Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today was overcast with sunny breaks, a good day for our long drive from Red Shoes RV park to Betty’s – a total of 135km (84 miles)!

This is a pretty cemetery we passed today

We arrived at Betty’s about 1 p.m. to huge welcoming hugs from Betty – a really lovely lady. We got set up and while John was getting organized Betty and I sat and had a long chat, she is also a breast cancer survivor so we had lots to talk about.

Betty was just busting to tell us when we got here that there were people here we knew and who we had recommended her park to, it turns out it was Birdie & Jean, a couple from Illinois who we know from Del Pueblo park in Yuma, and who usually stay at Poche’s campground in Breaux Bridge. Needless to say we were surprised to see them, apparently they made the decision to come here after they left Yuma. They are with a couple from Brighton, ON who have an Airstream so we were pleased to meet Peter & Linda.

After getting organized Gil & Ginny and John & I headed to Wal Mart for some groceries, we both took our own trucks as we are both short of room for extra passengers as well as bags of groceries.

When we got back we headed over for happy hour which was in full swing and as Betty said it was Canada happy hour as there were 5 couples there from Canada. One of the other couples, Brenda & Rick, we had met last year – they are from Elmira and summer in Port Elgin which is about 30 km north of where we are at Kincardine. Another couple were from Sudbury and own a campground there, so we all had a great chat as well as with the other guests. It is a really small world as when Ginny met Brenda and they got talking it turns out Ginny’s sister is in the same park in Port Elgin as Rick & Brenda.

We were glad to see Birdie & Jean as they are leaving in the morning to head home and their friends, Peter & Linda, are also heading out in the morning. Brenda & Rick are leaving on Saturday and heading to Gulf Shores for a bit so we might run into them there next week.

Tonight has been a quiet evening and it is now time for bed, John is sitting here studying the inside of his eyelids so I think he is ready to call it a day. We have plans for tomorrow so please come back to hear how our day went.

As always, today was another great gift of a day in the sunny, but windy, south and we look forward to another good day tomorrow.

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