Saturday - December 29, 2007

Last night was another cold one, I woke up at 6 this morning to hear the fans running so knew it was cold out. It did turn out to be a nice sunny day and reasonably warm, very enjoyable.

John went out this morning to get propane, a job that turned into an effort in frustration, but he did get it. He went to where we usually go and they were closed so he decided to go to another place where it is cheaper but busier, guess that was the understatement of the day today! He said he waited about 45 minutes to get it but after about 15 minutes he decided he had waited so long by then that he might just as well wait until he got his turn. Anyways, we now have two full tanks again so that should do for a while but with the cool weather the little heater goes a lot, thankfully it is cheaper than either the furnace of an electric heater.

Just before John got back Janet and Heather arrived with a book I wanted to borrow and they had picked me up a top I had asked them to look for if they went to Mexico. They said the wait to come back from Mexico was 2-1/2 hours so we have no intention of heading over there as there is nothing I want badly enough to stand in line for that long to get back!! We don’t understand what the problem here is as I read a couple of blogs and also know people who are in the Rio Grande area of Texas and there is never any mention of lineups to go back and forth there so go figure what the problem here is.

I have wanted to get a Bunn coffee maker for our new place so have been watching prices and saw that Lowe’s internet site had the one I want on sale but as usual I got caught up ordering it over the internet when it came to entering our billing address. Off we went to Lowe’s and they didn’t have it on sale in the store (it was $20 more) but a salesman went on the internet and ordered it for me at the sale price so it should be here in about a week. After that we went and got a sub then a quick stop at Wal Mart as there was something John wanted then home.

Today is the whole family gathering for dinner at our daughter Nancy’s so I am going to give them all a call, we miss being there with everyone but on the other hand the weather here is so much nicer. We will just have to dream about the yummy food we are missing!

Friday - December 28, 2007

Today was another cool one, the fans ran all night last night in the orchards so you know it is cold when that happens. They say it is to start warming up again so we have our fingers crossed that they are right.

This afternoon I went for my massage and hopefully it has done some good and got my arm moving, it felt really good and I did enjoy it and know that some of the swelling has gone down – now I can only hope that it lasts. She also gave me some suggestions for things I can do myself so I will also give them a try.

I came back and picked up John then we went off to Wal Mart to pick up a couple of things I forgot yesterday. By the time we got home the afternoon was done – where does the time go!!

Not an exciting day as you can see but enjoyable none the less.

Thursday - December 27, 2007

Today was another non pool day – the wind was fierce and out of the north this morning so I wussed out again and didn’t go. I called and got an appointment for a lymph drainage massage tomorrow afternoon so hope it does some good and gets my arm going down.

This morning was mundane chores like cleaning etc. then this afternoon we went to the market and managed to wander around there for a while. From there we found the massage place so I don’t have to spend time looking for it tomorrow (although Alice did a good job of directing us there once she got the hint of which way I wanted to go!). After that we went to the mall and while John was in Circuit City I checked out Bed & Bath but didn’t find any deals, then it was off to Wal Mart to pick up a few groceries.

We got a new neighbour yesterday so met Birdie when we got home, they are from Illinois and are here for three months. We chatted for a bit but then I had to get busy and get the groceries put away, I had a couple of frozen items so figured I’d better get them in the freezer. He got a laugh out of me, within 3 minutes I had said “eh”, guess that is a thing with him when talking to us Canadians to see how long it takes us to say it.

I guess it is time to think about dinner, I don’t imagine it will take long to heat up leftovers!

Wednesday - December 26, 2007

Boxing Day – did everyone get out and take advantage of all the sales? In the states Boxing Day is just another day, it isn’t a holiday and it isn’t a big shopping day, here the day after Thanksgiving replaces our Boxing Day and boy do they have the deals on then.

We had a wonderful Christmas with Janet, Dave & Heather and hopefully everyone found the dinner delicious – we had the traditional turkey dinner with mincemeat pie for dessert – yummy!

Today was a quiet day and we didn’t do anything exciting. We woke up about 6:00 a.m. to hear the wind machines going so knew it was cold, as it turned out the low was 34F (1C) so it was cold! Needless to say I didn’t go to pool aerobics this morning, I talked to a woman this afternoon who said there were 5 in the pool this morning – brave souls!!

We were supposed to go to friends at Desert Paradise this afternoon for a visit but Jim called this morning to say his mom has the flu so needless to say we didn’t go. It is too bad as his mom is here visiting from Calgary and the last thing she would want is to be sick, not a fun way to spend your first time in Arizona and we wish her a speedy recovery.

