Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I didn’t realize that is has been so long since I did a posting, where oh where does the time go! Last week was my sister-in-law Carol and our son-in-law Carls’ birthdays so a belated happy birthday to both of you and hope you both had a gooder!

My back is still sore so I am trying not to do so much but that is hard to do when there is always something beckoning at me to get done. We have accomplished quite a bit since the beginning of the year – the brick wall across the back, the wall at the front expanded and the patio enlarged has been done and we are very pleased with the result.

John's New Grilling Area

Expanded Patio Area

Expanded Front Wall

I found a rocker/recliner exactly like we have in the cottage so am happy to have a real comfortable chair again. We have found a new futon mattress, now we are waiting for it to come in and are hoping it will be here in the next week or two. I found a comforter set and matching valance for the bedroom and am real happy with them and think they look really nice.

John has been busy, and as always, he seems to have lots of projects to keep him busy and out of trouble. He is enjoying his morning bike rides with the guys and most days there are 5 or 6 of them who go.

Last Tuesday we went to see True Grit and quite enjoyed it, the young lady who played Maddie certainly did a fantastic acting job. We went to Chilli’s after for dinner and it was very good.

Thursday night we went to the spagetti dinner here in the park and it was delicious and the price was certainly right at $4/person. They had such a good turnout the cooking people didn’t get any spagetti as they had run out of food by the time they got to eat – not good! The only problem we have with the park dinners is that they are so early, at least for us, at 5 p.m. and everyone just eats and runs, not much socializing done except with those near you during the meal.

Sunday we went to Daybreakers’s for brunch and it was good but I think we will go back to Brownie’s Café next time as it is equally as good and a bit cheaper.

Today was the monthly ladies luncheon so I went to that and had a good time. Everyone brings either a salad or desert and it was surprising how much variety there was. They had a trivia game after lunch and at the end draws for prizes and I won the final prize of a very pretty Cyclamen plant, it looks real nice on the kitchen windowsill.

Today is cool with a north wind but it is supposed to be quite warm by the end of the week, I don’t care if it is cool as long as we don’t get snow! Another snow storm has hit in the east, there sure have been lots of snow storms this winter. I have been watching the weather in Australia and the flooding is horrendous, I am hoping to talk to my brother on Skype and see how they are doing, hopefully they aren’t being flooded but it looks like there is a good sized lake and dam near them so don’t know how they are faring – they live on the Gold Coast and aren’t far from Brisbane.

And so ends more great gifts of days and we look forward to more good days to come.

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