Friday, February 5, 2010

Wow, we awoke this morning to a bright light in a perfectly blue sky, what a welcome sight, and the best part is that it lasted all day, which made for a nice day for driving.

I didn't bring in my camera last night so didn't have any pictures to post but here are some from yesterday. We had passed these old Airstreams at Humbug Mountain many times so finally stopped and took a couple of pictures. The smaller one has a very worn Wally Byam Caravan Club sticker on the front, we wonder if this is one of the trailers that went on the African tour many years ago. Gotta love the old Dodge! We have no idea who they belong to or why they are parked there but they certainly are in sad shape!!

And our last pictures of the Oregon Coast

Our Site at Willet KOA

We left Willet KOA about 9:30 and went south for about 15 miles on Highway 101 and then picked up Highway 20 east. Tim, at Port Orford RV Village, had said this was a good way across to I-5 and it was a pretty trip through to the interstate although there was lots of hill climbing – and coming back down, plus lots of little towns to go through. We drove for many miles along Clear Lake, a very large lake and a very touristy area, I imagine it would be a really busy place in the summer.

Clear Lake

The View Along Highway 20

All of a sudden we came around a curve and the mountains disappeared, it was really weird how fast they disappeared and we were then in very flat land, it reminded us of southern Ontario. We picked up I-5 north of Sacremento and will be on it until tomorrow when we head east at Bakersfield. All along I-5 there are miles and miles or orchards, vineyards and market gardening and everything is so green, and flooded from all the rain.

California roads certainly aren’t great, the interstate is pretty rough in spots but the traffic wasn’t too bad today. It was quite busy through Sacramento and Stockton but other than through those two cities it was not nearly as busy as we had thought it might be.

We are now at Kit Fox RV Park in Patterson, a very nice park and cheaper than last night but still more expensive than it should be, but then, this is Caifornia. We stopped about 3 this afternoon so it wasn’t a bad day at all.

Just before we got here we got back into mountains on the west side of the highway, it is really weird as the west is very hilly and when you look east it is all orchards – quite pretty.

We stopped at Williams to get diesel before getting on the interstate and it cost $3.099/gallon, fortunately it only took $25 to fill up and hopefully the next stop will be cheaper but that seems to be the going price most of the time from what we can see.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another nice day tomorrow.

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