Saturday - April 28 - Today was a travel day, we left Gadsden and drove to Cave City KY, a nice drive and a nice day. We had a bit of cloud, but it was mostly sunny and warm. Tonight we are at Cave Country RV Park, which is a nice little park which opened last year. Other than the drive a quiet day but I think that by tomorrow night we might have to put the electric blanket back on the bed - GRR!

Friday - April 27 - Today was fairly nice, sunny first thing this morning, then it clouded over for a couple of hours, then sun again with the temperature reaching the mid 70’s.

I did some cleaning and laundry this morning, I hope that will be it for laundry until we get to Green Acres. This afternoon we went back to Wal Mart as John wanted to get a Sirius radio for the truck and they were on sale real cheap there. This one is smaller than the one we have so he is going to install it in the truck then install the other one in the trailer, that way we have it wherever we are. We went to get gas and by paying cash (debit was considered cash) we got it for $2.709/gal so a really good deal.

Tonight we went out for dinner, there is a seafood restaurant down the road and it was really good. We both had seafood platters with broiled crawfish tails and I had scampi and John had boiled shrimp, we came home stuffed! When we got back we went for a walk around the park to try to shake our dinner down.

Thursday - April 26 - Well, this morning we woke up to the forecast rain, it rained all morning then cleared off in the afternoon.

There is a by-pass right here by the park so we took it today as it is one of the possible routes out of here on Saturday. It turned out to be good and shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, there was a Wal Mart on our route so we got our shopping done. Wal Mart is good for most things but the one thing that is hard to find anywhere down here is fresh, good looking veggies and Wal Mart is really bad for that. We took another way back and found a couple more grocery stores so after stopping at both of them I think I am now ready for the run home. I have stocked up on a few things that are much cheaper here than home, and then before we leave in the fall I will stock up on things from home that we can’t get down here.

We found diesel for $2.759/gal. (the normal is $2.859) so will go back and fill up the truck tomorrow so we will be good to go on Saturday.

Little River Canyon
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Our Site at River Country Campground
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Wednesday -April 25 - Today was another nice day with temperatures in the low 80’s, it was partly cloudy but mostly sunny. We decided to do some touring today as it is supposed to rain tomorrow so that will be a good shopping day.

The Lookout Mountain Parkway is a parkway that runs from Gadsden to Chatanooga so we decided to drive a portion of it today, it is 100 miles long so we weren’t about to do the whole thing but wanted to do some of it. We got into back country Alabama and it was real hillbilly country - decrepit houses with rotting vehicles sitting all over the place and some houses well on the way to falling down. Then we hit a scenic loop to Little River Canyon and what a beautiful drive. We were on the canyon side of the road and it was a verrrry long way down, sure wouldn’t want to do that drive in a RV or towing an RV as the road was very hilly and twisty and turny. There were a number of lookouts and it was beautiful looking down into the canyon, there was a river running through the base of the canyon which you could hear - very nice. At a couple of the lookouts there were absolutely gorgeous homes at the top of the canyon on the other side, quite a difference from what we had seen on the way there.

After the canyon we went further along and all of a sudden we were running along the rim of the mountain and there were some fabulous homes sitting right on the top looking down into a valley - quite a view they had - I don’t think this is where the poor folks live.

We got back to Gadsden and came home for a while then went out for dinner and after dinner we stopped at a mall for a bit. The mall looked quite new but was totally dead, hardly anyone there. I checked out Sears and a couple of other stores but didn’t buy anything.

Tuesday - April 24 - Today was a good driving day, it was sunny but also partly cloudy so not too hot in the truck. We took Highway 431 from Eufaula to Gadsden, a good drive and not too busy except in a couple of the cities we went through. John doesn’t particularly like driving on the back roads as they don’t have much in the line of a shoulder, but they do have better scenery than the interstate.

