Friday, February 18, 2011

Again, a couple of weeks have gone by in a flash, I don’t know where the time goes.

Two weeks ago Sunday we had gone to the inside Arizona Market (they now have an inside one and an outside one), and Sears is right across the road so when we left the market John wanted to run into Sears and get a screw driver so I went in and decided to wander through the grill section to see what, if anything, was on sale. Lo and behold if the grill he had wanted wasn’t on sale, $100 of with an additional 10% off so of course we grabbed it. They only had 2 left and both of them had been put together so it was a very slow trip home with it in the back of the truck, but we made it safely taking little used roads and going real slow. John really likes his new grill and it is almost as nice as the Napolean at home.

We finally got to see The King’s Speech and what a good movie it is, we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had received a $10 gift certificate for Logan’s Roadhouse from the place where we bought our new mattress so went there for dinner after the movie. We went to Logan’s a couple of years ago and said we would never go back the service was so bad and the food wasn’t great, but with the gift certificate in hand back we went. The service still wasn’t great and John’s steak was tough but my shrimp were good, I don’t think we will go back again as there are too many other good places to go but it certainly wasn’t as bad as a couple of years ago.

On the same day as we went to the show I went to the Ladies Luncheon here in the park and won another prize, this time a tea towel and some bag clips. That same day our daughter Kelly won $5,000 in the Heart and Stroke calendar daily draw, her sister had given her the calendar for Christmas so how lucky was that! Now it would be nice to see Nancy win one of the draws also.

Last Wednesday our new solar shades for the south side of the house came and we are real happy with them. We got a burgundy colour that looks really nice with the house, most people get the beige so ours are really different but look nice. We only had a 3’ drop put in the section at the bottom of the deck steps so we still would have access to outside the patio area and John could get at the grill. It also lets in some sun but there is also lots of room to get out of it if we don’t want to sit in the sun. We do need new shades on the two back sections but that will have to wait until next year. We bought some new chairs and side tables for the patio so that area is now all done.

Last Saturday night we went to the burger dinner here at the park with the couple across the street and another couple who have bought a place here in the park and will be moving in around mid March. The burgers were really good and after dinner we went back to Sharon & Bob’s and sat out until it got too cold to sit out any longer. When we came home it was only 7:20, dinner at 5 sure makes for a lonnnnnng evening when you aren’t used to eating that early! Last night we went to the spaghetti dinner and were home before 6, I call it the eat and dash dinner because as soon as people are through eating they head for home, no socializing done at these dinners!

At dinner last night we sat with our neighbours on the north and they asked when we were leaving and were disappointed to hear we would be still here when they are ready to leave as they were hoping to put their 5th wheel on the road for a day or two to load up before they leave. It is allowed here as long as you leave it hooked up to the truck, but they are so long they would block our driveway where we park our truck. John told them it would be no problem, we could park the truck on the other side for a couple of days and then we could block their driveway for a couple of days when we are loading up, a good deal for both.

David next door came in to the hall last night and got take out for his mom and him and when I came home he was just heading out to take his dog for a walk and I had a good laugh as Mitzi was red all around her mouth from licking out the spaghetti container.

John is enjoying his new bike, the frame is a bit small but he managed to get the seat elevated and the handlebars in a comfortable position so it is better for riding than his fold up bike. Maybe some day he will be able to find another good deal with a larger frame but for now this one will do and the price was right.

Today is the annual fashion show and luncheon so I am looking forward to it as it is usually a nice time, I hear they are serving chicken cesar salad and strawberry short cake.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow and today is overcast and cooler but we aren’t complaining as it still beats the weather back home. This week has been really nice with temperatures in the mid to high 70’sF, just perfect as far as I’m concerned.

A pretty sunset last week

And so ends more great gifts of days and we look forward to more good days to come.