Saturday, November 6, 2010

Okay, this weather isn’t what we wanted – we woke up to a temperature of 23F (-4C) this morning, not what I would call fun. Both the truck and trailer had thick coats of frost adorning them this morning, guess though we can look on the bright side and be thankful we didn’t get snow like they did in Kincardine! Fortunately we were only going about 400 km so we didn’t rush to get on the road, even so John’s fingers were VERY COLD by the time he was finished getting us ready to go. Fortunately, tonight isn’t supposed to be as cold.

Frost on Truck & Trailer

Today’s drive was pretty, we cut across Indiana to Illinois on Highway 24 and picked up I-57 to Champaign where we stopped for the night at D and W Lake RV Park. We were here many years ago and it is a good overnight stop, nothing too fancy but full hook-ups and you get one day free internet. The internet is nothing to write home about but I guess it is better than nothing. We gained an hour today when we entered the Central Time Zone, then we gain another hour tonight with the end of daylight savings time – can we say BONUS!!

Indiana Country Side

Colourful House we Passed

Entering Illinois

D and W Lake Park

We decided to unhook when we got here and head to Wally World to stock up on supplies, it looked like it was a fairly new store and it was quite busy but we got everything we needed, as well as picking up a cooked chicken for dinner and getting a new TV for the trailer. We are really pleased with the TV, it is a 22” Vizio and the picture is really sharp, I am sure we will quite enjoy it. We haven’t had TV since we left Kincardine on October 17th so it is a treat to have it again.

There Was a Pretty Sunset Tonight

Tomorrow we head for Mark Twain country, should be interesting.

And so ends another great gift of a day and we look forward to another good tomorrow.

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