Friday, March 5, 2010

We have had a few nice, but busy days. Our dinner at Olive Garden was very good and I even splurged and had desert – chocolate gelato, boy did we enjoy that and thankfully John helped me eat it as the serving was huge. We had a nice evening and enough leftovers for Wednesday nights’ dinner. On the way home we stopped at Wal Mart and walked around a bit to try and wear off some of the dinner.

Wednesday I went to aquafit then scurried around to get ready to meet Janet & Dave at 12:30 at Applebee’s where we all enjoyed a nice lunch and visit. John and Dave went off to do guy things and Janet and I headed to Beall’s to shop. We both managed to find a couple of things there, then it was walk over to Starbuck’s for an iced coffee then to Burlington Coat Factory, where I didn’t find anything that caught my eye. After having a big lunch the leftovers from Tuesday were just perfect for dinner!

Thursday morning I did some cleaning etc. then Ben & Dianne came over in the afternoon for happy hour. We had a nice visit then we all met at the hall for the spaghetti dinner, which was very good, and they asked us back to their place for coffee. They have a really nice park model and John had never seen the inside so it was a good chance for him to see it – he was impressed as was I. We met a few more people at the dinner so we are slowly meeting lots of people. The gal two seats down from me goes to aquafit and all of a sudden said to me that she hadn’t recognized me with my clothes on, that got a good laugh at the table.

Today it was back to Mexico to pick up my glasses and go to the dentist. I am really pleased with my glasses and John took in his reading glasses and had the lenses replaced for $39 and we picked them up after the dentist. His frames were fine but one of the lenses was scratched so he is happy to have a scratch free lens again.

I got my teeth cleaned, $35, and they did as good a cleaning as I would get at home. We were impressed with the dental office as it was spotlessly clean and they had more up to date equipment there than our dentist at home. They were using x-rays when doing John’s tooth and he said it was really neat how they did it, not like at home with the huge machines, they had the picture on a computer beside him so they could see it, not something we have ever seen at our dentist’s.

John had lost a huge chunk off one of his molars our last day in Canada in September and has been really fortunate that it hasn’t bothered him but it was time to have it fixed. The tooth was mainly filling already so they said they could grind it all down, rebuild it and put on a crown – cost $300 or he could have it pulled, not an option he really wanted to consider so he went for getting it fixed. At first he wanted to just leave it but I pointed out that it would probably start to bother him about the time we got home and then we would be looking at about $1500 or more to get it fixed there so it would be better just to get it done now. He told the gal he would go for fixing it and was back in the chair for about 45 minutes while they did it, now he has to go back on Tuesday to get the crown put on, but at least the worst of it is done. While he was getting that done I wandered around for a while, got my hair cut and bought vanilla for all my friends who asked me to get them some and another bottle of Kahlua for us.

Janet had mentioned that Dave wanted to go to Mexico but she doesn’t and I don’t care if I go back so we called them and Dave is happy to go with John on Tuesday morning and I will stay home.

Tonight is a quiet evening as we are both whacked.

I didn’t get this posted last night as my brother called me on Skype so by the time I finished talking to him I was ready just to hit the sack.

And so ends a few more great gifts of days and we look forward to more wonderful days here in Yuma.

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