We arrived at River Country Campground in Gadsden around 2:45 and picked out a site and got set up. The park is located on the Coosa River and we can sit in the trailer and look out at the river - very pretty, and, we have wi-fi here, hallelujah!! We got set up and went for a walk down by the river, other than that we haven’t started to explore this area - tomorrow hopefully! While John was setting up I did some cleaning and washed the floors - badly needed but I don’t like to do them before we travel as somehow they seem to get really dirty on the road. Now that that is out of the way so I can spend the next few days enjoying the area and not worrying about getting the cleaning done.

Monday - April 23 - We decided to stay here another day so went down to the office this morning to pay for another day and hopefully do laundry. The laundry was busy so we decided to go into town and do it there, so that was a couple of hours gone. We stopped at the grocery store and got some catfish for dinner, filled up with fuel and then came home. John got us hooked up to leave tomorrow and I read, another lazy day!

Sunday - April 22 - Today was another nice day, sure do like this weather. We didn’t do an awful lot, talked to family and friends on the phone, read and went into town late this afternoon and bought a deli cooked chicken for dinner.

Our Site at Lakepoint State Park
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House That Was for Sale
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Saturday - April 21 - Sure do like this weather, today was another gorgeous day. This afternoon we went back into Eufaula and drove around a bit looking at all the gorgeous old homes, then parked and walked up and down Randolph Street which has many of these old mansions on it so it was a good way to get a look at them. Eufaula has 62 buildings registered with historic designations and about 55 of these are homes, which I think is quite amazing for a town this size! One of the historic homes is for sale so we picked up a brochure, it is over 3000 square feet and is listed for $350,000 and the taxes are $634.45/year (can you believe that!).

We then went to Fendall Hall which is the only home owned by the state and open year round to the public, all the other buildings, except the Shorter home, are still private homes and only open to the public during Pilgrimage. We got there about 3:00 and the woman who works there said we had lots of time to tour it before she closed at 4 then asked if we wanted a guided tour which we said would be nice. It was very interesting and reminded us a bit of Castle Kilbride with all the murals painted on the walls. There was also a little stove like the one that mom had, only this one was black and about twice as high with a stove pipe coming up, and there were all the little pots and pans sitting on it. She said that she hadn’t had time yet to research the stove but thought perhaps it was a salesman’s demo. We told her about mom’s and that we had seen one just like it at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit and that is exactly what it was, a salesman’s demo.

We had a chance to ask lots of questions so of course we asked about property taxes as we couldn’t believe the taxes on the house we had seen for sale, apparently they are trying to instigate market value assessment but not having much luck - sound familiar? All of a sudden I looked at my watch and it was 4:30, so we apologized profusely for keeping her late but she said she it wasn’t a problem as she is usually there till 5 and there was a dinner there tonight so she would be there till that was over. The informal dining room had been set up for the dinner, apparently it was high school graduation night and some parents had arranged for a dinner for their kids at the home prior to the graduation ceremony. Both the Fendell and Shorter mansions are available to rent for special occasions, she said they mainly do showers, small family dinners etc. at Fendell and most of the weddings are at the Shorter Mansion as they can accommodate larger groups.

All in all another nice day.

Bottom of Provindence Canyon
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Providence Canyon
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Friday - April 20 - Today was another gorgeous sunny day, but not quite as hot as yesterday. There is a wonderful section of old homes here in Eufaula and the Shorter Home, which is the headquarters of the Eufaula Heritage Association, is open to the public so we decided to tour it today. It is a beautiful home and there is a large museum on the 2nd floor, very interesting.

After that we drove into Georgia to Provindence State Canyon. This is an interesting place, the canyon only formed in the mid 1800’s due to poor farming practices, the pioneers cleared the land then ploughed it and the rain created rivulets which eroded the land and the canyon was created, quite unique to other canyons. The colours in the canyon were gorgeous, but interestingly it didn’t look like solid rock like the Grand Canyon, Palo Duro Canyon etc. do.

We did a circuitous route and ended up back at the park, a nice day. We stopped at a place where I cold get an internet connection and I managed to post Wednesday and Thursday’s blogs and check my e-mail.