A Busy Week

Time for another update, I don’t know where the time goes and it is hard to believe we have been here for a month already.

Last Saturday we had a very unusual day, we just got home from grocery shopping about 2:30 and it started to rain and it poured until about 9 am Sunday morning, we have never seen it rain for that long down here, quite amazing.

Bryan and Carol’s plane landed on Saturday at 4 pm, it was about 25 minutes late arriving as it was delayed in Phoenix due to the rain and having to wait for a connecting flight from Colorado. Although they only had carry on luggage it was put in baggage from Phoenix and Yuma and was quite wet when they got here – they had to dry a few things out. Shortly after we got home it poured again for quite a while, all so unusual for this area!

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast and then went to both the indoor and outdoor markets, Bryan and Carol had fun wandering around looking at stuff and got a neat Infinity light for their cottage. You can buy the lights either put together or do it yourself so with flying and only carry on luggage they bought the parts and will put it together when they get home. It is all a plastic type material so not hard to pack to take back. When we got home Bryan and Carol went to the pool and I laid down for a bit, they really enjoyed the pool and were surprised at how warm it was.

Monday morning we headed for California to see the sand dunes, Salton Sea etc., then on the way to the Salton Sea John mentioned going to Julian, up in the mountains where they have the good pies my cousin Noreen and her husband Paul raved about. So off we went for Julian and the scenery was fabulous - Bryan & Carol were just blown away by it. Around Ocotillo Wells we lucked out & saw an Osprey plane land like a helicopter, it was a much better view of the Osprey than we had a couple of years ago out near the proving grounds.

We stopped at Carl's Jr. In Brawley for a chocolate milk shake, so yummy & filling I had to undo my jeans in the car!

In Julian we got out to walk around the stores and I couldn't figure out for a minute why my jeans felt like they were going to fall off until I remembered they were undone, sure gave the others their laugh for the day! We walked around & toured a few stores, it is in the mountains so was only about 38F - brrr! We bought an apple boysenberry pie to bring home, then sat in the car & had the lunch we had packed. Heading out of Julian we took a road down to the interstate that we hadn't been on before & the interstate from there to El Centro was done by us a couple of times before but only in the dark, so new scenery for all of us, very interesting and constantly changing. It turned out when we picked up the interstate to come home we were only about 40 miles out of San Diego!

The Sand Dunes


Carol & John at The Julian Pie Shop

John and I at the Pie Shop

More Pictures at the Pie Shop

Scenery After Leaving Julian

Frost On The Trees - Did I Say It Was Cold There!

In El Centro we went to Costco & WalMart so it was 8:30 when we got home, we had picked up a fresh pizza at WM so threw it in the oven for dinner. We were all full & tired so saved the pie for Tuesday night. We did the dishes, I did a bit of catching with my expenses then headed for bed as we had to be up about 6:30 Tuesday morning to go to Mexico for 9 am dentist appointments..

We got to the dentist’s shortly before the 9 am appointment and got our teeth finally cleaned again for $70 for the two of us. Carol & Bryan wandered around the stalls while we were at the dentist & arrived back just as we were finished. Our next stop was the optometrist and they were very busy so Carol & Bryan helped me pick out frames but I decided to wait until we go for blood work next to do the glasses, one of the girls gave me a card with the frame number so it will be easy to do next week. We then went & looked at some earrings Carol had looked at earlier so she ended up buying an earring & necklace set as well as another pretty pair of earrings, and I got the same earring & necklace set only in different colours.

We checked out the lab and it was very clean etc. (we were all impressed) and the price of the blood work there is $55 compared to to $138 here in Yuma so we will go back next Tuesday to do it, and get my glasses as we have to wait for both.

We got our four bottles of liquor & headed for the border and were across in about 15-20 minutes. We came back to Yuma and went to the Olive Garden for lunch, very yummy. We stopped at WalMart and Fry's for a few groceries then it was on home. The temp Wednesday barely reached 65F so no pool for Carol & Bryan.

Carol made fajitas for dinner and they were very good. We ended up sitting at the table so long chatting that we didn’t get around to a game of Mexican Train – maybe tonight.

Today John, Carol & Bryan are off to do the prison but I've stayed home to do laundry and relax as the prison is a fair bit of walking and I have already done it a couple of times. I have the first load of wash in and when it came to the spin cycles there was a very funny noise and no spin – oh, oh don’t know what is wrong but it doesn’t sound real good. Don & Gail are coming this afternoon for happy hour so it should be another fun day.

And so ends many more great gifts of days and we look forward to more great days ahead.