Thursday - July 17, 2008

Today is our grandson Brent's birthday, happy birthday Brent!

John has got the railing on the deck done and it looks really good, it's funny everyone says the deck looks a lot larger now (I thought it looked lots big before the railing went on!) and everyone compliments John on a job well done, which I agree with.

The deck with John's railing:

On Tuesday we took a drive down to Goderich (about 50 km south of here) as I thought there was a Home Depot there, wrong! Oh well, it was a nice day for a drive and we stopped at the Goderich Home Hardware, which is a huge store with a furniture section, Food Basics and Wal Mart so it wasn't a wasted trip.

Yesterday the park had people in spraying for gypsy moth caterpillars as some parts of the park have really been infested with them, fortunately they didn't make it down to our part but they sprayed anyways to be on the safe side. About the time they were ready to start on our section we headed out and went to Carmel's, in a little burg north of here called Tiverton, for breakfast which was very good. After eating we browsed through an antique shop then decided to drive on up to Port Elgin which is about 35 km north of Kincardine. There is a place there that does truck upgrades that John wanted to check out but the fellow who owns it is on holidays so no luck there.

This is the first time I have been up there this year and I couldn't believe the number of windmills that have been erected around the area of the Bruce Nuclear Plant, there are also a couple of large windmill farms south of us, wind power has really come to this area of Lake Huron! The windmills we saw today are not running yet, there appears to be a lot more to be installed before they start them up. These are windmills beside the hydro transmission lines:

We also passed this field of canola and the colour is so pretty!

We drove around town, checked out the municipal park - not our idea of a place to stay as it is very crowded and the sites are VERY close together, then down by the marina and beach. There is a little train that runs by the marina and through a park by the water and for the first time we saw the train go by yesterday, we weren't even sure if it still ran but now we know it does.

Port Elgin Marina (you can see the sailboat heading out!)

And another area of the marina

The train with lots of passengers

And the beach was very busy

We drove by this home and I just loved the walkway up to the house!

We saw this Argosy motorhome in the park in Port Elgin, I think this is the first time we have seen one.

And this is way too crowded for me!

Today is another gorgeous day, we have been having beautiful weather for the last couple of weeks (finally!!!) so I hopefully will be off to the pool again today to enjoy adult swim. Tomorrow I have an appointment for acupuncture at 4:30 so will miss my swim as adult time is 3:30 - 4:30 and Saturday we are having company for the day so best enjoy it today while I can.

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