Saturday - December 1, 2007

Today was more like the weather we want here, a bright sunny day. This afternoon the wind came up and it cooled down but when I read about the accidents on Hwy. 400 south of Barrie due to snow and ice I will not complain about the weather here.

I had a very upsetting e-mail from our friends George & Marion this morning, their 35 year old son died last night of anaphylactic shock caused by a food allergy. Our hearts go out to them at this terrible time. Bain and his wife had just had their first child, a son, in July - life can be so cruel at times.

I went over at 12 today to do laundry and picked a good time as there was no one there when I started, a couple of ladies came in shortly after me but there were still empty machines so I am hoping meal times for most normal people will be a good time to find the laundry room quiet!

Tonight we met our friends Janet and Dave for dinner, it was great to see them again and we always have lots to talk about. After dinner they came back here for a while so it was a nice evening. They brought salmon that Dave caught in B.C. with them so have invited us for dinner next week – sounds yummy to us!

Friday - November 30, 2007

Well, today was a first for us for Yuma, it rained!! It was pretty intermittent until late this afternoon then it decided to really pour but at least it was warm so nothing to grouch about.

John wanted to get his hair cut and I wanted to get a pedicure so we headed for the mall down the road but it turns out the nail spa is a sign only, we met a woman who recommended another nail spa so after John got his hair cut we headed for the nail spa. I got my pedicure but wasn’t thrilled with it so won’t go back there again, guess I will go back to where I got my pedicures the past 2 winters even though it isn’t close to here.

After that we decided that a good way to spend a rainy afternoon was to go shopping so we went to Yuma Palms Mall. In Best Buy we ran into Doug & Judy, a couple from Guelph who are in the park we were in last year, so had quite a long chat with them. We ended not getting back home until almost 6:30 but dinner was easy as I had put some spagetti sauce in the slow cooker this morning so just had to cook the spagetti – a good wet night dinner.

It has finally stopped raining but I think they are calling for a chance of rain again tomorrow but looking at the weekend forecast it doesn’t look too pretty for anywhere in the US or Canada. I had an e-mail from my brother today who says that Environment Canada has released a report indicating that this is going to be the coldest winter in the past 15 years and you are to get more snow then normal as well, glad we are in the south for this winter and hope that those of you who aren’t retired and able to head to warmer climates enjoy your winter.

Thursday - November 29, 2007

Today was partly sunny but there was also a lot of cloud, still it is warm so we aren’t complaining. They are calling for rain the next couple of days so it will be interesting to see if it happens, guess it is needed here though.

This afternoon we went to the Arizona market and wandered around for a couple of hours, it was certainly quieter than it is in January and February so was good for just browsing around. I bought a couple of tops and a sweat shirt so was happy with my purchases. After the market we stopped at Lowe’s then Wal Mart so I had my fill of shopping by the time we got back.

Janet called tonight and they are in Yuma, a couple of days early, so we are meeting for dinner on Saturday night, it will be good to see them again.

We got a couple of drops of rain when John was barbecuing tonight but that was all there was – a couple of drops!

We just finished watching Catch Me If You Can, I got it for $4 so figured it was a good deal, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen it so we quite enjoyed it and we wanted to see how the new DVD player is – it worked just fine.

Wednesday - November 28, 2007

Today was another overcast day, the sun appeared for a brief time late this afternoon but most of the day was overcast and it was quite windy.

I got my new phone today so now have it charged and registered and am in the process of getting it set up with my contact numbers etc. and figure out the new features – technology, technology!

Today was a petty quiet day, we didn’t go anywhere or do anything special – just putzzed around home.

Tuesday -November 27, 2007

Today is my younger sister’s birthday – Happy Birthday Pat – it was good chatting with you a while ago and hope you and Serita enjoy the movie.

It was quite overcast and cool this morning so we headed for golfing kind of dressed warmly and lo and behold didn’t the sun come out and it was very pleasant. My game wasn’t particularly stellar today, but my putting was okay and on the last hole I had all the shots for a par so I managed to redeem myself. The other lady on my team was a beautiful golfer and is in her 80’s, a good inspiration. We ended up with a 29 and when all was said and done there were 4 teams with a 29 so we had to do a putt off to see who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I was nominated to do the putting for my team so it was me and three fellas putting off and YES, I won for first prize, talk about making my day! We won $10 so I gave Jim and I each $3 and Audrey $4 as she played the best today.

On the way home we stopped at Wal Mart and I picked up a couple of groceries and John got us a small DVD player. When we got back I went for a walk and John went for his bike ride – all in all a good day. There was a trailer from Ontario when I went for my walk so I stopped for a minute to chat – they are from Perth and know a couple we know from there – small world.

After John came back from his bike ride we were sitting on the patio and he was playing with his GPS and a woman stopped and asked if we were geochachers. We said we hadn’t tried it so she said if we were interested we could go out with them sometime so it might be something interesting to try.

John has started supper and wants to watch the Tudors at 7 so another quiet end to a wonderful day.

Monday -November 26, 2007

Today was another nice day but a bit overcast. This morning was spent cleaning etc. (sure do wish Molly Maid would make an appearance!) then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, which was very good.

After lunch we went across the highway to the mall and toured a few stores. I wanted to go to Hallmark and get some postcards and stamps as they have a Postal outlet there and it is always much faster than a regular post office, plus I had a letter to mail to Nan so now that is all looked after.

I am at a point where I can upgrade my Verizon cell phone and get up to $100 off so I have been checking out the phones. They have some good deals through the internet, cheaper than in the store, but I ran into a problem when it came to putting in my zip code for the mailing address of my credit card, as it won’t accept a postal code, so I called Verizon and got it straightened out over the phone and got the internet price. I should get my new phone on Thursday so am looking forward to getting it activated and set up.

I had an e-mail from Kel a while ago and they are getting hit with snow again (she lives just outside of Port Perry) and the roads are slippery – sure do miss it – NOT!!

Time to think about making a little snack for dinner, we don’t want much after having a big lunch.

Sunday - November 25, 2007

Today was another nice, sunny day with a high of about 22C (72F). This morning it was too cool to sit out with coffee but hopefully it will warm up enough that we can enjoy our morning coffee on the patio. I talked to my mom yesterday and our children today so am happy as I always enjoy talking to all of them and catching up on their news.

This afternoon we played a round of golf at Foothills Par 3 Course and seeing how I haven’t played since last April I did pretty good and was pleased with my game (I just hope it isn’t just beginner’s luck and goes downhill from here!). It is a nice course and on Sunday afternoon it is $7 for 9 holes – sure can’t argue with that price. We found out that Desert Paradise (the park we were in last year) has started their Tuesday morning scramble so stopped at the park on our way home and signed up for this coming Tuesday. It was always a fun day and nobody takes it too seriously.

When we got back I went and did a couple of loads of wash and seemed to pick a good time as there was only one other woman in there when I went in. It cost $1.75 to wash and dry a load so the price is good, sure beats $4 to wash and dry a load at Green Acre in Waterloo!

By the time I got finished with the laundry it was time to make dinner – and so another day is done.