermometer was 61 for a quick moment, but most of the time it was between 57 and 59. Actually, today was a good driving day with being overcast and cool. We drove to New Braunfels which is north of San Antonio and are staying at the Hill Country RV Resort, we have paid for a week and will see what happens from there. Both the lady at the office when I checked in and the man next door have said Sunday is a bad to go into San Antonio so we will wait till Monday to start exploring S.A.

Today after we got set up we went into New Braunfels to Camping World and Wal Mart to pick up a few things, John is finally happy – he got his 6’ ladder at Camping World so now should be able to reach the roof of the trailer to clean it. He can also wash the trailer here so guess what tomorrow will be unless it is pouring rain! Guess the ladder will be his Christmas present!

When we got to our camp site here there is a huge pole (like a Maypole) with rope lights coming off it and sure enough when we were coming back from shopping we could see this huge Christmas Tree of lights from many blocks away – guess what – it is the tree right outside of our door. Actually it is quite pretty, maybe it will get me in the Christmas spirit!!

I don’t know how many people have said to us what “a mighty purty rig that is!” We have to agree with them and tell them how much we like it. Today we got it from 2 people in this park, makes us happy that we have an Airstream!!

My big beef is that I have signed on for internet here (paid for it) and now can’t log on. We have sent them an e-mail but so far no response – GRRRR!!!!, so don’t know if I will be able to post my blog tonight.

We talked to Mike & Marg tonight and they are back at the park in Ruskin where they were last winter, guess Mike’s pool buddies were glad to see him back. I am sure they will enjoy the winter there and for sure this week their Florida weather is better than what we have. Oh well, as long as I don’t see snow or freezing rain I won’t complain.