Saturday - March 31 - Happy Birthday Mike - Oh my goodness, our baby is 35 - scary!! Hope you had a good day.

Today we woke up to rain and no wind - figures when it is the day we are leaving. We started our trek north and drove to Port Lavaca which is between Corpus Christi and Galveston on the Gulf coast. It was a good day, we were in and out of rain all day but when we got here the rain had stopped and the sun even came out for a bit and it is much cooler than in the valley. We are staying at a municipal park which is right on the water, our front window looks out into the gulf. This area is renowned for bird watching and there is a huge marsh here with a wonderful boardwalk through the marsh which we did before getting dinner ready. We saw lots of egrets, a red winged black bird and different kinds of sea gulls but I was disappointed that we didn’t see any herons.

Friday - March 30 - Today was the same weather wise as yesterday. We had a fairly quiet day, John washed the truck and got everything packed away ready to leave tomorrow. I didn’t do too much - read a good book.

This afternoon about 3 we went out shopping, I am trying to find a couple pairs of shorts and believe it or not there are very few shorts out there for the finding. After shopping we went to a place called Terri’s Bistro for dinner, it was really nice with a lot of small rooms and there were tablecloths on the tables - very elegant. They had a senior’s menu and we both ordered off it and our meals were very good and filling - I can’t imagine how much you would get on the regular menu.

Shortly after we got back George and Marion stopped by to tell us how to head north without going on 83 which is all under construction. They took this road today and said it was really good so we will give it a try tomorrow.

Thursday - March 29 - Today was fairly cloudy but still hot, humid and windy - now the wind is being blamed on the bad weather and tornados in northern Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado etc. I don’t care what causes it, the wind really gets on the nerves after a bit.

This morning we cleaned then went out and got a few groceries as we had invited Marion and George for dinner. This afternoon I got as much as possible done for dinner then went down for a swim which was very refreshing. Dinner was very good and we had a great visit.

Tomorrow they are going to Harlingen to pick up their son and daughter-in-law who are flying in for the weekend so George is going to try out a different route north and see what the road is like and let us know. Interstate 83 is all under construction so we are hoping to find a better way north than having to take 83 to Harlingen. Right now the wind has died down a bit but that happens occasionally, it dies down for a few minutes then comes back full force,

Wednesday - March 28 - Today was a repeat of yesterday and we are wondering if this wind ever stops blowing. It sure gets on our nerves.

This morning we went to a flea market but it was mostly junk and the t-shirts etc. were a lot more expensive than the same thing at the Arizona market. We went across the road from there to a fruit and veggie market (mainly fruit) and got a few things there then came home. I went and got my hair cut, then did laundry, by the time I was done it was almost 5 and I was more than ready for the pool. The pool was quite quiet by then so it was nice and it certainly helps to get cooled off for the evening.

Tuesday - March 27 - Today was mainly sunny but still windy. We drove to Padre Island and it reminds us of places like Myrtle Beach - lots of hotels, condos, t-shirt shops, etc. etc. The beach isn’t as nice as in Gulf Shores and there was a lot sea weed on shore which was quite smelly. It was very rough today so lots of waves coming in.

We drove through Brownsville on our way back but again didn’t find anything real exciting about it. I went for a swim when we got back and Marion & George were in the pool so invited us down for a drink after dinner, we had a good visit with them.

Monday - March 26 - And the wind continues to blow hard and the sun doesn’t shine - that is until 6 p.m. at which time the sky cleared off and the sun came out, but the wind didn’t die down - I couldn’t stand a whole winter of this wind!!

Today we drove around the area and checked it out, this park has a sister park about 10 miles from here so we checked it out and it is much nicer, the lots are a lot bigger. Oh well, too late as we paid for a week here this morning. With the cloud and wind we didn’t feel like a swim so gave it a pass for today.

Not too much else too exciting around here, tomorrow we are hoping to drive to Brownsville and check it out as well as Padre Island and see what they are like.

Sunday - March 25 - Today was a quiet day. I vacuumed and dusted and John washed the trailer (again!). I talked to mom, the girls and my sister so got caught up on the news - I was thrilled to hear how well Derrick’s team did in the robotics competition in Waterloo on the weekend. I also did some reading, so a real lazy day.

We drove around the park looking for another site but they are all small, so we decided we might as well stay where we are for the week. We went for a swim about 4:30 so that cooled us down for the rest of the day. The wind here is a pain, it has been really windy all day but seems to have died down a bit tonight. I know I couldn’t stand a whole winter of this wind - give me the desert anytime!