Thursday - November 13, 2008

The rain did stop overnight and it was overcast when we left Auburn and about 48F (9C) – at least it wasn’t really cold. We weren’t long on the road before the sun came out and we hit a high temperature of 55F (12C) so we were not complaining.

We cut across Indiana on 30 then decided to pick up 65 for a short hop up to 80 around Chicago, last year we took 30 all the way across to 80 an it was painfully slow so thought we would try the interstate this year. What a zoo it was around Chicago, we have never seen so many trucks at one time on the highway and boy they sure don’t drive slow. Fortunately, we lost most of them after about 15 miles but it wasn’t a relaxing, enjoyable 15 miles to say the least!! Sure wish there was a better way to get to Iowa!!

Indiana Farm Land

The weather was nice all the way to Iowa, then the rain started, not what we really wanted. We are now at Colony Country Campground in North Liberty, Iowa and the park has a good wi-fi system which is a real treat after the 4 weeks in Waterloo.

Crossing the Mississippi River

We stopped at Wal Mart and picked up a few groceries and because it was raining we decided to buy a cooked chicken for dinner – it was yummy and there is enough for a second meal so for $6.99 we aren’t complaining.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we are now one day closer to Arizona!

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