Friday, April 29, 2011

Well, here I am back trying to update again. Last Friday we went into Johnson City and visited the LBJ National Building, it had a really interesting display plus we watched two videos, one on Lady Bird and one on LBJ. It is amazing all things he accomplished as President and she was such a strong supporter of the environment.

Saturday we didn’t do too much, some laundry and getting ready to head out in the morning, then around 6 p.m. we went into Johnson City and got fuel and picked up a pizza for dinner. The weather continued HOT with highs in the low 30’sC (92F).

Miller Creek RV Resort, Johnson City, TX

Sunday was another HOT day all day, we headed north and east and ended up for the night at Fern Brook RV Park in Longview, TX. It is a new park and very nice with long paved pull thrus and was $29.70 – Good Sam price. We sat outside for a while after we got set up as we figured it would be the last chance for quite a while. All of Texas is so scorched and dry from the high temperatures and lack of rain, on the way out this morning we talked to Paul, owner of Miller Creek RV, and he said he was beginning to think they would never get rain.

Fern Brook RV Park

Monday we headed northeast again and as we entered Arkansas what a difference – everything was wet with lots of flooded areas, sure would be nice if they could send some of their moisture south to Texas!

Entering Arkansas

We ended up stopping in Brinkley, AR for the night, about 40 miles east of Little Rock. The RV Park was behind Motel 6 and boy was it wet, a lot of the spots were completely flooded but we did manage to find a fairly dry one.

Brinkley RV Park on Monday Night

Another couple came in behind us and said they were heading to Little Rock to visit their son and he had called and said they were having severe storms and tornados in the Little Rock area – oh great! Out came the TV and got tuned to the weather channel and talk about scary as it seemed the storm was heading for us. Fortunately, it went to the north a bit and we got a torrential downpour with high winds for about 15 minutes, then the rain settled in to just a good downpour. We were lucky that there was no hail, although we spent a very tense evening wondering what would happen and ready to run to the washrooms for shelter if we needed to. The tornado siren did go off once but not for long – needless to say not the kind of evening we want to repeat!

And On Tuesday Morning

Yesterday we drove from Brinkley AR to Effingham IL and talk about flooded land the whole way with the area along the Mississippi River totally flooded, at one point the water was just about over the interstate. I know we have had lots of rain at home but I hope it isn’t as bad as here.

Entering Missouri

Flooding Along Mississippi River

Large Cross at Effingham IL

Last night we stayed at Camp Lakewood in Effingham, a nice park with long level pull thrus and the Good Sam rate was $25. It was another warm day with temperatures in the low 70’s, and was partly cloudy and sunny all day, a good driving day when it isn’t totally sunny.

Camp Lakewood

Today’s drive was mainly overcast with a couple of rain drizzles, but we must say the interstate between Effingham and north of Indianapolis leaves a lot to be desired! Talk about construction and rough roads!! When we entered Indiana we got back on Eastern time so finally are the same time as home again.

Entering Indiana

Tonight we are at Fireside RV in Auburn, IN, this park isn’t all that great but it is open year around so is usually our first night out and our last night coming home stop. The cash or cheque price is $27.45 and the wi-fi is the pits so I don’t know if I will be able to get this posted.

The temperatures have been warm until today, but comfortable. I thought today was going to be much cooler so I put on long pants for the first time in more than 5 months and boy do they feel funny! As it turns out the temperature was in the mid 60’s all day so I could have done one more day in capris. There are storm warnings out again for tonight, great, another tense evening. I think the high for tomorrow will only be in the low 50’s – a great welcome home as we hope to be in London tomorrow night. It has just started to rain but we will keep our fingers crossed that we don’t get any wicked storms.

I couldn’t post this on Wednesday night as the internet was non-existent, same as yesterday so will finish up now.

We had a good trip yesterday from Auburn to London, we hit a spot of rain just before Lansing but other than that it was a good drive. It was quite windy but it was a tail wind for us so no big deal. We arrived in London around 3:30 p.m. and got settled in for the night at Can-Am RV. We went out for dinner with Pat, who works at Can-Am, and her daughter Christine, we went to Swiss Chalet so were happy to get a good dinner there after almost 6 months.

This morning it was cold and raining when we left London but thankfully we ran out of the rain after about ½ hour and the sun was shining when we got to Kincardine but it has still been a chilly day. Then the fun started – moving back into the cottage, we are part way there but still lots more to do tomorrow. Unfortunately my back is still killing me so John has done all the loading and lifting and I have put stuff away as he brings it into the cottage.

I have an appointment with a chiropractor on Monday morning so sure hope it helps, then I have an appointment in Kitchener in the afternoon to get a lymph drainage massage so hopefully I will feel much better after all the attention!

Tomorrow night we are going to the Erie Belle for dinner with Alison, Bob, Mike & Margie so it should be a fun evening and will be great to see our friends again after a long winter away.

Next weekend we are going to our daughter Nan’s for dinner and are really excited about seeing our family again, it is a long winter with only phone calls. Unfortunately Mike & Franneca can’t go on the weekend but we will see them on Monday so are also looking forward to that. That is the one downside about being away all winter, we really do miss our children and grand children.

This will be the end of my blogging for the summer, it is just too hard to think of something to say, but I do thank everyone who has been following our trip this winter and wish everyone a very great summer.

And so ends more great gifts of days and we look forward to more good days to come.


Larry T said...

glad you made it home safe
welcome back
hope you are feeling better soon...

Sandra said...

Glad to hear you're safely back home. Do you plan to sell the Airstream or are you taking it south with you to see some sights on your way to Yuma and back?