I called my mom this morning (afternoon for her) and had a chat as yesterday it was hard to talk with everyone there. She enjoyed her Christmas and is looking forward to the whole family get together at our daughter Nancy’s this Saturday. John and I miss the family get togethers and seeing everyone but we sure don’t miss the winter weather!

John started cleaning the fantastic fans yesterday and finished them today, it is nice to see them so clean again. I sat out in the sun this afternoon and read for a while then about 4 went and did laundry, so far I have been lucking out with that time for doing laundry so hope it continues.

John also cleaned out the barbecue today and couldn’t wait to start getting it greased up again so tonight he did burgers for dinner – very good.

We finally caught up with Mike & Marg tonight so had a good chat with them and wish them well with their move next week. And so ends another wonderful day, we will see what tomorrow brings.


Merry Christmas to everyone and we hope you all have a wonderful day and Santa is good to all.

John and I opened presents this morning, thanks again to everyone for all the gifts, you spoiled us rotten.

We have talked to all our children today, John’s sister and I am now going to call my family who are all together at my brother’s place. It is always nice to talk to everyone and helps when we aren’t there to share Christmas with them.

I am posting this early as I have lots to do today with getting dinner ready and by the time we are done I probably won’t feel like doing a lot. Again we hope Christmas was joyful for all.

Monday -December 24, 2007

Wow, Christmas Eve Day, where does the time go! This morning was very cool, only 47F (8C) at 9:15 so I decided to be a wussy and forego the pool aerobics. As it turned out it warmed up quite nicely today and was actually another wonderful day here in the south. I have had a couple of bad nights, where I couldn’t sleep, so was feeling quite crappy today so kind of dragged my butt this morning. I spent some time on the computer and did some vacuuming, then after lunch I laid down for a bit and got up feeling much better.

I went for a nice walk this afternoon then came back and sat out on the patio and finished my book and by the time that was done the sun was going down and it was cooling off.

John went out tonight to start the barbecue and called me out to see the moon, it was just coming up in front of the mountains in the distance and was gorgeous. We both took some pictures but I don’t know how they turned out, if there is a good one I will post it.

Today was a nice day for us but my thoughts were with our friends and relatives who have lost loved ones very recently, this must be a very hard time of year for them and my heart aches for them and their families in their loss.

Tonight I “Jingled” a couple of neighbours, I know they won’t be able to reciprocate to anyone else but do hope they enjoyed their goodie bag. We are looking forward to a nice day tomorrow and our Christmas dinner with Janet, Dave & Heather.

Sunday - December 23, 2007

We are back to the cooler weather again, today the high was 61F (16C) but it was sunny and still nice enough to golf in short sleeves and a vest. Speaking of golf, my game sucked big time today, don’t know if I’m not playing enough or need to take some time off but something needs to happen to improve it! We played with a couple from Chilliwack this afternoon, they were very nice and not real great golfers so I didn’t feel too bad about my game – sure hate to play a bad game when you are playing with real good golfers!

After golf we stopped at Fry’s and picked up a few groceries so I think I am all set for Christmas dinner now. When we got home we called our daughters, they and their families were having their Christmas get together today so it was nice to talk to both of them as well as our son-in-laws. Wish we were there with them but when we hear about all the snow, then today it was raining, we are thankful we are down here where it is warmer and NO SNOW OR RAIN!!

After talking to them we went to Circuit City to pick up a router for the computers then to Red Lobster for dinner – yummy!! Now John is trying to get the router all set up so we both can use the high speed internet, we have a wireless router but they don’t want you using them in the park as it interferes with their system so John saw one on sale that wasn’t wireless so decided to pop for it. Thank goodness he knows what he is doing because I wouldn’t have a clue what to do to set up something like that, guess you have to be a bit of a techno weenie!

When we got home there was a Christmas gift bag on the doorstep, it had some candy in it and a “Jingle” and you are supposed to keep the “Jingle” on the front door, make two copies of it and two treat bags and deliver them to someone who doesn’t have a “Jingle” on their front door. Guess that will give me something to do tomorrow, I will go down to the office and see if I can get them to make me the copies rather than having to drag the printer out from under the bed.

All is now set up for both of us to use the high speed internet and it seems to be working well so here’s hoping. I will get this posted now, kind of late tonight but at least it’s done.