A Couple of Travel Days

We waved a fond farewell to Prince Edward Island yesterday, (Tuesday), as we started our journey home. The Trans Canada in New Brunswick is a really good highway so it was an easy travel day. We stopped about 3 pm at out favourite campground in Woodstock and as always enjoyed the view of the river.

Today we travelled to Levis and once we left New Brunswick the road wasn't nearly as good - it was very inconsistent with some really good sections and some god awful ones!
We arrived in Levis and unhooked then went into town to get fuel and groceries. Diesel was $1.309/liter, very painful, but still a lot better than gas which was $1.429/liter - ouch!

Tomorrow it is off to Ottawa for three nights and we are looking forward to dinner with our grandson and niece on Saturday night.

And so ends a couple more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.

Some Quiet Days

I guess it’s been a few days since I did a posting but we haven’t done anything very exciting to blog about.

On Wednesday it rained in the afternoon but stopped around four so Leonard came by and said happy hour would be here at 5 as from here he could still keep an eye on the office. We had six people, including John and I, and around 7 Mish left then about 7:30 we moved inside as it was getting cool, Leonard, Brent & Krista left at 9 so I am presuming a good time was had by all. Lots of laughs and Airstream talk.

Thursday morning I woke up to my knees and hips screaming at me, they didn’t like the dampness from sitting out on Wednesday night! I rained most of the day so we didn’t do much but did go to North Rustico in the afternoon and bought some fresh shrimp for dinner.

Friday was a nice day so we went into Charlottetown and picked up a couple of groceries, went to the liquor store and Canadian Tire. My stomach was upset all day so I wasn’t feeling like doing much more than that, actually I slept a fair bit of the day and food wasn’t on my agenda – I had yogurt for breakfast and a Mars Bar for dinner - and yes in my opinion Chocolate is one of the food groups.

Yesterday was another nice day but quite hot. It was a big race day at the racetrack next door and the park is full this weekend with people coming for the races. We wondered how much noise we would hear from the cars but were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t hear much, probably because the wind was blowing the noise away and there are a lot of trailers between us and the track to help block the noise. Tuesday night the noise was a lot worse from the practice runs!

Mish came down this afternoon and said the noise was quite loud at their place but then they are right at that end of the park.

Today, Sunday, is another beautiful day. We are going to go to North Rustico to get lobsters for dinner and Mish and Larry are coming down this afternoon for a drink, not too much excitement. Lots of rigs pulling out this morning, it has surprised us how quiet the park is even when full. The sites are quite large and there is a huge field between our row and the one behind us so nobody is right in your face here, although the seasonal sites are closer to each other.

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to another great day tomorrow.