Sunday, January 17, 2010

Again, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted but it is hard to find something to write about when you aren’t on the road and doing and seeing new things.

Thursday was a beautiful day and Tim (our park owner) built a fire for a happy hour, it was a nice visit with people from the park as well as Tim & Cindy. Other than that it was a quiet but pleasant day.

Friday it started to rain about noon and rained the rest of the day, a good day for doing laundry and I was lucky that I had the whole place to myself. I also settled up with Tim for our electric and propane for the past month and paid for the rest of our time here.

Earlier in the week I talked to a park in Yuma that we had hoped to try this year and they had just had a cancellation for February and March so we took the spot starting February 8th. We will be sorry to leave the Oregon coast as we really like it here, despite all the rain, but we are looking forward to getting some sun and warmer temps.

Yesterday was another rainy day but we headed south to Gold Beach where we picked up a couple of crabs for dinner and I bought a new sweat shirt, then we went on to Brookings where we picked up a couple of things at Fred Meyer. With our discount we filled up the truck at Fred’s for $2.899/gallon for diesel, we then drove down into California and the only gas station we saw had diesel at $3.219/gallon – OUCH!!

Tim and Cindy were in California and Nevada over the Christmas holidays and Tim says the roads in California are terrible – we can hardly wait to make the trip with bad roads and expensive fuel!!

A while ago I posted pictures of the painted bears on the main street of Brookings but yesterday they were all gone, we don’t know if it is just a holiday thing or if they put them away for the winter, I will have to ask someone about that.

Today was another VERY WINDY day with rain off and on - at times our house on wheels was shaking pretty good. Two motor homes came in early this afternoon and we are thinking they probably got off the road because of the wind.

This afternoon we went to the matinee at the local theatre to see It’s Complicated, we quite enjoyed it and the price was right - $5.00 each. From there we went to the Crazy Norwegian for dinner – we split a combination plate with shrimp, fish, clams, French fries and a pasta salad – it was very good and reasonable at a total price of $20 for the dinner and a beer each.

It is still windy, hopefully it will abate by morning. We drove to a lookout over the harbour on the way to the show and oh my, the waves were really something else. Unfortunately, I hadn’t grabbed my camera before we left so no pictures from today but I will post a few that I have taken in the last week. Hope my readers aren’t getting totally bored with water pictures!

And so ends another four great gifts of days here on the Oregon Coast and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow, no matter what the weather is like.

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Winchuck River Store & Electric Powered Kayak said...

I enjoy other's view of our paradise here on the Southern Coast of Oregon. The Bears were on loan from Medford area and have gone back home. I'm in favor of Brookings having their very own as it really made downtown pop. I may just make one of my own for the front of our shop. Enjoy us while you can. I bet you really felt that wind last night...our stick house even seemed to move in that wind! Come back again. May is beautiful with the Azaleas and Rhodies blooming with a mix of rain and full sun.