Tuesday –May 2 – Today was a really nice day and we headed to Can-Am to have the awning looked at. They removed the whole awning and reinstalled it, then we had to wait about 3 hours for the caulking to dry, so by the time we got away from there it was almost 5 p.m. and we got to Kincardine about 7 p.m. Now we are home again.

I am closing my diary now and will restart it when we go out again. Hope everyone enjoyed it and if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can improve it please pass them on.
Monday – May 1 - Today was mostly overcast but at least it didn’t rain and wasn’t too windy. We made the trip from Mounds to Port Huron without incident and the awning held up so we were happy. Got to the KOA in Port Huron about 5 and got set up and the sun was shining by then. We just hope the rain holds off for the next couple of days and it would be nice if it stayed reasonably warm also.

Doug and Fran came over and we went to Chicken in the Rough for dinner and had a great visit. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen them so lots to catch up on. Tomorrow is off to London to have the awning looked at then on to Kincardine either tomorrow or Wednesday.
Sunday – April 30 – Today was overcast but the wind wasn’t too bad this morning so we decided to head out and see how far we could get. We ran into rain off and on but the awning held up okay to the wind so we ended up going as far as our favourite state park – Mounds in Anderson, Indiana. The park doesn’t officially open until tomorrow but there were no closed signs and there are a few other trailers in here, so guess we are okay for the night, I expect the park person will be around at some point to collect our money. We were watching the news when we got here and they are predicting sever thunder storm where we were last night so we are glad we left this morning and didn’t decide to stay another day like we had considered.

We called Doug when we got here and he and Fran are going to meet us for dinner in Port Huron tomorrow night so we are looking forward to a nice visit with them. There is no wi-fi here so I won’t be able to post this until we have wi-fi again.